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  1. Bitcoin Was Hijacked! Bitcoin and other major digital crypto tokens have been hijacked. They have allowed free trade on official exchanges for fiat currencies, and accepted transactions with financial institutions/banks. The moment it happened, they were doomed. They were transformed from private and independent storages of value into an inflated nothingness. You see, the governments/central bankers can print fiat currencies at their will, from the thin air, by a push of a button, just adding zeros to a digital account. What they do now: they pouring fiat currencies (fake money) into chained tokens and diluting them, creating financial bubbles (artificial, not real prices). The digital coins are going up, the bankers promoting its on all media channels. It attracts average people (greed/fear to miss a chance/mania) and they starting to buy crypto more and more too, but not with “fake” currencies (because the retailors cannot just print it, it called counterfeiting and they will be in jail), instead with the equity that they have earned by day-to-day hard work, from selling their assets, houses, cars, jewelry, etc... Why do bankers do that? It gives them the power to do whatever they want to do with those cryptos. When enough retailers are involved, the central bankers pull out the funds streams (going short). It creates a panic selling of the retailers (because most retailer will never have enough margins to sustain the selloff) and they losing their real savings, livelihoods, assets, while the central banks/governments losing nothing, because they invested nothing in this scheme. Moreover, because they are shorting the market, they redistributing the profits to their insiders like Clintons, Bushes, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanly, Wells Fargo, City Group, BlackRock, etc… Central bankers have been doing the same thing over and over again for centuries with all assets and derivatives (stocks, etfs, indexes, futures, swaps, bonds, treasures, real estates, commodities, etc…). Now they doing it with the crypto coins. That is how they control the slaves. When will they pull the trigger? Who knows… Just be aware what is going on and make your financial decisions wisely. Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  2. The political parties are compromised from the beginning. There is no way this system will ever work correctly. Because it is just an illusion of choice and a deceiving/dividing instrument of the elites/religions. The whole concept is wrong in its roots. Read the words: "political parties" (meaning polarized chunks of the society). They separating us to rule us, this is exactly what the elite wants. Can't you see?
  3. We already have small communities and city councils. Giving more power to local governments will change nothing. It is very easy to identify those who wants to rule and dominate us (psychopaths, sadists). They want to be elected, or to work for the government/reinforcing institutions and they are operating there as we speak, because we have allowed them with our ignorance and naivety. That tiny percentage of sociopaths is already there. We have created and offered to them a perfect, very desirable and juicy feeder. No wonder that they sucking our energy, blood, life, livelihoods, wealth, assets from us on an unbelievable scale. Nowadays, it is a "privilege" to work for the governments or to be elected. It gives them special status, perks, power, fame, VIP privileges, huge salaries/pensions, possibilities for corruption/bribery/criminal conspiracies, dictatorship, favoritism, money creation, etc. When they have all those advantages of course, they want to distance themselves from the people as far as possible and protect this chasm by any means. Instead, working for the government must be a very heavy "burden" to anybody. An honorable, but very difficult and stressful job that gives not too much for you, only unique experience, other people’s respect and an average pension at the end. The political/election/government/legal/financial/educational, etc… systems are completely compromised and infiltrated by psychopaths and so called “noble bloodlines” now. They don’t serve us, we serve to them. And this is completely wrong. Those systems must be dissolved, if we want to get our freedom back and to protect our and our children’s future. Everybody is educated enough nowadays to become people’s representative and to bear a burden as a government worker. Present governments privileges must be called out, leveled down to an average salary and pension in the country. We have to create a completely new system that uses different approach and concepts. 1. We don’t need political parties at all, so no more elections, gigantic financial expenses, no lobbyists, nor political sponsors, no more favoritism, corruptions, bribery, indorsing, etc… No divided political views of the population and hysterical political wars/propaganda/brainwashing. Therefore, we don’t need parliaments and the corrupted clowns that are sitting there and lying that they are representing us and our will. 2. All government workers must be chosen to truly serve us. Not like it is happening now (by indorsing, connections, family promotions, favoritism, bribery, etc..), but by a simple open public electronic or paper “raffle”, where every eligible candidate in the society has equal chances to be selected. And there will be millions and hundreds of thousands of them (depends of the requirements for this position). A candidate might be: officially working, unemployed, self-employed, or a business owner, but not too young, because luck of experience, or too old, because of health issues, let’s say somebody between 31 and 65 years old, without criminal or other similar convictions, without severe health issues, or mental disorders/incompatibilities, with an appropriate educational/professional background, without dual citizenship. Let’s say we need a president. Then every eligible citizen of the country has equal