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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10958689/amp/Covid-19-Australia-Pandemic-babies-no-immunity-viruses-ending-ICU.html
  2. Recently, The Lancet published a study on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and the waning of immunity with time. The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated… https://virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12985-022-01831-0
  3. Summary of the above…. Serious Heart Inflammation 44 Times Higher After Covid Vaccination, Nature Study Finds… https://dailysceptic.org/2022/06/27/serious-heart-inflammation-44-times-higher-after-covid-vaccination-nature-study-finds/
  4. The largest associations are observed for myocarditis following mRNA-1273 vaccination in persons aged 18 to 24 years. Estimates of excess cases attributable to vaccination also reveal a substantial burden of both myocarditis and pericarditis across other age groups and in both males and females.… https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-31401-5
  5. Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest, with an absolute risk increase of 10.1 and 15.1 per 10,000 vaccinated over placebo baselines… https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4125239
  6. Short, succinct and slightly humourous… https://vernoncoleman.org/articles/possible-causes-sudden-adult-death-syndrome
  7. Apocalypse can translate to mean revelation, or awakening
  8. Agree 100% I remember many years ago, before I knew what I know now, I was talking to a surgeon and pointed out that when politicians talk about, usually before a general election, getting into power, it’s a lie. They are not ‘in power’. The people have the power. We give our authority to them to run the administration of our country. He agreed. Again though; how little I knew then.
  9. Pan fried pidgeon breast with a cherry sauce is good! I have already purchased a crossbow with idiot proof laser sight and am currently fattening up the local population!
  10. Agree it’s been going on for a while. This winter could be hell, will take a few months for these attacks to to be felt at ground level. I’m doubt security at huge chicken farms is particularly impressive. Rocky trying to catch 1 chicken springs to mind!
  11. Thread here that is global....
  12. Superb!! My brother got me onto James about 6 months ago. His podcasts are brilliant and help me discover UK column news which I listen to daily. I must admit I’m slightly addicted; always checking to see when James’ latest interview has dropped.
  13. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/billionaire-family-pushing-synthetic-sex-identities-ssi-pritzkers
  14. - immune suppression - Increased cancer rates - Reactivation of latent viruses - 30,000 VAERS deaths, over a million adverse reactions - All-cause mortality is higher in the jabbed - Persists in the body for at least 60 days... https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/06/the-nuclear-bomb-that-is-lipid-nanoparticles-mrna-dr-ryan-cole-video-interview/ref/8/
  15. On Friday, the journal Andrology published a peer-reviewed paper showing large decreases in sperm counts among men after the second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA Covid jab. https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/urgent-the-covid-vaccine-paper-on/comments
  16. UK Column News from Friday 17th had nurse Debbie Evans on. She has found video from UN conference where a UN female journalist who seems to be representing the UN’s behavioural sciences dept. admitted that the UN is not trusted, so they ‘trained’ (groomed?) over a 100 doctors and scientists to help counteract Covid ‘misinformation’. these doctors and scientist were selected for their charisma and ‘believability’. The UN then elevated these individuals’ status so to increase their influence in social media. the spokeswoman also mentions the use of ‘psychic numbing’ techniques used to control the world’s population. https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-17th-june-2022
  17. Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children.... https://rumble.com/v18s66i-bombshell-dr.-clare-craig-exposes-how-pfizer-twisted-their-clinical-trial-d.html
  18. I linked the full article a couple of weeks ago; sent it to my Dad. He has not mentioned it... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/
  19. Re arthritis - quite a bit about it in this Delingpole interview with Clive De Carle.... https://www.bitchute.com/video/685e4kcz2BoR/
  20. In James Delingpole’s latest podcast he talks with a 57 year guy who had leg amputated due to blood clots from AZ vaccine. Doctors had never seen anything like his blood, clotting while operating on him. One of the most shocking, powerful and informative things I have listened to... https://rumble.com/v17sk4x-alex-mitchell.html
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