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  1. On 3/15/2021 at 9:19 PM, DarianF said:


    Yet to meet a single person who has had this 'virus'. Still waiting...

    I mean. Where I work, we're a loving sharing bunch and late 2019/early 2020 we all had something. DFar worse than a cold, but not the flu by any means. One coworker who gets terrible hayfever was really bad with it, but she worked through most of it til she had to be sent home by management, she was burning up.


    None of us died, but it wasn't the run of the mill snotty nose sniffles we all get after too much to eat and drink post the holiday season. We didn't get tested, at most, we took a few days off and cracked on.


    I don't want to say too much but my partner works for the NHS. And for someone who is apparently seeing PILES OF BODIES IN THE STREETS!!!!!! and being swamped at work, everything they say, all their opinions and thoughts, contradict all we are being told.  It's been extremely interesting getting their take on it all, to be honest. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    This has been my experience too. And my Mum's, aside from one awful woman customer last year who got hysterical. Mum to her credit just ignored her and carried on.


    The staff in the supermarkets we use are fine, really friendly and helpful. The "marshals" employed can try it on, but quickly back down once they see the lanyard. It's why I wear one. It's difficult enough being out in this bizarro world, confronted with gimped zombies everywhere I look (which triggers my anxiety, as I can find it a traumatising sight on a bad day),so to have the staff being nice just helps.

    Really does. It makes all the difference. One of the incidents I had was the Police getting aggy, and a tiny little member of staff came barging along, told them off, they slunk away, but as they were, she said in a foghorn voice "officers! you're forgetting something!!" They asked what, and she said "you owe this lady an apology!". It was brill, I see her often now, and it just makes me smile

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  3. 19 minutes ago, GSM said:

    Thank you. But in all honestly I'll let him take the credit in how he's turned out. We can guide them but it's up to them to take the steps they take during life.

    That's true. But it's like a house. The foundations make all the difference :) Either way, you put a proper smile on my face, so thank you!

  4. I've been "lucky". The staff at my two main local supermarkets know I won't ("can't") wear a mask and have been extremely nice to me. I've been harassed a couple of times by other customers, and both times, staff were excellent, stepped in to help me, and looked after me. They've never asked why I can't wear one, and they've said I'm not to feel pressured to wear the poxy lanyard too. That said I've seen staff in both stores not wearing them, so I think that helps. 



    The staff in both stores, in all fairness, are nice enough anyway, but I've felt totally safe and okay going about, sans face nappy, since last year and I hope that continues.

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  5. Just now, Coldrum said:

    Honk Honk & Welcome 




    Well, thank you very much indeed!

    This is the only other place online I've seen that allows people to freely discuss this whole thing. It's nice. I went through a few months last year where I genuinely thought I was going insane, if I'm being honest. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, GSM said:

    One small success out of this madness, my 13 year olds school phoned yesterday for consent to test him to which I said no. Driving him to school this morning was talking that the school said if I change my mind they would glady test him, his response was I don't get why the school said if you change your mind, it's my decision and I'm not being tested at all. Proud of him being dead set against it and he said if they try to force him into it hes walking out of school (which has my full consent). Such a wise head on young shoulders.

    I've been struggling a lot recently (not that it makes me special, I think many of us have) but this? Really gave me a bit of hope. Wonderful to read, and it sounds like you're doing a truly cracking job with your Son.

  7. On 3/28/2021 at 1:18 PM, shadowmoon said:


    not read of a link between them, but schofield likes young black schoolboys  to piss on him according to rumours.

    Goodness me, that escalated quickly! That doesn't really shock me though, Schofield is a wrong 'un, and I wasn't taken by his "Stunning and brave!! Look at me, coming out!!" schtick last year.

  8. Has anyone ever seen or read anything concrete about how Saville was very good pals with Phillip Schofield? I've a friend who worked on GMB, asked for a transfer (he was a cameraman) because Schofield hit on him a few times, made it awkward, so my mate left. It was common knowledge Schofield like younger men, and boys. Boys if he could get them, young looking men if not, but I can't provide concrete proof of that, so I was wondering if there was anytthing out there which went further into this?

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