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  1. I am new at this forum so I have to apologize if somebody had already made a topic like this. This is about something I did not hear anybody talks about. I believe that year 2020 was not selected randomly as the year when the pandemic started. If we take into consideration the average life expectancy (in my country it is 75 years of age), we can do some simple math: 2020 - 75 = 1945 This means that generations that were dying before 2020 were born before or during the second world war. For my country, for example, from 1931 to 1948 there was no population increase. It decreased a bit due to the war! From 1948 to 1953 population increased by 200000. This is not such a large increase, but for France, for example, the increase is almost exponential! Baby-boom after the war! And those are generations that will start to die now - if we consider the life expectancy. So, for many years we had a more or less steady mortality rate. And it is expected that the mortality rate will increase now simply because more people were born 75-80 years ago! And what is the establishment doing now? They are representing this mortality increase as because of a pandemic! Was there some topic about that?
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