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  1. EU Commission is quietly trying to prolong COVID certificates up to June 2023. According to them without this certificate, you cannot travel freely. Here you can give your feedback if you want to stop it. You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/have-your-say/initiatives/13375-Extension-of-EU-Digital-COVID-Certificate-Regulation_en An example of the feedback: I am absolutely against Digital or other forms of COVID Certificates. This certificate must not be prolonged or issued. All Covid related restriction must be removed. By issuing and using such certificates European Commission violating Article 45 of Fundamental Citizen’s Rights: Freedom of Movement and Residence. https://fra.europa.eu/en/eu-charter/article/45-freedom-movement-and-residence
  2. Biden just added Measles to the quarantine list. For hundreds of years it wasn't on it and all of a sudden it must be quarantined? A new approach to get people vaxxed anyway, if not for covid....? https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/09/17/executive-order-on-adding-measles-to-the-list-of-quarantinable-communicable-diseases/
  3. Interesting. Isn't graphene oxide a highly magnetizing substance?
  4. I'm posting it here, because people must be aware of what is going on. So please share it. Read this weird s*hit guys on the official website of the Government of Canada: “Exploring Biodigital Convergence”. You won’t believe what you seeing… Especially: 1. Full physical integration of biological and digital entities. “Table 1 outlines new capabilities produced by the convergence of the digital and biological domains”. Some quotes: "What new capabilities arise from biodigital convergence?... - Monitoring, altering and manipulating human thoughts and behaviors. - Altering the human genome – our core biological attributes and characteristics. - Creating new organs and enhancing human functionality. - Changing the type or amount of inputs that organisms need to grow. - Creating entirely new organisms with tailored characteristics. - Changing what and how organisms produce substances. - Turning organisms into biocomputers. .... People, this is beyond evil, this is the end of homo-sapiens. That is what those psychopaths are planning to do with the humanity. They publishing this agenda in open, right in our faces… The government that promotes such plans must be arrested, sued and jailed under the Nuremberg Code for the crimes against humanity. https://horizons.gc.ca/en/2020/02/11/exploring-biodigital-convergence
  5. Haven't you seen this yet? A grand gathering of 33 degree freemasons. Some weird sh*it is going on there. Not a movie, real thing. They laughing at our stupidity and ignorance... This is the "vampire" that sucks our energy and livelihoods... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciNkEPBGc-o
  6. Those 540 f*ckers just put 500 mil people under constant surveillance... as usual "temporarily".... FFFFF I have no words...
  7. After Ukraine had left the USSR, they had this strange currency: coupons... It was just a printed paper with an ink stamp on it, without any counterfeiting protection whatsoever... Anybody with a scanner and a laser printer could print it... For several years people could buy and sell products and services in exchange for that piece of paper... That what you can call a believe system... lol
  8. The European Parliament has approved plans for a so-called Covid passport. It would show whether someone's been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from the virus. In a vote, 540 MEPs supported the measure with 119 against and 31 abstentions. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says it's a “key step forward towards free and safe travel this summer”. Welcoming the news, Irish MEP Deirdre Clune said: “The plan is that this certificate will only be used for travel and only for the duration of the pandemic in order to ensure people are protected from Covid-19. It can help to facilitate people as they move and travel around Europe.” Here we go... I hate europeans... They are just made from marshmallow and farts... No wonder Hitler has conquered Europe in a couple of years... pathetic...
  9. Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays wrote a book: “Propaganda”. A beautiful blueprint how to use NLP on the mass scale. Guess who Edward Bernays’ great-nephew is? Marc Bernays Randolph (co-founder and first CEO of Netflix). A coincident of course…. Brainwashing machine at work…
  10. A quote from Jacques Attali a senior adviser to French President, Francoise Mitterand 1981: “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good. Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating. We won’t be able to run intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine! We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.” How old are you now Jacques Attali? 77? Isn't it a time for you to take your "death shot" and liberate this world from your rotten body? Your soul you'd lost long time ago for sure...
