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  1. Very angry tonight about all this. My mum has just had a stroke. She is 80 but has always been healthy. She didn't want the vaccine but was pressured into it by family. I reckon that has done it but impossible to know.
  2. They will only do that if he is white. If he isn't, they will bury this as unfortunate mental illness thing.
  3. If it's a foreigner, they will bury it quick.
  4. MP now dead. I am certain this will be pinned on an "anti-vaxxer". This MP was apparently very pro-vaxx.
  5. I don't think people will die. I think birth rates will plummet. That is the real point of it. And I am not anti vaxx. I am pro this vaccine because it will prevent the gullible and stupid breeding.
  6. 33 years old eh. How many times have I read that number in the last 16 months.
  7. I don't. This is someone who has given them my details because I was near him on Monday. I don't have any apps.
  8. OMG, been rang tonight by test and trace. Told me that a contact of mine on Monday had tested positive and given them my details and I must isolate for 10 days. Ended up berating him and putting the phone down on him because he refused to tell me his job title, refused to tell me who the contact was and also admitted he had no idea what legislation I could be fined 10 grand under. He was an arrogant smarmy tosser and I told him covid was nonsense. I'm fuming actually. Well sod them. I happen to have moved house this week so they don't even have my address.
  9. When I went I leaned against a railing with my hand and was told I must stop as you aren't allowed to touch anything.
  10. I had an interesting experience in a police station while giving a witness statement. I asked the officer if I could remove the annoying mask. He said yes then immediately took his off.
  11. My planned response to anyone who asks if I have been jabbed is to say " no, but the hemorrhoid cream I got last week is working well" If they want my medical history then they can take the rough with the smooth.
  12. Yes, I am going to say I am exempt.
  13. I am returning to my weekly chess club on Monday, that hasn't met since March 2020, and lo and behold the venue we hold it at are insisting we wear masks. It is just ridiculous.
  14. Just had a text out of the blue from my GP surgery, saying that despite the restrictions lifting on Monday, they will continue to mandate masks and social distancing in the surgery. Lets be honest, nothing is going to change Monday.
  15. Absolutely. I had sympathy for businesses when the government were mandating it but after Monday if any business I go in continues any of the measures then I will be walking straight back out.
  16. Oh I know there are lots of people awake. I just can't understand how there is anyone still asleep. The agenda is so obvious that they are mocking us with it.
  17. Their top story at the moment is about how people should be eating algae, instead of meat. No doubt the elites will still eat the finest. Why aren't alarm bells ringing in the sheep's heads when they read these stories?
  18. Wow, daily mail reporting that the population is going to start declining: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9788957/MITs-1972-prediction-collapse-society-track-happen-2040-study-reveals.html They are prepping the sheep for the vaccine deaths.
  19. I went into A&E tonight for a suspected fracture. The practitioner that saw me said they are getting 400 patients a day and have been for a few months. I've never seen it so busy. She said many come in with COVID. I looked at her skeptically and she seemed to entirely believe what she was saying.
  20. That won't wake the sheep up. They will blame it on the unvaccinated.
  21. Hopefully this lights the blue touch paper on the civil unrest that should have been brewing for the last 15 months.
  22. I am currently composing the letter before claim. It is going to the landlord recorded delivery. There is literally no defence. I warned him and, like all arrogant people like that, he said "you go ahead and sue me." So I will.
  23. Wow I have just been physically assaulted and thrown out of a pub because I wasn't wearing a mask. Landlord said if I don't have a lanyard I must leave. I immediately rang 999 to report the assault and the police lady on the end of the phone said I had to show proof of exemption. I am going to court with this. Absolutely outrageous.
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