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  1. Hiya I have been following David's work for a number of years and find it very interesting. My questions is does anyone study Vernon Howards teachings. In a nutshell we should only been in 2 states of thought, self observation or practical, anything else is time based ego thought that is not our own but received from dark forces. Our brain is like a radio, it receives information but we need to discern what is us (the true self) and what is not us (the false self). This world makes us the false self and we need to dissolve that to make room for the reception of truth, t
  2. Hiya Truthdude here, have been studying my own mind and thoughts for about 5 years now, I am the observer, am developing intuition and spiritual discernment. I believe the spiritual path (climbing the mountain), goes on and on. My evidence is the fact I'm a totally different person than I used to be, no longer at the mercy of 'games' others play. I don't react, I observe. Happiness is the absence of me, dissolve the ego, become the true self. It's so scary at times, the experiences I have. However, I know the battle is already won because he who is in me, is
  3. So was JS an enlightened being, quite far up the scale (the mountain), that had decided to work for the dark side instead of light?
  4. Hiya Interesting experience a couple of weeks ago which went like this..... Left for work at about 05:25 and was stood in the garden, felt the need to look up at the stars. Stream of satellites passes over-head, directly over me, never seen anything like it. Ran inside and dragged wife out to see, she caught them disappearing in the distance. Was amazed, never saw anything like it before. Left for work, about 5 minutes into the drive became so itchy wanted to stop car and jump about in the cold. Decided to grin and bear it, head home to the wife
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