chance to become one. Or, we need somebody who can work in an economy/education/military/etc… sector, then every citizen with economical/financial/educational/military/etc…education/experience will have equal chance to be selected, etc… The maximal period that somebody can work in a government institution on all levels (local/state/federal, etc..) should be limited by 3 years, without possibilities to work for the government ever again, to use that ex government title in the advertisements or for paid consulting, to open a private business, or to own/buy another business or shares of it, within 10 years after this person has left a government position. After 3 years, this citizen gets retirement (with possibilities for additional employment). An average pension might be assigned as a reward (after reviewing of his/her work). A new selected government audit institution will decide within 3 month if his/her work was beneficial for the society and that he or she is eligible for the pension. If not, and in case if there are no criminal or civil charges there, this citizen will return to the job market and will seek a job as everybody else. If somebody has been selected, but declined to accept a job proposition in the government for any reasons, then he/she will be permanently excluded from any future government selections/raffles. Another candidate will be chosen. All sitting/present government workers must be retired preliminarily (because the whole system is compromised) with an average pension, without possibilities to work for the government again, to open/join a private business within 10 years after this person has left a government position and to use the assets that they unlawfully gained during their work for the people (except an average earned salary). All those unlawfully gained assets must be realized on public auctions and returned to the people by redistribution, proportionally with the current financial level of each eligible citizen. The total size of the governments/governmental institutions on local/state/federal levels must be reduced to 0.3% of the total population of the country, including police, army, legal services, first responders, etc... Corruption attempts will continue for sure, this is the nature of the human beings (greed, desire to break rules, etc), but without a well-established mechanism of the bribery, it can be easily spotted. With the current political/government system, where lobbyism, donations, favoritism do exist and legal, it is almost impossible to distinguish a bribery from a legit financial transaction. Because of the randomness of the selection, most of the people that will work in the governments won’t be from wealthy families, so it will be almost impossible to them to hide a graft or dark/corrupted deals. Moreover, people who were selected (and chose to be our representors) have to provide full financial reports/disclosures and will be requested to quit/close their existing businesses, freeze all personal or business financial accounts and to move (alone, without his/her family) to a government lodgment (a standard apartment near the working place) to live there and to serve the country (people/us) during next 3 years. 3. Legal and lawmaking system must be simplified. It is impossible to completely understand the legal law texts now, because they are so complicated (intentionally entangled), therefore out of touch with reality. Mostly, those laws were created by elites/lobbyists on purpose to favor/cover-up their superiority/special interests, to suppress and to keep in fear the freeborn people. The judges should be selected for 3 years too via the same process. No lifetime work as a judge must be allowed. No one or 3 judges courts must be allowed to prevent corruption and injustice. Only 12 representors can rule every case by quorum. The same conditions applied for their retirement as above. ”Statutory Law” must not be used to evaluate lawsuits/clams where freeborn people involved. Only “Common Law” can be applied for such cases, based on “do no harm” principles. The institute of a fictitious “person” entity, that represents a freeborn breathing and living man in courts now, must be dissolved as a deceiving and deluding structure. The government must provide (free of charge) to its citizens new confirmations of birth and identification for each man, women and child. Those confirmations must acknowledge that citizens were born as freeborn human beings. Therefore they cannot be sued under the “Statutory Law” and that there is no debt in any form is assigned to them by the government or other organizations/companies, etc... All old birth certificates/passports/IDs/Driver licenses, etc.. that were issued for “persons” aka “artificial entities” must be destroyed. Expressions/words with religious background or religious “hidden” meaning/message, for example: person, register, money, ministers, ministry, clerk, judge, court, etc.., that are in use now in the governments protocols/day-to-day operations and procedures must be replaced with new appropriate words without religious background or hidden meanings/messages. All use of symbolism in/on the government buildings, clothing, utilities, documents, day-to-day operations, protocols, etc… must be prohibited/removed as disturbing and energetically dangerous artefacts (representors of interdimensional entities). Religions must be excluded completely from the governments operations/activities. 