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  1. No, I just asked you to copy and paste the actual link where you got that picture from. A well seasoned point made by someone with nothing to dear re: the veracity of their point will welcome the chance to provide evidence (a copy pastad image isn't evidence, especially if you "googled" it). Given you're getting in a strop and using the default reddit tier argument of ITS NOT MAH JOB TO EDUMACAYKE TOU!!!! it kinds speaks volumes. Kiwi Farms can do better.
  2. JFC dude the edit button exists, double posting shits up the thread. And I tried, but nothing came up for that username on any social media sites. I was going to find the OP and archive it, because clearly nobody had thought to. I was asking for further info so I could find that. And Google? LOL no. They filter results and cherry pick stuff. There are way better SEs out there.
  3. See, that's the thing I did "google" it (I don't use Google because they filter and edit results, DDG is good, Bing are surprisingly not terrible and Yandex is interesting if you want an East centric view, not a west one) and I also looked for SM accounts of the person whose name is given on it, and there's nothing. This place could take a few leaves out of the book of Kiwi Farms RE; archiving, citing and crediting sources. No wonder people don't take this seriously. And edited to say: Google? Really? No thanks. I'd rather go to the library and use index cards :) All I asked for was the link to where this is from, it's not a hard thing to provide, an image can be manipulated, and the quality of an image on it's own without context or citation is pretty poor. It's amazing to me how many people on here are annoyed at people not taking any of this seriously when that is the benchmark for evidence.
  4. What's the link for this? I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but anyone can knock stuff up like this. Was it Twitter or what? If it's twitter or Instagram, it's always worth using an alternative front end like Nitter or Bibliogram, as people who aren't members can then see those pages.
  5. Nope, but if you find it will you please link it and archive it? And if it's been memory holed then I stand by my point: archive *everything*. Not just screenshots, but archive it using one of the sites available online.
  6. I mean, not even the Government are calling them vaccines, are they? They're calling them "jabs". When I was a kid, I had terrible anaemia. Really bad, so I would have B12 jabs. Once got told off (well,not told off, more corrected) by a GP for mistakenly calling it a vaccine. This isn't a vaccine, they're not even calling it a vaccine they're calling it a jab. A jab is when they inject you with a medicine or something else, a vaccine is a vaccine. How this has affected me, is the burning hatred I had for nearly everyone has intensified to a huge extent. There is so much about people I loathe, from grown goddamn adults who teeheelololol about how pigignorant they are about politics and the law, who wear their stupidity like a prized badge of honour, to the fat disgusting gluttons who have sat at home, rotting their brains, destroing their bodies and pigging on crap food because their lives are shit and meaningless, to how people are going on with this because the get their miserable pittance of a paycheque and they can watch the state sanctioned dreck on the telly box then go on their cretinous social media accounts to post photos of themselves in masks and bragging that the ratted out a neighbour for having a mate over. I genuinely did not think I could harbour such a deep resentment and loathing for so many people, but well, here we are. I guess only time will tell on all of this, but personally, I would urge everyone to archive fecking everything they see online about anything to do with this, because it's all gonna be memory holed to feck once the truth comes out. And they are relying on people not remembering or archiving. I don't just mean screenshots, I mean stuff like archive.it or archive.is, then save them in a browser as favourites, plus the screenshots in a document as well. If nothing else, nothing more, the sweet, sweet vindication of being right and having the evidence is (at least to a gigantic, massive curmudgeon like me) the best feeling.
  7. Awesome, thank you! That said the bit about "It's estimated only 10% of total reactions are actually reported" is scary enough on it's own.
  8. Is this the running total thus far or just for the week? I'm not trying to nitpick, but numbers without context are meaningless, in the same way "X number of positive tests" means nothing without saying "numbers of tests done vs actual positives vs actual negatives vs false +ves and -ves + those asymptomatic+ those with mild symptoms+ those ill enough to go to hospital+ those who died with+ those who died of". I'm not trying to be belligerent, but numbers on their own are nothing, proper context is everything and even if those are running totals that's bad, but it's nice to have them in the proper context.
  9. That would be awesome, thank you very much indeed!
  10. I mean, so long as you don't tolerate true perversion like those who put milk in before hot water before making a brew? Some things are just truly inhuman and unconscionable.
  11. Was that the one where he uses terms like sp@stic and n1gger way too freely? I know the one you mean if so.
  12. I *really* like the term "reality theorist". I'm gonna pinch that, if I may, I think it's fantastic. And thank you! I don't agree with lots of stuff I see on here but I love that people can say it and there's genuine, civil discussion.
  13. Hello! I am late doing this, so hop me up onto the naughty step. I'd known about Mr Icke for several years, but just kinda pottered on with my life. Had an interesting few years, won't PL as no1curr, but last year just shocked me. I mean it's one thing to read of this, another to live it all. Mostly I'm here cos I can count on the fingers - not including the thumb - of one hand places on T'Internet where free discourse actually exists and I was probably gonna lose the last shreds of my mind if I didn't find other people who don't just guzzle down the MSM.
  14. Gyms in UK are due to reopen on 12th April, but I think you're right. The moron in chief will shut things down again when vaccine uptake isn't as rapid as he wants it to be. By winter at the latest. That's the plan, right? Edited to add: DePfeffel has said pubs will be exempt from the "freedom passports". Someone needs to Mussolini the feck out of him and his Government, in Barbie Pony Adventures, obviously.
  15. Thanks for all the solid advice ladies and gents (don't wanna assume anyone's gender!!). Much appreciated. And yup, Chief was one of my favourite characters. Dunno how people feel about TV shows and series and such but Ratched on Netflix (ahem or the bit torrenting site of your choice, ahem) is well worth a watch if you like OFOTCN. And body building is a good shout. I've lost fat, lots of, but am noodly and all legs and arms. I need to start with that, muscle mass is sweet as heck to look at and I am told it is excellent for mood.
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