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  1. And they still push it at our kids…..
  2. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s productioncompany Higher Ground has come aboard Sam Esmail‘s upcoming film Leave the World Behind for Netflix. https://deadline.com/2022/04/higher-ground-boards-sam-esmails-netflix-pic-leave-the-world-behind-1235002731/
  3. Not a meme I guess, but this is really helping my partner….
  4. I wonder why they put inverted commas around the word unexpectedly…
  5. “Researchers have discovered that misreading of therapeutic mRNAs by the cell’s decoding machinery can cause an unintended immune response in the body. They have identified the sequence within the mRNA that causes this to occur and found a way to prevent ‘off-target’ immune responses to enable the safer design of future mRNA therapeutics.” https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/researchers-redesign-future-mrna-therapeutics-to-prevent-potentially-harmful-immune-responses
  6. Dr. David Martin at UK parliament yesterday. he was first to speak. Not found any other videos yet. 12MPs turned up. Apparently Desmond Swayne walked out during it… Dr Robert Malone from yesterday… https://t.me/TheFreelifeProject/317
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