4. The financial system must not be based on debt, as it is now, when the governments assign debt for every citizen to the rest of his/her life, after they log this man/woman/child in the state record. We are not supposed to know that. Based on this debt the governments issuing treasuries/bonds/loans/money/currencies and injecting them in into the system on different levels of equity supply. Therefore, the citizens (basically slaves) must work and pay this debt back to the governments/banks/elite their entire lives. This debt has no real value inside, only possible future work/products/fruits. This is our society now – pure slavery. Instead, this system must be built on existing assets and productivity (creation of additional goods and services, or real grow). An additional equity supply must be created based only on real and existed, produced in the country goods, services and assets. This is not a slave society, but a productive and inventive system, founded on entrepreneurship, initiative, innovations, freedom of choice and will. Debt/interests leads to inflation (you can buy less with your equity in the future), financial bubbles and financial/psychological enslavement of the population. Productivity leads to deflation (you can buy more with your equity in the future) and financial freedom/wealth increase of the population. Governments, banks or any other financial institutions must not be allowed to issue and collect interests on loans, to use fractional reserves systems and multipliers, to create money from the thin air, to give loans or leveraged loans based on clients’ funds/accounts. There must be no central, international, or world banks. Banks and other financial institutions must not be allowed to lend equity to the government. Banks are an ancient form (with deep religious roots) of keeping/distributing of money/currencies in slave societies. They have no rights to lend-out the funds that we put on their accounts without our permission, because it is not their equity, they have no rights to create equity from nothing, then collect interests on it and take real assets (houses/land/goods, etc) away from the borrowers based on those “fake credits”. But they still doing it, because we allowing them. In fact, we can get rid of banks as intermediaries completely. All commercial, private and government projects should be funded via crowdfunding and open public auctions. No financial derivatives like indexes, ETFs, interest rates, bonds, swaps, futures, treasuries, options, etc… must be allowed for trading on the official financial/stock markets or internationally. Not for the government, commercial/non-commercial entities, or private individuals. Those deceiving financial instruments must be removed from the markets completely, because they inflating, deluding the markets and used for illegal price manipulations. The derivatives (fake) markets are in hundreds if not thousands times bigger than a real value of the economy in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc… This situation was allowed by the governments/elite on purpose, to create financial crises and wealth redistribution at their will. When they pulling money from those markets (basically by reducing the amount of zeros on their computers) they taking the stock market of the real companies together with it, so the retail investors loosing real money (their savings/houses/land/assets/wealth), not “fake” money that the governments/financial institutions/banks have created from the thin air and have streamed it into the markets via their “insiders” like Clintons, Bushes, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sash, BlackRock, City Group, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, etc… That is the real reason behind those derivatives. Present derivatives markets must be closed/frozen and the funds (99.99999% of them were created unlawfully by the banks and corrupted governments) must be used to payback the governments debts/deficits and the rest must be divided between the citizens proportionally, according to their current financial situation, to level up and to close the gap between the rich and the poor. Prices of the stocks must be returned to the real fundamentals of the companies, after independent audits (how productive they are, what real additional goods and services they produce, what real assets and liabilities they have…). Fake and artificially blown companies must be dissolved/reduced (invested funds from retail investors must be returned to the investors, if the legitimacy of the funds was confirmed by an independent external audit. The funds from the financial institutions that were created from the thin air must be frozen and used to payback national/international debt, deficits and the rest has to be redistributed between all citizens proportionally to their financial situation. No leveraged stock trading and no “naked” sales of the stocks must be allowed. No commercial bankruptcy must be allowed, because it leads to irresponsible projects/financial plans, impunity, funds/money-grubbing schemes, intentional funds wasting, corruption, bribery, etc… Every commercial owner must be personally responsible for the losses. No SPACs must be allowed. Import/export/domestic and international equity policies must be beneficial for the country. 5. The educational system must be reformed. The energetic form of our reality, how to interact with the informational/consciousness field, how to protect yourself from energetic attacks, NLP, or other forms of psychological and perceptual manipulations by humans/religions/governments/interdimensional entities, etc… must be explained as soon as children could understand those concepts. Financial structure of the country/world, how the money/currency are created/used/distributed/working, investments must be explained to children also. More right brain hemisphere activities must be implemented, that develop intuition, sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, artistic talents, freedom of thoughts, choice and will… Personal score exams must be replaced with a group interaction/cooperation games where children learn how to collaborate with each other, how to lead, how to help to the others, how to set and achieve short/long-term goals, respect integrity and timing. Because personal score exams keeping children in the state of fear, suppressing their talents/nature, transforming them into computerized mindless brainwashed biological robots/computers/machines that can only follow/respect/obey the rulers’ orders and authority. Those are some of the primary changes we have to make in order to take our world and power back.
