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  1. Maybe because contractors might come across the underground bunkers?
  2. Maybe the hairs add character to his appearance.
  3. I have read that there is speculation that Piers Corbyn is and remains a Freemason. Is this true? Can he be trusted?
  4. I was, because of cost and lack of use, considering cancelling my phone landline. But now think it might be a good idea to keep it because I may have to reduce the amount of use on my mobile phone.
  5. What are the alternatives?
  6. How do I do that?
  7. If the Cabal are so powerful, why has it taken them over 300 years to get to this point of controlling the world?
  8. I think that supermarkets will reduce the ranges of certain products on offer so that the more popular items are always on the shelves. Drop the small 1 pint skimmed milk and fill the space with 2 pint semi or skimmed etc. If the driver shortage is true then instead of getting 10 deliveries a day they may only get 7. But at least those 7 have essential items that most people will use/buy. I mean, in my Tesco the bread isle is massive. There must be about 50 types of bread you can buy.
  9. I believe when a force like 'God' acts, it doesn't show itself by way of a plague of locusts, trembling earth and a loud booming voice warning us to repent etc. No, I believe that the spirit of any god works through people and they become the vehicle to express that power. We have all experienced this, however small at some point in our lives. For example, an idea pop's into your head that solves a current problem you have or a business to start, parking space just appears exactly at the right time when you turn the corner, you get a'feeling ' that today is going to be a good day, and it does turn out to be good. Etc. Mostly small but still God working through you. People need to align themselves to be able to accept feelings and inspiration. Thats why alot of mystics and ancient religions meditate, to align themselves with spirit. Now, I think the same applies to current events. Anti vaxxers just 'know' that the needle is wrong and are rejecting it. The people who are not in tune with their feelings are unfortunately buying into the crap. I hope I've explained myself and not confused anyone.
  10. Pawson13


    I see Morrisons have agree a £ 6.3 billion offer from a consortium of businesses, one of the main investors being Softbank. I was told last week by someone that there is a risk that they will asset strip Morrisons, releasing value of their land, properties and other investments getting back their initial investment money. Then reducing the quality of the produce by selling a load of modified food to make it a, pile it high, sell it cheap business. If it fails, it fails, but they would have done nicely from it by then. Could this be a connection to the planned food shortages?
  11. I don't trust him.
  12. Someone I know is unsure but says probably will take the Vax. I have urged this young person to reconsider and to look at the evidence that it's not what they say it is. Please give me a recommendation of a good, solid, compelling video that I can show.
  13. I'm wondering if dogs are aware that their owners have been vaccinated? Some dogs can detect diseases in their owners. Perhaps thats why there is talk about pets being vaccinated at some point soon.
  14. What if the owner of the business is against taking the vaccine?
  15. Another thing. Saying that British made will mean more expensive goods. Well, how many people have bought cheap crap just because it's cheap, or a 'bargain' ? Being savvy by buying what you really need might eliminate the difference in cost. This nation can be self-sufficient and it's time to prove it.
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