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  1. No idea what's in them but I think something like this is the end goal.
  2. In a tv series called "colony" there was The Institute for Global Advancement. An agency that appeared before an alien invasion to recruit people in preparation for the arrival. During the arrival there's an attack on earth and after the dust settles The Global Authority was set up to rule over multiple regions. Mass surveillance pools were set up to keep an eye on citizens: Something else to note: The Global Authority is based in Davos, Switzerland. The Chancellor seen leading the meeting is called the Camille Rohner, also known as "Swiss Chancellor" in the program credits. Furthermore, the IGA is frequently mentioned to be in Davos. 13 regions can be seen at the table.
  3. British warships could be sent in to protect freighters carrying crucial Ukrainian grain and break Putin's blockade of Black Sea ports that is threatening to cause a world food crisis https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10847419/Royal-Navy-escort-ships-carrying-Ukrainian-grain-Black-Sea.html
  4. This agenda is global, all countries will full under the new world order. The best you can do is move as rural as possible somewhere you can still buy a gun or pellet gun, islands are looking good. Aim for very low population density.
  5. The photos from the Ukraine war you called fake so I posted the video to show you they're real. You can see the exact same vehicle that I posted photos of in the beginning of the video.
  6. That's what i'm thinking they'll play the mutations game again, every other month there will be a new scariant.
  7. When they start singing in unison you know something is afoot.
  8. It's not fake it's just a single frame from a camera.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if America nuked itself one day with a low yield nuke or 2. This series always stuck in my mind as a possibility, with operation Northwoods and WMD's in Iraq why not.
  10. NSFW WARNING. [+18] The Battle of Marioupol (2022) - 2 hours of footage.
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