  4. I give him a credit that he is promoting financial/business education.
  5. “Sky Shield” - Switch The Sun Off, It Is Annoying! Another “friendly” for us and our environment (non terraforming) program: artificial clouds (weather control). In 1991, the Hughes aerospace company was issued an interesting patent, number: 5,003,186 The Welsbach patent “for Reduction of Global Warming” proposed countering global warming by dispensing microscopic particles of aluminum oxide and other reflective materials into the upper atmosphere. This “sky shield” would reflect one or two percent of incoming sunlight. The patent suggested that tiny metal flakes could be “added to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.” Nice. No wonder that we have those misty clouds/skies when a bunch of jets had crossed it over. Millions tons of those microscopic nanoparticles are entered the air, ground, plants, crops, water. Do you think it is healthy for us or for our nature? Farmers around the globe reporting that since this program had started, the quality and quantity of harvests and health of the plants has been dropping dramatically, the skin, allergy and respiratory diseases are skyrocketing. Moreover, they planning to pump liquid CO2 into spent oil reservoirs under the ground and deep ocean, they want to make iron fertilization of the marine environment, it will spur algae growth and sinking dead algae transfer carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the oceans floor. In addition, genetically modified “reflecting” crops and “misting” vessels will produce artificial mist and throw it into the atmosphere creating solar reflectance effect. This week, the influential National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) urged the U.S. government to spend at least $100 million to study solar geoengineering. Bill Gates (this guy is everywhere) is already financing a Harvard project, the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). https://youtu.be/80S4DO6hONw They use a high-altitude balloon to lift a package approximately 20 km into the atmosphere. Once it is in place, calcium carbonate, sulfates, etc… is released to create a perturbed air mass roughly one kilometer long and one hundred meters in diameter. This layer creates a sun-dimming effect and cools-down the atmosphere. This insanity and mad scientists must be stopped. They have no rights to mess-up and to destroy our nature and atmosphere.
  6. Curses/malicious energetic attacks are real, doesn’t matter who produces its, freemason, or somebody else. How does it work? What is a word/sound? It is a written/painted/carved/etc… (in symbols) or a vocal (sound/melody), or an energetic (in thoughts) equivalent of a meaning. One can also express words (meanings) by a nonverbal language, like gestures, or colors, or art, or constructions like buildings and streets (it can be attributed to symbols). Every time a word/symbol is written, read, pronounced, or thought, or a sound/melody is rang, it creates vibrations in our inner and surrounding energetic fields. Those vibrations have specific tonalities (frequencies) which produce resonance in our “material”, “energetic/astral” body and in our surrounding. They are changing our energetic fields, therefore our reality, even if we don’t understand the meaning of those words, symbols, or sounds. From those vibrations, by interpreting them, our brain creates chemical elements inside of our bodies. Those frequencies/chemicals affect our immune/nervous/blood/digest and other systems. The energy (vibrations) from words/sounds/symbols/thoughts influences in one way or another everything surrounding us too: things, air, people, etc…. How? It depends of the meaning of those words/symbols/thoughts/sounds. There are different graduations of meanings of words, symbols and thoughts that we are saying, reading, seeing, thinking, writing…: all of them have various frequencies levels, from negative (low) like fear and hate, to positive (high) like hope and love. Those vibrations effect our reality literally, making it as miserable, or as wonderful as it can be. When we hear/see/read/think about words/symbols with negative to us meaning (low frequency vibrations), those words/sounds/symbols (frequencies) affect (corrupt) our energetic field and force our body to produce toxins, if our mind is not trained to resist it consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, we can feel anger, frustration, lack of strength, energy drain, mental breakdowns, depression, etc… Guess where is our energy going? Who is receiving it? Exactly: the ones who had produced those words/sounds/symbols (meaning). When we see/hear a word/sound/symbol, even if we don’t understand the true meaning of them it doesn’t mean that this word/symbol/sound does not affect us and our environment. Religions/churches/secret societies/elite know