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  1. I really don't understand what is going on. All of a sudden they seem to have flicked a switch and said it's all fine again. It all strikes me as theatre. Just like Hancock's staged affair was. It's very strange.
  2. It isn't a line. My taste and smell are still affected. The virus is real. Get over it.
  3. This wasn't a cold. I haven't ever experienced anything quite like it. But I was in no danger of dying, that is for sure. There clearly is a virus. All the experts on our side say there is, like Yeadon and Montagnier. It was released deliberately.
  4. Seems odd that. I am pretty certain there is a virus. Me and my partner had it in November. She was tested and was positive. It was a very bad flu type illness but we both completely lost sense of taste and smell. It has done me a huge favour though as the loss of appetite has lost me a couple of stone. It was definitely released on purpose though.
  5. Very angry tonight about all this. My mum has just had a stroke. She is 80 but has always been healthy. She didn't want the vaccine but was pressured into it by family. I reckon that has done it but impossible to know.
  6. They will only do that if he is white. If he isn't, they will bury this as unfortunate mental illness thing.
  7. If it's a foreigner, they will bury it quick.
  8. MP now dead. I am certain this will be pinned on an "anti-vaxxer". This MP was apparently very pro-vaxx.
  9. I don't think people will die. I think birth rates will plummet. That is the real point of it. And I am not anti vaxx. I am pro this vaccine because it will prevent the gullible and stupid breeding.
  10. 33 years old eh. How many times have I read that number in the last 16 months.
  11. I don't. This is someone who has given them my details because I was near him on Monday. I don't have any apps.
  12. OMG, been rang tonight by test and trace. Told me that a contact of mine on Monday had tested positive and given them my details and I must isolate for 10 days. Ended up berating him and putting the phone down on him because he refused to tell me his job title, refused to tell me who the contact was and also admitted he had no idea what legislation I could be fined 10 grand under. He was an arrogant smarmy tosser and I told him covid was nonsense. I'm fuming actually. Well sod them. I happen to have moved house this week so they don't even have my address.
  13. When I went I leaned against a railing with my hand and was told I must stop as you aren't allowed to touch anything.
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