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  1. Hiya I have been following David's work for a number of years and find it very interesting. My questions is does anyone study Vernon Howards teachings. In a nutshell we should only been in 2 states of thought, self observation or practical, anything else is time based ego thought that is not our own but received from dark forces. Our brain is like a radio, it receives information but we need to discern what is us (the true self) and what is not us (the false self). This world makes us the false self and we need to dissolve that to make room for the reception of truth, to gain enlightenment. examples would be: Making a cup of tea is practical thought. Repairing your car is practical thought. Worrying about work tomorrow is time based and therefore ego thought. Regret over a past mistake made by the false self is time based ego thought, a trap to keep us ensnared. A mistake starts with a thought, which is not our own. (temptation, entrance, possession) I've been doing this for 5 years and still fall into time thought and out of conscious thought all the time. The better I get the better the world gets at trying to remind me of the past or concern me for the future. Vernon howard formed the 'new life foundation', you can search for 'vernon howard new life' for their website. There is content on youtube. There are many books. The study of truth and honest self observation has enabled me to give up smoking tobacco, weed and drinking. It's like they gave me up. As I gave these up I realised they are all traps to keep our vibration low. I don't 'think' these things, I 'see' these things. I thought I would share as I'm new to the forum and I know this information is helpful to those ready to receive it. Any input from you guys and girls?
  2. Hiya Truthdude here, have been studying my own mind and thoughts for about 5 years now, I am the observer, am developing intuition and spiritual discernment. I believe the spiritual path (climbing the mountain), goes on and on. My evidence is the fact I'm a totally different person than I used to be, no longer at the mercy of 'games' others play. I don't react, I observe. Happiness is the absence of me, dissolve the ego, become the true self. It's so scary at times, the experiences I have. However, I know the battle is already won because he who is in me, is greater than he who is in the world. All this world wants is an egotistical (alseep) reaction, when we don't give it to them because we observe our thoughts and realise they are not the true us.....the world does snarl! I am not religious but I wear the full armour of God. Most people hate me as certain people seem to spend a lot of time destroying my reputation, I am wholly unconcerned for my reputation as it is my ego, which I am dissolving. I march onward, into the unknown, I hope I can find some allies here. Peace and calm.
  3. So was JS an enlightened being, quite far up the scale (the mountain), that had decided to work for the dark side instead of light?
  4. Hiya Interesting experience a couple of weeks ago which went like this..... Left for work at about 05:25 and was stood in the garden, felt the need to look up at the stars. Stream of satellites passes over-head, directly over me, never seen anything like it. Ran inside and dragged wife out to see, she caught them disappearing in the distance. Was amazed, never saw anything like it before. Left for work, about 5 minutes into the drive became so itchy wanted to stop car and jump about in the cold. Decided to grin and bear it, head home to the wife if I needed some help with whatever it was. Got home, removed clothes, had hives on my body, especially inner thigh area. Joked I had been irradiated by the satellites, got better after about an hour, got on with my life. Roll on to now, read headline on here about SpaceX. Make this post. Covid, Suez canal, Satellites, Vaccinations and much, much more. Time to see things how they are and not how we imagine they are! (Vernon Howard, you'll find him on youtube) Time to wake up, be conscious. Have a good one ;) Truthdude
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