  11. Just read it on Financial Times: "Carbon capture: planetary detox needs jump start from state. Government intervention is required, whether through tax breaks, carbon pricing or direct funding".... Such messages are everywhere in the media (definitely planned propaganda)... “ExxonMobil proposes carbon storage plan for Texas port” “Drax to seek approval for ‘negative emissions’ energy project” “UK energy market faces ‘instability’ over carbon trading delay” “The creative climate accounting of biomass” “Lex in-depth: how carbon prices will transform industry” “Norway’s Viking ‘Longship’ goes after greenhouse gas emissions” Etc... WTF... THIS IS BAD people. Those "green" freaks will suck-out our atmosphere without our permissions. They communicate with each other and coordinate efforts trough official media channels. They show it into our faces and we still don't see it. This is not just oil, natural gas, or commodities collection, it has no borders. This technology will catch you anywhere on the planet, you can't hide from it, or outrun it... Less CO2 = less flora = less Oxygen = less people... Those psychopaths must be stopped.
  12. Right: "...to support their leaders".... That is the problem. What do we need the leaders for? To lead us where? Are we idiots or completely blind that we cannot administrate our own lives? Haven't we learned from the history at all? Leaders = psychopaths/sociopaths = tyranny = slavery. ALWAYS, without exceptions. +300.000.000 people killed by the governments aka "leaders" during the last century voting for that. Is it not enough for us to see that the idea to give our power away for somebody to rule (lead) us has evil roots and completely false in its core? Because when you delegate your rights to other people willingly/unwillingly, you became nothing more but their property that can be literally sold, trade, exchanged, destroyed at their will. And your freedom, independence, sovereignty is gone. Don't we understand that this concept that we need governments/rulers was planted into our minds/education by elite (religions) throughout the millennia to make us amenable, to enslave us and to parasitize on our labor/energy? How many more people should be killed by the governments so we will finally comprehend their true malicious nature? Billions? Well, when it will come to reality it will be too late for us for sure...
  13. Some bloody idiot Mathis Wackernagel had forged this graph based on BS (fake data) and now, Club of Rome uses it as an excuse for depopulation of the Earth... What a scumbag... His Ph.D status must be revoked.
  14. What do religions aka "governments" need symbolism and rituals for? Why do they like to perform tortures, killings, brutality in the name of their gods? What does it give to them? What is the benefit? To discover it, we need to unfold the structure of our reality. Everything is energy (“being at work” from Greek), including void, galaxies, stars, planets, moons, rocks, metals, air, trees, animals, people, etc… Everything has its energetic field or aura (Aura – in Greek goddess of breeze/life), even if it already has its own so-called “solid” (physical) body. That “body” is pure energy too, but wrapped into a different form of existence, with different half-life periods and its own awareness. The energy of those fields penetrates the reality inside-out in different directions. One can say: we are drifting in an energetic soup/ocean/field/network that we call the “Cosmos”. Nobody knows where it begins, or ends, if ever, how many Universes and dimensions it has and for how long it exists. Through that energy (waves/frequencies), everything is inter-connected. Within that field the unlimited information/knowledge and ever-being consciousness intertwined is. Homo sapiens is linked to this information field (network) and that consciousness too. It is believed that each human is a unique point of attention/awareness of that ever-being consciousness, experiencing and adding knowledge about this reality/dimension (band of frequencies) and when our “physical” body cannot support life inside anymore, we (our energy/frequency/soul) returning to that pull of awareness to start a new journey, possibly in another dimension/Universe/time. It is assumed that a vital organ in our body that allows this connection is a “pineal gland”, also known as a “third eye” and our energetic centers (chakras). Through it, one can interact with this network mutually on a conscious/subconscious level, by sending requests/questions and receiving responses/answers. Understanding of this energetic symbioses/connection is crucial for human beings because it gives us the knowledge that we are ever-existing beings and not slaves for some religious psychopaths that constantly cursing us and putting spells on our existence. That awareness literally lifts fear of death from us, unblocks our third eye (intuition, insights, acumen, vision, perspicacity, discernment, etc), so we just know what is right and wrong in the world that surrounds us. It unlocks our understanding of the forces that staying behind the enslavement of the human race and how to resist, withstand and overcome this evil in our day-to-day lives. We are not afraid of telling the truth and making right decisions anymore. It set us truly free. We know that we have life, love and hope inside of us and they are and ever will be stronger than death, hate and fear. However, when we are staying in a low frequency/vibration stage (negative emotions, anger, terror, phobias, etc..), we are losing connection with this ever-existed energy/information/consciousness/awareness pool and obtaining fear of death again because our energetic communication channels are shut and our spiritual aura can be easily corrupt by the malice influence of the extraterrestrial entities and curses that those ancient dark religions are unleashing upon us 24/7/365. Religions/churches/elite also know that and they do anything possible to force the population to stay in that negative frequency phase (bandage). Why? Because in this state they can readily manipulate our perception, our possibilities, our choices, our actions and therefore our reality. It also allows a handful of “psychopathic rulers” dictate their will upon whole humanity. They doing it by using words (spells) to shape (program) our consciousness and unconsciousness, to control our perception and reality, to put boundaries on our minds, to determine what we can and cannot do, to hide/cover the possibilities that exist from us, etc… Have you ever heard about NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming? This is the modern expression of well known for religions/churches/elite techniques to pre-frame our conscious and subconscious, to implant certain ideas that driving/forcing us to make decisions and steps in our life without realizing where we’ve got that mindset and thoughts from. To keep us under constant surveillance and slavery. Mind control. Why do they give so much attention to the words? What is a word/sound? It is a written/painted/carved/etc… (in symbols) or a vocal (sound/melody), or an energetic (in thoughts) equivalent of a meaning. One can also express words (meanings) by a nonverbal language, like gestures, or colors (it can be attributed to symbols). Every time a word/symbol is written, read, pronounced, or thought, or a sound/melody is rang, it creates vibrations in our inner and surrounding energetic fields. Those vibrations have specific tonalities (frequencies) which produce resonance in our “material” body and in our surrounding. They are changing our energetic fields, therefore our reality, even if we don’t understand the meaning of those words, symbols, or sounds. From those vibrations, by interpreting them, our brain creates chemical elements inside of our bodies. Those frequencies/chemicals affect our immune/nervous/blood/digest and other systems. The energy (vibrations) from words/sounds/symbols influences in one way or another everything surrounding us too: things, air, people, etc…. How? It depends of the meaning of those words/symbols/thoughts/sounds. There are different graduations of meanings of words, symbols and thoughts that we are saying, reading, seeing, thinking, writing…: all of them have various frequencies levels, from negative (low) like fear and hate, to positive (high) like hope and love. Those vibrations effect our reality literally, making it as miserable, or as wonderful as it can be. When we hear/see/read/think about words/symbols with negative to us meaning (low frequency vibrations), those words/sounds/symbols (frequencies) affect (corrupt) our energetic field and force our body to produce toxins, if our mind is not trained to resist it consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, we can feel anger, frustration, lack of strength, energy drain, mental breakdowns, depression, etc… Guess where is our energy going? Who is receiving it? Exactly: the ones who had produced those words/sounds/symbols (meaning). When we see/hear a word/sound/symbol, even if we don’t understand the true meaning of them it doesn’t mean that this word/symbol/sound does not affect us and our environment. Religions/churches/elite know and exploit that. That is why they surrounding and implanting their symbols/signs/coat of arms/colors/flags/mottos/sounds (their energy/frequencies) all around the countries, cities, buildings, streets, on tv, newspapers, magazines, official documents, etc. They are everywhere. If you looking for them, you’ll find them in places that you’ve never thought about. They are “invisible” for the most people (if we are not aware about them and their influence). In example, think about sounds from temples/tower/sanctus bells in catholic/christian/buddhist countries or the chants/prayers in islamic and other counties, etc… This