and exploit that. That is why they surrounding and implanting their symbols/signs/coat of arms/colors/flags/mottos/sounds (their energy/frequencies) all around the countries, cities, buildings, streets, on tv, newspapers, magazines, official documents, etc. They are everywhere. If you looking for them, you’ll find them in places that you’ve never thought about. They are “invisible” for the most people (if we are not aware about them and their influence). In example, think about sounds from temples/tower/sanctus bells in catholic/christian/buddhist countries or the chants/prayers in islamic and other counties, etc… This is exactly what we talking about. Almost unnoticeable when you live there, but they do their job well. They distort/corrupt our reality (on the energetic levels), claiming and possessing the space/land/territory/energy and transferring the ownership over our bodies, our souls, our children, over the land where we live and the goods we have to the “real” owners and their dead gods. All religions/cults/secret societies also use extramundane entities to enforce different levels their curses, slanders, evil eye, hexes, spells, charms, etc… To preserve you and your family from those “energetic invasions” you need to learn how to protect yourself/your house/your space/your family, etc… from its. There are simple techniques you can learn that can block and snap the curses back to the “creators”, etc...
  7. Death Cults New Faze Of Human Enslavement. The events of 2020 were not random, but well-planned, prepared and scheduled religious ritual. On July 4th 2020 there was a very rare cosmic portent: a great planet parade (all 10 planets of the Solar system had lined-up on one side of the Sun at the same time). The last such parades took places in 1982 and 2002. Notice: 1982 and 2002 were considered to have been the most severe recessions since World War II (what a coincident, right?). How do they call 2020? The same motto: “The Great Reset”. What an interesting pattern. If you observe what had happened in 2020 and happening now, you can clearly see the well-orchestrated mass hysteria/panic/food shortages, lockdowns, destroyed economies and livelihoods of millions of people. Who had the power and funds to do that? Follow the money and you’ll always get your answers. International financial institutions of course (controlled by Vatican and death cults/religions in its core). What is happening now? The ECB (European Central Bank) is rolling-out 3.7 trillion euro of “help” to the EU countries to restore the economies from COVID. Twice more than the US got from the Federal Reserve. They call it project “Next Generation EU” (NGEU), in reality it is the Next Generation EU Slaves. The ECB is lending it out with interests of course. First back payment in 2026. Repayment period until 2058. It is interesting to mention that on the official website of Council of the EU the recovery package is only 750 billion. They managed to bubble it up in more than 5 times during the last several month… The ECB, IMF (international monetary fund), WB (world bank), Feds got real taste of power, they want to buy it all. They need all the world in their pockets. The USA and EU are screwed. The central banks own them for the next 28 years. They are proposing similar amounts of loans to Russia, Australia and Canada now. First, the ECB, WB, IMF, the Feds and the poppets on their payroll like World Health Organization had created the panics, lockdowns by financing mass hysteria media campaigns, fake scientific, medical reports/statistics, thousands of so called “nonprofit” bogus organizations and major social media platforms that demonizing/banning any oppositions that questioning the lockdowns and requesting real scientific proofs that this COVID19 virus exists and as a result destroyed the economies of many countries and livelihood of millions of people. Today they giving away charged with interests loans to bailout those countries from their own scam. Very clever. The majority of those loans/grants will end-up in the financial institutions/insiders/favorites hands real soon (back to the “vaults” of ECB, WB, IMF and Feds of course). 