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  1. Yes. That is referred to as "cabled" communication/internet. Do you claim that mobile networks, such as 4G/5G, are transmitted by these cables? I'm not worried about 5G satellites. My argument is that satellites have broadcast various signals for various purposes, and to deny that this occurs is simply plain ignorant and a denial of reality.
  2. Have you actually met in person?
  3. Sounds like you've dodged a bullet if you're having an arranged marriage and haven't yet met your "future wife". Why not try traditional courtship and pick a partner for yourself, one who you can meet in person and actually get to know?!
  4. Considering that satellite internet already exists and is available in places with no conventional mobile/non-cable internet access, and currently has a (public) top speed of around 100Mbps (around 4 times faster than 4G), you don't have to wait to believe your eyes because the tech already exists and is in daily use. I assume you're aware of satellite television? Satellite internet works in the same way. https://www.bandwidthplace.com/satellite-internet-or-4g-what-offers-the-fastest-service-article/
  5. Which is probably by design and keeps people focused on the masts rather than looking to the sky with all the satellites beaming down 5G. Few civilians will be able to destroy satellites in space.
  6. I understand completely. It reminds me of how I felt when I first "woke up" or became aware of the fact that most of what we are told is nothing more than a fabrication aimed at controlling us. It took me a good couple of years to adjust to it all, and although I still can't relate to the vast majority of the Ignorati, I am settled and strong in my convictions nowadays and keep my circle of people small. It can be a lonely path, but be assured that there are plenty of people like us out there and you will meet new, like-minded friends over the years to come. Find your inner peace and strength, and don't bother with those who are not on the same path as you because it will only cause you conflict and stop you becoming who you are.
  7. Why not create a "burner" email account which you never use again? No point cutting your nose off to spite your face, especially not for those who already have significant amounts of sensitive personal data, such as the NHS.
  8. No, I just used the crude numbers put out by the government. My point was that even with their "worst case scenario" fake numbers, a 2.93% mortality rate does not justify referring to COVID as a "deadly" disease, and also doesn't justify any restrictions whatsoever.
  9. If we use the UK government's own data (which I consider to be fraudulent), we see that "COVID19" has a recovery rate of at least 97.07% (127,000 alleged deaths from 4,330,000 cases) or a 2.93% mortality rate. Such a "deadly" disease, eh?
  10. I am glad you have escaped and got yourself sorted. I wouldn't be so reserved if my family had tried that with me, but you're absolutely right in the approach you took as it keeps your own karma clean. Stay strong and enjoy your new life with your children.
  11. Exactly! The guy had already been shouting abuse at another maskless guy who was with his kid, and then he rounded on me when he couldn't find the other guy. He definitely had nothing between the ears and that is what made me take pity on him. Otherwise he would be missing a few teeth now.
  12. Maybe you could anonymously post their photos, names and addresses on a forum which really hate masons and let them reap their karma?
  13. CAC

    Red heads

    I actually prefer brunettes or darker hair, but I think red hair is really attractive because of its relative uniqueness. Fully agree about the woman in the image too
  14. That meme looks how I felt this morning! Am fine now I have had a coffee though.
  15. I have only had one incident where a customer in Sainsbury's tried harassing me over why I wasn't wearing a mask, and he ended up taking his coat off to try fight me! Let's just say he was lucky a member of the public intervened when they did. I'm not a violent person, but I'm not shy of having to use violence in self-defence, especially against morons like that. Other than that, I haven't had any issues not wearing a mask, and haven't since this fraud started.
  16. CAC