is exactly what we talking about. Almost unnoticeable when you live there, but they do their job well. They distort/corrupt our reality (on the energetic levels), claiming and possessing the space/land/territory/energy and transferring the ownership over our bodies, our souls, our children, over the land where we live and the goods we have to the “real” owners and their dead gods. If we turn on TV, radio, or Internet, if we take a newspaper, a magazine, or other media source, the first thing that we see, most likely, will be bad news (low frequency energy). Think about it. How many books, movies out there that don’t promote violence, crime, tortures, sexual abuse, killings, wars, occult rituals, different forms of religious/cults, money obsessions and dictatorships, etc…? Almost everything that the world media system produces nowadays aiming to keep our energetic aura in a low dimension, negative frequency level. Do you think it is just a coincident? We have to understand that in its roots the mass media is on a payroll of the religions. Because the biggest financial institutions/banks of the world (Federal Reserve, World Bank, ECB, IMF, ect…) that funding so called “independent” media agencies and advancing influence of ancient religions in the world are derivatives of the old clerical financial structures, in particular “Papal Treasury” and currently are run by Vatican and its representatives like Order (Knights) of Malta. You can ask yourself: Why do they do that? Why don’t they have mental and moral torments? The answer is simple: Inbreeding. The kings of Mesopotamia, the pharaohs of Egypt and their religions have been ruling those lands since +4000 BC (some sources saying +10.000 BC). Their heir is controlling the world now. It means that the current elite has at least +420, most likely +900, generations of a very restricted and merciless selection. Because their “powers” were transferred by heritage, all generations of those rulers/religious leaders have developed in themselves specific psychological skills. Like lack of empathy, mercilessness, violence, domination, cruelty, arrogance, deceit, hypocrisy, betrayal, sadism, narcissism, but also intelligence, inventiveness and cleverness… They are real sociopaths. They don’t feel guilty for the harm they cause and they find pleasure in other people’s suffering. Many of them were and are involved in bloody dark rituals, human sacrifices, child abuse and pedophilia. They are human blood drinkers and cannibals literally. They do and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, even if it requires torture and killing of millions or billions of people. That is why the governments/religions killed in many times more people than all the natural disasters/cataclysms combine, including pandemics. By the way, most pandemics arose because of governments/religious activities (robberies of the population, wars, genocide, military experiments and researches). Without those skills, they could not survive as the rulers in their own world, because the weak-ones were rapidly consumed (erased from existence) by more evil-ones. Those bloodlines even mated only with relatives, in order to preserve their power (psychological corruption/genes/DNA) within the family. Throughout the centuries, they supported each other by any means in order to keep the “status quo”, to rule the slaves. They divided the Earth in several regions of influence (“regis” means: of the king from Latin). First by enforcing there their churches/religions and gods. Then jealously guarded the borders of their possessions, exterminating all who tried to implant there other beliefs. The same is applicable for people from different reinforcement institutions (military, army, mercenaries, secret services, police, etc…). Very often, they have been serving there generations after generations. We can call them the “Cerberus” (In Greek mythology a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld). Their psychological/genetic/DNA profile was cultivated too. They had developed the similar psychological deformity as their bosses, except less narcissism, but unquenchable urge and propensity to obey orders from authorities. Guess what changed since then? – Nothing. To be able to join those forces now candidates have to perform different tests, complete/pass specific psychological exams and physical trainings. After that, they have to take an oath of allegiance (religious ritual of devotion, loyalty and sacrifice). Therefore, the rulers will know exactly that the candidates’ profiles fit rulers’ needs and requirements and the candidates will do whatever they’ve been told to do. Most of those jarheads cannot behave and cannot think as freeborn human beings. Because they were grown/cultivated/selected to do their jobs. It is wired-in in their DNA and genes permanently. That is why they will obey the orders without questions and hesitation (in most cases). If the ruler said: kill, they will kill. We have to be aware about it. Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  15. "Intel Inside" Think About This "Motto". CONSUMER LAW GROUP has launched a class action lawsuit against Intel of Canada, Ltd., Intel International, and Intel Corporation (together "Intel") relating to security flaws of their Central Processing Units ("CPUs") with x86-64 architecture. The class action alleges that Intel Processors contain security flaws that may be exploited by hackers to access Class Members’ personal and/or private information, such as passwords, usernames, security keys, credentials, cryptographic keys, social security/insurance numbers, personal photos, credit card and banking information, emails and other data (the “Design Defect”), thereby making their electronic devices susceptible to attacks called "Meltdown" and "Spectre". It is further alleged in the lawsuit that Intel has effectively known about the Design Defect since at least June 1, 2017 and should have known even earlier than that, yet they intentionally made the business decision to not disclose its existence to consumers. If you or someone you know is an owner or lessee of an electronic device that contains an Intel Processor with x86-64 architecture anywhere in Canada, Ontario, or Quebec and you wish more information on potential compensation or to be kept advised of the status of the Intel Processor Security Flaw Class Action litigation or any resulting compensation from this lawsuit, please provide your contact information to our law firm using the form below. https://www.clg.org/Class-Action/List-of-Class-Actions/Intel-Processor-Security-Flaw-Class-Action#form Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  16. Building Donetsk Ukraine. Deadly clashes between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have intensified, after a record ceasefire lasting several months. Russia is again massing troops near Ukraine’s borders, Kremlin-controlled media has ramped up threats of war. They stationed more than 40,000 troops on the eastern border area and sent another 9,000 to Crimea, in addition to the 33,000 troops already there. The United States and key European allies are concerned that another Russian military offensive against Ukraine may be imminent. Airport Donetsk Ukraine Airport Donetsk Ukraine Turkey says that the United States plans to send two warships to the Black Sea via the Bosporus. Russia warned the United States against sending warships to the Black Sea, urging American forces to stay away from the annexed Crimean peninsula “for their own good”. “There is absolutely nothing for American ships to be doing near our shores,” Russian deputy foreign ministry Sergei Ryabkov said, warning there was a very high risk of unspecified incidents if U.S. military hardware were to be positioned in the Black Sea. On April 12, G7 foreign ministers and the EU's foreign policy chief urge Russia to stop "provocations" and to "de-escalate tensions." There are reports of mortar shells, artillery, aviation and drone attacks. This escalation threatens vast flows of commodities and energy to Europe and other countries. This region is a ticking bomb, if it explodes the whole Europe will suffer. The sovereign borders of Ukraine must be restored and Crimea must be returned. Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  17. The “Noble” Bloodlines Network Must Be Dissolved ASAP. A conspired network of so called "noble/monarch" bloodlines that uses different religious believes/cults/movements in combination with NLP and occult sciences in order to keep the freeborn human beings in slavery and to appropriate our astral energy, physical labor and wealth. In its core this network is running all financial institutions and governments on the planet including Feds, IMF, WB, ECB, People's Bank of China, all other central banks, etc… They invented the concept of money, which, in their understanding, represents "flesh of gods". And every time when you use money or its derivatives you perform a religious ritual (sacrifice) to their dark, evil, bloody goods, without realizing it. By doing this you allow to those malicious interdimensional entities (gods) to penetrate, deform, corrupt, conquer your energetic field (aura) and give them power over your subconsciousness. It keeps you in a low vibration (fear) state. It changes your perception, your behavior, even your DNA and therefore your reality and future. As long as this network, governmental and financial system exists the majority of people is staying in slavery unconsciously. It is a cancer that must be dissolved asap if we want to reveal a truly free and beautiful world that surrounds us as we speak, but many of us cannot see and enjoy it, because our minds and will are poisoned/possessed/brainwashed/controlled. Became aware. Ask yourself: What do I need a ruler/government for? Why do I give up