2020s great parade planets was a trigger/omen/sign for the old dark religions (death cults) to start a new phase in its death worshipping chronicles. It should have been marked by mass sacrifices. The human race should have bowed to their bloody disgusting gods. First, by wearing masks. A mask is an ancient symbol of possession/submission/slavery/duality (ritual of silence). It is also a symbol of a lifeless (mute) thing. That is why we see such fascistic censorship and demonizing freedom of speech on all major social media platforms and in usual media agencies, which are controlled and financed by the mega corporations. Basically by the same banks and financial institutions. Second: by self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine (rituals of self-punishment/sequestration/self-flagellation). Third: weak and old people must be sacrificed (denied medical treatments and care), therefore many elderlies and disabled people will die (have died) in pain and suffering (ritual of human sacrifices). Fourth: by money enslavement (ritual of begging): many successful and beneficial for our society businesses were destroyed by lockdowns, so many people have lost their sources of income and now forced to beg the governments/banks to give them money (stimulus checks) to be able to put food on a table and afford shelters. ECB, IMF, WB, Federal Reserve are taking over the world assets as we speak. Trillions of dollars, euro, etc are floating to the markets to buy it all. There will be no such concept as an independent, sovereign freeborn man, woman, or child anymore. Fifth: by reinforcing fear of death upon the human race and putting most of humanity deeper in the low frequency state (ritual of death worshiping): fear, despair, powerlessness, depression, etc… Therefore cutting them off of the ever-being cosmic consciousness/awareness field and freedom of choice and freewill. Six: by exacerbation of mandatory vaccinations and “green passports” for all humans on Earth. Genetically modified substances must be injected into human bodies and change their origin from a natural to a synthetic (hybrid) state. Therefore, the corporations/religions will have patented rights on our “flesh”. “Green passport” is a tool to reinforce this process by denying rights to work, travel, study, etc to anyone who opposites and questions the governments/religions narratives/tyranny. This death cult must be dissolved, it has no power over us, because we know that we have life, love and hope inside of us, and they are and ever will be stronger than death, hate and fear…
  8. Terraforming And Hidden Genocide. In 2018 Federal Government, Bill Gates Foundation, several oil moguls (BHP, CHEVRON) and some venture companies had started a program called “Carbon Engineering”. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is heavily involved in this project also. Patent number: 9095813 This program got +$110.000.000 in funds. The project uses a combination of giant fans and complex chemical processes to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air in a procedure known as Direct Air Capture. The plan is to build 4,000 to 9,000 plants by the year 2075 and beyond 10,000 by the end of the century. At which point up to 27 gigatons (a gigaton is one billion tons) of carbon could be removed from the atmosphere a year. They covering it up by saying that they fighting so called “Global Worming”. Really? According to many scientific studies, an optimal level of CO2 for our flora (plants) is about 1000ppm. This level for human beings is very comfortable too. Guess what level do we have in our atmosphere nowadays? It is +-400ppm. What does it mean? It means that our green friends (grass, flowers, plants and trees) are literally dying now because the lack of CO2 and we getting less and less oxygen. The “Global Worming” program is claiming that the human activities (usage/burning of different fuels) are causing the climate change (the atmosphere becomes warmer, the ice on the North and South Poles is melting, the oceans levels are rising). They saying that if the atmosphere will became wormer with +2-3°C, we might see +15m increase of the oceans levels. Therefore California, Florida, Taxes, half of Europe and many other huge regions of the world will be under water. They predicting that this might happen in 10 or 15 years. Very scare scenario, isn’t it? Are you in fear and confusion? Sure you are. That was the whole point of this propaganda. Now… Ask yourself. Are the banks, insurance companies and financial institutions idiots, stupid, crazy or insane? Do they want to lose money and investments? You’d say, of course NO. Why is then the banks financing giant construction/infrastructure projects in California, Florida, Taxes, Mexico, low ground level areas of Europe, etc… as we speak, if all those regions would be drown very soon? Why those banks don’t include special insurance requirements and disclosures about the “inevitable flood” to those projects? The answer is obvious. Because that “Global Warming” thing is a fraud and a scam and they know that better than anyone else does. Why would Federal Government, the UN and Big Money want to reduce the CO2 then if not for the “flood”? Right, to sell it back to us as a new fuel. Remember, always follow the money. In addition it will kill more plants and reduce the % of the oxygen in the air, therefore many humans will suffer and die from hunger, aspiratory and other lovely diseases. Who gave them rights to mess-up with our atmosphere? We have to stop this insanity and hidden genocide before it is too late.
