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  1. My pregnant wife keeps getting voicemail from both her GP and the NHS team, and I have sent them a Cease and Desist letter pending legal action for harassment. I got a letter from the team offering me the injection, but I told them in no uncertain terms that I do not require or consent to such things, and if they harass me again I will take further action. Keep a record of all calls etc and take appropriate action against those involved.
  2. I will save the hassle and just agree to disagree.
  3. An evil person is evil, full stop. It matters not whether they have done a few good deeds if they are unrepentant for their evil deeds and fail to cease their evil ways. Redemption is available for those willing to repent and change their ways, but otherwise all evil people can all be slaughtered for all I care.
  4. This is what they want people to believe. They rely on the peer/group pressure effect to obtain conformity, and, at this moment in time, people are more isolated than before so it helps TPTB create the illusion that "everybody else is having the vaccine, so why don't you?" In reality, there will be less people who have had the vaccine than you think, but if the government can make people believe that almost all adults have had the injection then it creates a fabricated pressure which some others may succumb to. Ultimately, the government are unable to force anyone to get injected, nor will they be able to prevent service or restrict those who choose not to have it. There is already plenty of resistance to ordinary "vaccines", and these people will be the vanguard in pushing for rights for others. And, if worst comes to the worst, we can always go out fighting and move onto the next life.
  5. I have few close friends, but they are "awake", so it hasn't been a problem for me. My parents are oblivious to it all, and I don't bother trying to inform them otherwise anymore because I tried in the past and it was clear they have their own path to tread, as I have mine. Ultimately, I haven't changed any aspect of my life through lockdown. My wife trusts my judgement, and is awake enough to know it has all been bullshit. My advice is just to be yourself, and fuck what other people think. If people don't like you being yourself then cut them out of your life, move on, and live the life you want to live. Life is too short to be beholden to other people's ideologies.
  6. Out of likes, but very, very well said. Testing for a disease which barely affects anyone to a serious degree is far from normal, and shows that our "rulers" have serious mental health issues and should be sectioned indefinitely, along with their families, just in case they get any ideas.
  7. Same as what is happening in France, and no doubt soon to be followed by the UK. This is a war of attrition now, no doubt aimed at trying to create a numb, more compliant populace willing to do anything to get back to normal. Everyone should just down tools and surround those responsible for this fraud, starving them out forever.
  8. It depends if you drink tap and bottled water. Not only would you be drinking urine, but it would contain fluoride and microplastics to boot. Puts a new spin on "taking the piss"
  9. That video is beautiful. Just seeing the people smiling and laughing after looking puzzled and miserable is magic. Laughter is healing.
  10. Fully agree that laughter is great for the soul, and I am my own source of endless amusement (much to the groans of my wife and kids!). I have genuine belly laughs several times a day, and must admit it feels good, like a nice light, airy feeling versus the heavy "doom and gloom" some people seem to enjoy. Will have a watch of the video now and have a bedtime laugh
  11. I absolutely disagree with that statement because a lot of hiphop music is actually educational and uplifting. I agree that "gangsta rap" is a Social Engineering tool used by TPTB, but to tar all hiphop with the same brush as gangsta rap shows a lack of understanding and experience of hiphop, in my opinion as someone who has listened to hiphop for 30 years.
  12. I don't know if you've seen Monsters Inc, but maybe the elite have discovered a way to extract more fear/energy out of of an individual by modifying the person (which would explain the mRNA "vaccine") or have developed techniques to extract greater levels of fear from fewer people (increased output and efficiency). This ties in with what Monsters Inc kind of do, but in the end they realise laughter generates more energy than screams, but, in our case, maybe our laughter is being diminished in favour of more fear-based "energy"? That would explain the 24/7 fear porn, and it seems plenty of people have bought into it.
  13. That's nonsense. A person could be exposed to nothing but good (or bad) and still have a great life that is sustained. Only humans see life in that sense of duality because our "suffering" is generally artificial. You're mistaking the flow of electrons/charged objects (ie current) with energy, and, in any case, current can flow from + to - or from - to +, so it is incorrect on both levels. Energy occurs in many forms, and does not require a change of state to express itself. Again, this is false. For example: when energy is stored as potential energy, simplified to be expressed as a dried seed, it doesn't move or grow until conditions are such that it can grow (or release its potential energy). Even death involves movement as energy changes form, so nothing is really static when you look at all levels of existence.
  14. The 2nd and 3rd images are a testiment to the effectiveness of soy and BPA in the food chain. Does anyone remember when men were actually masculine?
  15. As a thought exercise, maybe one would only have to capture the monarch and force her to capitulate and declare a new monarch after "taking the knee"? If you had enough support for it, it would be a bloodless coup and neatly avoids having to battle the army. My hope for the future is that people simply set up a new, fairer and benevolent system, and simply shun the Establishment's system. They wouldn't have the numbers to look after themselves, and their wealth would be rendered useless after a switch to a new currency and following seizure of their assets.
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