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  1. Is the 'Just Eat' brand involved somehow. I just remember that when they joined the FTSE100 a while back, it was said that this company had come out of nowhere to then be on the verge of joining the 100 highest valued companies on the London stock exchange. An app for showing you where the take-aways are in your area,isn't it? Following the money.............
  2. I was reading an article about the infamous Grundy Show appearance by the Sex Pistols back in 1976. They had their chance on the show because the rock band Queen cancelled. After that embarrassment the whole punk thing took off. Suddenly people were fearing violence and Punks were wanting to overthrow the Royal family and tge UK with anarchy. Was it the people in the shadows trying to cause civil unrest on purpose? Since then I've often wondered if it was all a big sham, especially when John Lydon admitted that he knew at the BBC what Savile and others were doing at th
  3. Does anyone know which ones are involved? Are they anyone that the general public would know? Probably the ones who have been honoured by the Queen.
  4. Pawson13


    Thanks for your reply, very informative. I'm understanding a bit more about the psychology behind why things turn out the way they do. No wonder the masses have been fooled. The art gallery and why such simple pieces are designed to make us doubt out own judgement. You explained that really well.
  5. Pawson13


    The urban graffiti artist that remains 'mysterious'. This person came out of nowhere about 10 years ago and now his work sells for millions. DI often says'follow the money's and since the start of the pandemic my views on Bankshy has changed a lot. He seems to support wearing of masks and encourages us to support the NHS etc. Before the lockdown he promoted himself as an anti-establishment figure giving the two-fingered salute to the politicians and mega-rich corporations. Now, this unknown person gives away his art for others to profit from it. I just don't get it.
  6. Is there any hope health-wise for those who have had both jabs so far. And, let's say, see the truth and refuse to have further doses in the future?
  7. I had that thought about a first female jockey win, too. Pity I never backed it up. The sports pages just seemed to be telling us, in plain sight, what was going to happen.
  8. Hi Being new to the Forum and during the last 2 years learning so much about what i actually believed to be true, turned out to be the opposite. What here are the views of the fate of Lucan? Was the official story of him murdering the Nanny then committing suicide, fact? I just have so many questions doubting certain events, over the years. One by one I will ask on here to get an idea if any of my doubts are somehow correct. If you see what I mean.
  9. But what about a broken bone?
  10. A good excuse not to offer him a cup of tea, then.
  11. Very sinister. If it's not handled very well he will be removed from office.
  12. Does anyone think there is a connection between the toxic waste leak at Piney Point in Florida to the decision by the State Govenor signing the executive order banning the vaccine passports recently?
  13. I know, but aren't these the rules agreed with the fascists cult?
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