  9. About that: We have a huge problem here too. The same what I’ve mentioned in my previous post is applicable for people from different reinforcement institutions (military, army, mercenaries, secret services, police, etc…). Very often, they have been serving there generations after generations. We can call them the “Cerberus” (In Greek mythology a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld). Their psychological/genetic/DNA profile was cultivated too. They had developed the similar psychological deformity as their bosses, except less narcissism, but unquenchable urge and propensity to obey orders from authorities. Guess what changed since then? – Nothing. To be able to join those forces now candidates have to perform different tests, complete/pass specific psychological exams and physical trainings. After that, they have to take an oath of allegiance (religious ritual of devotion, loyalty and sacrifice). Therefore, the rulers will know exactly that the candidates’ profiles fit rulers’ needs and requirements and the candidates will do whatever they’ve been told to do. Most of those jarheads cannot behave and cannot think as freeborn human beings. Because they were grown/cultivated/selected to do their jobs. It is wired-in in their DNA and genes permanently. Therefore, they will obey the orders without questions and hesitation (in most cases). If the ruler said: kill, they will kill. We have to be aware about it.
  10. The thing with voting comes again into the same loop: Most people who want to be elected, or to work in the governments (doesn’t matter on what level) are those who have DNA/genetic deformity (because of inbreeding from “noble” bloodlines). They WANT to RULE other people and most of them have lack of empathy, mercilessness, violence, domination, cruelty, arrogance, deceit, hypocrisy, betrayal, sadism, narcissism, but also intelligence, inventiveness and cleverness… They are real sociopaths. They don’t feel guilty for the harm they cause and they find pleasure in other people’s suffering. They don’t care about society, they care only about themselves and their interests. They do and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, even if it requires torture and killing of millions or billions of people. That is why the governments killed in many times more people than all the natural disasters/cataclysms combine, including pandemics. By the way, most pandemics arose because of governments activities (robberies of the population, wars, genocide, military experiments and researches). Basically, we are (99.9999% of the human population) letting them to take those positions there, because of our ignorance and naivety and… our nature. Freeborn human beings don’t want to rule, dominate, dictate, lie, kill, torture, deceive, cheat, mislead, enjoy sufferings of others, etc… The “rulers” taking advantage of this fact. And then we are surprised that we are living under dictatorships and we can do nothing about it, because it’s too late. It means that if we vote for them (doesn’t matter for whom, doesn’t matter how-digital or on paper), we will have the same results that we have now. Corruption and money worshipping. It is just insanity to do the same things again and again, if it gives the same outcome. We need another system to select honest and not corrupted people who will represent us in the governments. Not those scumbags and psychopaths who are striving for power impunity and permissiveness.
  11. Rebel Capitalist George Gammon and Robert Barnes Constitutional attorney are preparing a sue process against Federal Reserve USA for violating of Federal Reserve Act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLidS4CUtSw
  12. May I represent you your new assistant secretary of HEALTH. The Senate voted Wednesday to confirm Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant secretary for health in the Department of Health and Human Services USA. She looks lovely, beautiful and healthy, so will be you under her reign soon... People like that truly love those disgusting gyms and fitness centers and hate lockdowns, sitting on sofas and eating those lovely donuts…
  13. Do we need political parties at all? All those political parties and movements are an illusion of choice for idiots. You can pick any random man or woman on the street, give them presidential rights, and they will serve the country in million times better than any of those so-called independent or chained candidates. The same is applicable to any government role/position, doesn’t matter if it is a clerk, a minister, or a chief of CIA. That how we should choose our governments every three years, random normal honest people from the streets. We don’t need political parties at all. Those parties and their elites are just another instrument of corruption and deceiving. Remember, all those who are seeking power (applying for the jobs in the govern organizations, or for election campaigns) have deformity in their DNA/genes (because of inbreeding/"noble bloodlines"). They want to rule and suppress us. Some can say: it is too idealistic, picking random people to represent us in the governments. Is it? Really? Think about our government/political systems that exist now? They are completely broken and misused by psychopathic