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  1. Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots https://rumble.com/vtcsgw-worldwide-exclusive-embalmers-find-veins-and-arteries-filled-with-never-bef.html
  2. ‘First time detection of the vaccine spike protein in a person who died after vaccination against Covid-19.’ https://pathologie-konferenz.de/en/
  3. Phone number visible on phone is from St Richard’s hospital, outbound calls only so ties in with story. ”all the vaccines are going to be stopped”
  4. Total Deaths in England and Wales from Covid with no other underlying causes = 17,371 https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/deathsfromcovid19withnootherunderlyingcauses?s=08
  5. https://www.juliusruechel.com/2021/09/the-snake-oil-salesmen-and-covid-zero.html?m=1
  6. He is a tennis player. I would be questioning the photographer who told him how to pose...
  7. Mike Yeadon Reiner Fuellmich full video recorded yesterday... https://odysee.com/@Corona-Investigative-Committee:5/Mike-Session-86-en:0
  8. Reiner conference live now. Yeadon to be on soon... https://odysee.com/@Corona-Investigative-Committee:5/s86:9
  9. Does anyone have a link to Mike Yeadon’s latest vid re batch numbers? Reiner referring to it in his latest video below. He also talks about Malone’s ‘waking up’. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZUsdrbu3ne36/
  10. Bit of insight into the 77th... https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/twitter-executive-also-part-time-officer-uk-army-psychological-warfare-unit
  11. Subtle.... Until just a few days ago, if you took more than 7 days off sick from work, you needed a doctors note. Now you can take 28 days.... https://www.gov.uk/taking-sick-leave
  12. https://www.rt.com/news/511524-portuguese-nurse-dies-pfizer-vaccine/
  13. my local Sainsbury’s is near as 100% mask compliance other than my girlfriend and I. the ‘rules’ https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own
  14. Agreed. I read this yesterday, it basically agrees but goes into details with links to facts to back up the theory. https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfilling-prophecy-systemic-collapse-and-pandemic-simulation/?fbclid=IwAR3nAGxumsJX65mHdaTYxWzR6X6zf0ufI-6t65D3aSDQWpWa5TwOgR8UvQ4
  15. Pfizer Partnered With China’s Vaccine Passport Platform, Admits Being ‘Proud To Stand With China Leaders.’ https://thenationalpulse.com/2021/12/29/pfizer-partnered-with-alipay-praised-ccp/
  16. ‘They’ waited until he was following 666 before he was removed? Or Robert is a bad guy? Genuine question
  17. Pharmacist perfectly demonstrating the brainwashing that he has been subjected to...
  18. The AA sequence for the #Moderna vaccine is EXACTLY the same as the Pfi zer vaccine. Two proline substitutions, otherwise 100% homology to viral spike. Coincidence that Moderna and Pfi zer are being allowed to monopolise the market? Sooooo.... why have two "competing" companies gone to the trouble of producing two completely different codon optimisations to get to EXACTLY the same amino acid sequence which is 2 prolines different from the ORIGINAL Wuhan spike protein
  19. And, right on time, Delmicron... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.news18.com/amp/news/india/move-over-omicron-delmicron-is-new-villain-hurting-the-west-all-you-need-to-know-about-the-variant-4584581.html
  20. Is this the killer shot? https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2021/12/us-army-creates-single-vaccine-effective-against-all-covid-sars-variants/360089/
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