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  1. Steve Jones hosts his own radio show in the US. Most guests on his show have been mentioned before as being part of 'them'.
  2. Is this story heading for some sort of lead-up to a bigger story about an alien invasion?
  3. I've just seen this sad news item and although giving blood to help someone is a very good thing I can't help wondering if it's being also used as a trick to get more black people jabbed? 'Thanks for giving blood today. You may have saved someone's life.' 'Hey, while you're here, you can save more lives by taking the jab.........' https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/aug/25/mother-of-richard-okorogheye-joins-appeal-for-black-blood-donors I am very concerned that if I do need donated blood to save my life, will it be from someone already vaxxed? How can anyone know?
  4. I know what you mean. Often when among strangers, in a queue, for example, I say to someone next to me 'so, how have you been coping with all this nonsense, then?' I always get them talking, they never give 2 or 3 word answers, but a proper conversation.
  5. I get what you are saying, but before these latest events how did the Taliban manage to arm themselves so well so as to repel the NWO loving countries? If NWO countries refused arms and equipment to the Afghans then that country would easily be controlled by now.
  6. Backstairs Billy, I've heard of him before. Whats the background with him, if anyone knows? Apparently he was pushed aside when the Queen Mum died. He thought he had some sort of status with the Royals.
  7. Maybe because contractors might come across the underground bunkers?
  8. Maybe the hairs add character to his appearance.
  9. I have read that there is speculation that Piers Corbyn is and remains a Freemason. Is this true? Can he be trusted?
  10. I was, because of cost and lack of use, considering cancelling my phone landline. But now think it might be a good idea to keep it because I may have to reduce the amount of use on my mobile phone.
  11. What are the alternatives?
  12. If the Cabal are so powerful, why has it taken them over 300 years to get to this point of controlling the world?
  13. I think that supermarkets will reduce the ranges of certain products on offer so that the more popular items are always on the shelves. Drop the small 1 pint skimmed milk and fill the space with 2 pint semi or skimmed etc. If the driver shortage is true then instead of getting 10 deliveries a day they may only get 7. But at least those 7 have essential items that most people will use/buy. I mean, in my Tesco the bread isle is massive. There must be about 50 types of bread you can buy.
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