dictators. It doesn’t work and never worked, because it has always been rigged from the beginning. In the USA political parties (Republicans and Democrats) were implanted by Gorge Washington (General Grand Mason Master by the way, a coincident for sure) at the end of 17 century through Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Three of them became presidents of the USA and Hamilton was the head of the Treasury Department. Guess who was the sponsor and general investor of that Treasury those days? “Roman Curia” Vatican. Beautiful. Now we have the whole picture. They created “fake” political parties, and then they were elected as presidents (another strange coincident). Nice. A brain-dead can see that they have played both sides and the referee at the same time. Pure scam. Have you noticed that all their family names have the same ending “ON”? What a coincident again, right? Nothing to do with “noble” bloodlines of course. The principle stumbling point between those two political parties was: Who will have more ruling power: federal government or states governments. How is it a choice of freedom to the people? What a joke. An illusion. First “version” of political parties in the UK “Whig” (Liberal Party now) and “Tory” (Conservative Party now) came into existence at the end of 16 century. Both of them represented churches/religions, just different views: presbyterians and anglican and the argue point was the religious affiliation of the heir to the throne James II (Duke of York). The Tory wanted a catholic king and the Whig wanted a king with another religion. How does it give a choice, freedom or keeping the population from tyranny/religions? Another illusion...
  14. Here we go: another good reason to pump the oil price up... North Korea missile test is first since Biden took office... Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga confirmed North Korea fired two ballistic missiles on Thursday in breach of United Nations resolutions. “These missile launches, the first in roughly a year, pose a threat to the peace and security of our country and the region,” Suga said. “We’re determined to work closely with the U.S., South Korea and other related countries to fully protect the people.” RUN AND HIDE, NORTH KOREA IS COMING AFTER YOU!!!
  15. We tend to stay in the illusion that a powerful man (an idol) will help us in our day-to-day lives. But, we have to realize that this is impossible. A fresh example is Trump. People looked-up to him as if for a savior, completely forgetting that he has one of the biggest narcissistic/psychopathic complexes on Earth, he is an inveterate liar and a fraud. Before he became a President, he had bankrupted several companies with about $4 billion in debts unpaid and walked away from it unharmed. Do you know for how long you have to work 8 hours a day, without holidays, getting $3,000 a month in wages and not spending it on food, house, car, travel, clothes, etc… to pay back $1 billion? Staggering 27,777 years. Multiply by 4, it is 111,111 years. He and his family must be in jail for the next 7,400 generations to pay this debt to the people of the USA. What has Trump done during his presidency? Nothing. Except built 400 miles of the Wall between the USA and Mexico, put the country on the lockdown/stimulus checks and as a result destroyed the economy, bankrupted and took over the US oil industry (remember, the oil prices went negative in march 2020, in the first time in human history (of course a coincident), airline industry, travel industry, etc. Gave his blessing for millions of 5G antennas (they were installed during the fake “pandemic”, +40.000 surveillance satellites and the “SPACs”. SPAC is exactly the same fraudulent scheme that he has been using to finance his own fake businesses for decades (what a coincident again). He had not pardoned any of the real “freedom fighters/whistleblowers” Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, etc, but instead several frauds and crooks just like him. Neither he had granted access for the public to any classified files about corruption, mind control and other antihuman government operations in the USA and in the world. Under his reign social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc, had started to ban people for alternative opinions about lockdowns, covid19 and states/governments arbitrariness aka dictatorship. He’d divided the USA in two opposite camps. On January 6th he’d set his supporters up in Washington and established the justification to label any alternative thinker/speaker as a “domestic terrorist” (new lovely term for a freedom speech admirer). That, in turn, had started a wave of arrests in the country and transformed the US into the police state. How is that the legacy of a freedom fighter? After that he has returned to his villas, mansions, hotels, yachts and jets, businesses, while many of his “fooled” supporters rotting in jails and facing decades of imprisoning in many cases. Some can say: he was almost impeached. Really? On the first session, his lawyer proved that the evidences were fabricated and the prosecutors haven’t even denied it. What a joke. A script. To show off to the public that the “fake enemies” could not overcome him...
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