    Red heads

    In the UK, they attack red-haired people due to the link to the Celts, like a millenia old taunt for taking over our island. My family are of Celtic descent on my dad's side, and I have a lovely red beard which I rock with pride (my hair is brown). Red hair is the most attractive hair colour on females, to me, but maybe I am genetically biased?
  17. It symbolises the "hive worker" mentality, ie the working class who were exploited by the "Queen bee" or the monarchy and do as they are told without question.
  18. I'm not going to get into an argument about it, or disrupt the thread over this. You're clearly from the US and have little understanding of the nuances of English Common Law, so let's just leave it at this, shall we? You have given Jack some links and hopefully they can get some better advice from those more qualified than you or I.
  19. That is like seeing someone with their leg hanging off asking for help and saying "maybe you should have educated yourself in medicine and surgery and you'd be fine". Not helpful.
  20. Would you not agree that prior to COVID it was a "custom" that people travelled freely; opened their businesses as they had done for many weeks, months or years; and met in groups of however many people they wanted? These customs make up our Common Law, and cannot be revoked by anyone. I'm not sure why you think it is legalese, but protect/enforce rights is potato/potato. I prefer to affirm and assert my rights. Are you English and familiar with English Common Law? You seem to think judicial precedent is the only factor in common law, but it also includes all the customs and traditions of the people outside of court proceedings I would contend that rather than a blanket statement saying that Jack is "uneducated", which implies never receiving any education, you should have said they are ignorant of this area of issue. In any case, you should offer help rather than mocking our fellow fighters. And if you can't offer help, then maybe use your expertise in other areas?
  21. Exactly. I live in West Yorkshire and FOI'd all NHS trusts who oversee hospitals in the area. Despite several hospitals claiming they were "overwhelmed" and "understaffed" on critical care units, the FOI request revealed: A) that not a single one of them had any significant increase in the number of ICU/critical care, and, in fact, most had numbers comparable, or less, than the previous 5 years; B) they had plenty of staff, and some actually increased staff numbers by a significant amount over the period; One hospital Trust (Leeds) had to go so far as to claim they didn't have historic ICU/critical care information prior to November 2020 due to "changing definitions and counting methodology" relating to ICU/critical care staff, but I have responded to them to obtain that information. You can read the information for yourself here - https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/user/calderdale_against_corruption These stats will be useful in exposing the truth, and bringing appropriate charges against those complicit in this fraud.
  22. Why should ordinary people have to learn complex and convoluted arguments in order to affirm and protect their inalienable rights? England is a Common Law jurisdiction which protects our inalienable rights to go about our business as we please as long as it causes no harm or loss other people. The government don't really have any authority, and use the smokescreen of legislation while really using Common Law. Again: why should an ordinary person have to have extensive legal knowledge to go about their ordinary business as they have been used to prior to this fraud? Our customs and traditions are lawful precedent, and cannot be interfered with by government. Are you saying Jack is "uneducated"?! Just because they lack knowledge of this complex issue doesn't mean they are uneducated. Anyway, if you've nothing constructive to offer then maybe it would be best holding your tongue? I'm not going to respond to you about this issue any more.
  23. Sometimes, you just have to let go of family members who are, essentially, your opponents in this war. Life teaches us to let go of those things which cause us harm, such as the stress caused by family members who will not listen to valid, potentially life-saving advice. Our lives should be filled with those things which are beneficial to us, as far as possible, and family are sometimes just anchors which weigh us down.
  24. Why should they have to put up with any threat to their livelihood? If I said to you "apologise to Jack or I will kill you", would you apologise or would you take action to prevent me threatening you? How do you think the first people ever to see a tiger got "knowledge" about tiger behaviour? They poked the tiger until they learnt everything they needed to know, ie they gained experience through dealing with it. If you're going to respond to them, why not offer practical, helpful advice rather than mocking someone who needs assistance and may be less knowledgeable than you?
  25. If you're referring to me, I am far from a "keyboard warrior", and I have actively fought against lockdown since it started, including physical altercations with police when they have used violence against people for no reason. I have fought, and won, several legal cases when the pigs have tried to trample on my rights of protest, and am just about to win another in May when the latest one goes to court. Ultimately, people need to be sensible about what battles to pick, and going to a protest expecting it to be peaceful is like putting two savage dogs in a cage and expecting them to get along. Unfortunately, too many people nowadays use these protests as a form of virtue signalling (not saying Matthew is, but I have witnessed this phenomenon loads since the lockdown protests). Anyway, I have said my piece and will leave it at that to avoid any disruption.
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