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  1. Like David said this is for our children and grandchild regardless if you don't have them, don't be selfish about your own human experience we have to sacrifice our bubble of things and happenings to make a change. Don't listen to David because he's right listen because IT IS SO.
  2. Here are some links to encourage us all. Maskless Flash Mob on Target ~ Tag You're It (bitchute.com) Maskless shoppers react to J & W Foods (bitchute.com) Maskless Shopping Protests: The People Have Had Enough! (bitchute.com) Maskless "Flashmob" Shopping at Trader Joe’s (bitchute.com) Maskless shoping testing essential business face covering bylaws in Toronto (bitchute.com) Maskless Shopping - Walmart, Trader Joes, Hannaford, Target - Anti Mask Protest Compilation (bitchute.com)
  3. Also I am not telling you nothing David has already said for years I am just helping his work to help us all. He has fought for years and I do not want him to rest before seeing his words come to fruition.
  4. Hello everyone and I hope you are all well, I have seen many around the world walking into stores as a group as ONE without masks or confrontation, just peacefully walking into stores and shopping, yes the workers may threaten them with calling for police assistance but what can they do if many around the world come together shopping peacefully like we use to. This is where we need to start so our children can begin, please stop listening to David Icke and his son and not doing anything about it. I can only imagine their frustration.. that they are giving us the tools but we hold the
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