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  1. Actually the worst for it are Lloyds bank. And I love going in there and pretending I am exempt and allergic to hand sanitiser.
  2. Lidl is quite bad for the other customers. I have seen masked sheep customers in there berating people without masks for getting too close to them. I love going in there without a mask to wind them up.
  3. I am so saddened by the brainwashing of people. Just been speaking to a friend of mine who I play chess with. Very smart guy, retired Mechanical Engineer, very strong chess player, only 59 years old and he tells me went and got the vaccine because he doesn't want to endanger other people. I gently informed him that the vaccine is designed to cull the population. Of course, I got the usual blank stare that the sheep give me. I think I will spend a lot more time in my own company in future.
  4. I think things like that just lose you all public sympathy and it can be dangerous. You could cause someone being rushed to hospital to get in a traffic jam.
  5. They are also sleepwalking ME into tyranny. They are utterly stupid and dangerous and i quite frankly hope the vaccine kills them.
  6. I'm not even anti this vaccine. I fully welcome it...because we know it can only kill those stupid enough to take it.
  7. I'm not even anti this vaccine. I fully welcome it...because we know it can only kill those stupid enough to take it.
  8. These polls are about as legit as the fake opinion polls last october saying 74% of people supported Biden.
  9. The mask nazis in Lloyds bank are getting worse. The lady on the door jumped on me today asking me to wear a mask. I showed her the exemption on my phone that I downloaded from the gov.uk website. She accepted it but you can tell it really annoys them. Then I get to the counter and put some money in and the lady starts asking questions like "how is covid for you?". I said "It's great thanks as I have never been busier and the government are paying me 80% on top. Not bad for something that's completely made up." She then started moaning about wearing a mask all day and asked if I had an exemption. The whole conversation was to yet again challenge me for not wearing a mask, even though I had shown an exemption on the door. Well I am going to start putting money into the bank every day with no mask and a smile on my face. Just to piss them off.
  10. I have had 5 texts now. The latest one tells me I can just walk in on a Sunday without an appointment and get the vaccine. they sound increasingly desperate. I am waiting for the first phonecall so i can actually tell them to shove their poison.
  11. I think social media over the last 10-15 years has been used and designed to create the groupthink. Things like the icebucket challenge were not organic phenomena. They were designed to test and condition compliance in the public.
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