them my rights and freedom? Do I want to be a slave? If not, open your eyes and act now, spread the word. Quit participation in the slavery loop. Join freeborn. Deny those sadistic psychopaths power to rule your life and to determine your and your children's fate. This is the list of major “dark” bloodlines responsible for the slavery status on our planet: HOUSE OF BORJA HOUSE OF BREAKSPEARE HOUSE OF SOMAGLIA HOUSE OF ORSINI HOUSE OF CONTI HOUSE OF CHIGI HOUSE OF COLONNA HOUSE OF FARNESE HOUSE OF MEDICI HOUSE OF GAETANI HOUSE OF PAMPHILI HOUSE OF ESTE HOUSE OF ALDOBRANDINI HOUSE OF BERNADOTTE SWEDEN: HOUSE OF BOURBON FRANCE: HOUSE OF BRAGANZA PORTUGAL: HOUSE OF GRIMALDI MONACO: HOUSE OF GUELPH BRITAIN: (THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE) HOUSE OF HABSBURG AUSTRIA: HOUSE OF HANOVER GERMANY: (THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT ONE) HOUSE OF HOHENZOLLERN GERMANY: HOUSE OF KARADJORDJEVIC YUGOSLAVIA: (FORMER) HOUSE OF LIECHTENSTEIN LIECHTENSTEIN: HOUSE OF NASSAU LUXEMBOURG: HOUSE OF OLDENBURG DENMARK: HOUSE OF ORANGE NETHERLANDS: HOUSE OF SAVOY ITALY: HOUSE OF WETTIN BELGIUM: HOUSE OF WITTELSBACH GERMANY: HOUSE OF WÜRTTEMBERG GERMANY: HOUSE OF ZOGU, ALBANIA BULGARIA: HOUSE OF KOHÁRY BELGIUM: HOUSE OF BELGIUM HOUSE OF GOTHA PORTUGAL HOUSE OF BRAGANZA HOUSE OF ORLÉANS HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  18. Tax them and keep them in the cages. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has thrown the weight of the U.S. government behind a push for a global corporate minimum tax rate, possibly carving a path to a long-sought deal updating international tax rules for the first time in a generation. The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has been coordinating tax negotiations among 140 countries for years on two major efforts: setting rules for taxing cross-border digital services and curbing tax base erosion, with a global corporate minimum tax part of the latter. The OECD and G20 countries aim to reach consensus on both fronts by mid-year, but the talks on a global corporate minimum are technically simpler and politically less contentious. The minimum tax is expected to make up the bulk of the $50 billion-$80 billion in extra corporate tax that the OECD estimates companies will end up paying globally if deals on both efforts are enacted. Nice. A new global slavery is coming. Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  19. Who Really Owns The Money? Money’s roots go back to religious temples of Mesopotamia in the ancient state of Sumer (part of modern-day Iraq) as the slavery. These temples employed thousands of priests and bureaucrats, along with agricultural and manufacturing workers. To help with things like food rations, they developed a system based on clay tokens, which would represent specific goods. Every good at that time had its own god (notice the resemblance between those two words: goods and gods). Therefore, those tokens were personalized as pieces of the “gods flesh” and became sacred. Nobody but only the religious priests/states had rights to produce the tokens. The same status quo is applied to the current financial situation. Over time, these tokens were replaced by markings – the first writing – on clay tablets that are today known as ‘cuneiforms’. Instead of drawing multiple copies of the same item, the Sumerians priests introduced numbers and mathematics/numerology was born. Then the tokens evolved into debens, shekels, talents, coins, modern paper money, digital crypto currencies, etc… The root of the word “token”: a piece resembling a coin issued as money by some person or body other than a de jure government. Origin of the word money from Latin moneta ‘mint, money’, originally a title of the goddess Juno, in whose temple in Rome money was minted. The root of the word “crypto” is “crypt”, definition of “crypt” is: a sealed room or rooms under the floor of a church where people are sometimes buried. The interest itself (from Latin interesse ‘compensation for a debtor's defaulting) has deep religious roots too. In the devout point of view, an interest is a sacrifice (a piece of the “debtor’s flesh” figuratively speaking) that the borrower must pay/give to the gods for the possibilities of borrowing the money (gods flesh). First banks/exchanges were also created/established by churches/religions. When we want to get a credit, they want to charge us with the interests, because the money and interests are derivatives of the ancient gods. That is why you see this motto/pray “In God We Trust” on the dollar bills. That is why currencies/bills have special religious signs/sigils, like $, €, £, ¥, ₿, etc… and many religious symbols (numbers) on banknotes and coins. Notice how quickly new digital currencies got the same old names “tokens” and “crypto”? The old “religious” terms were immediately implanted into its. Do you think it happened by an accident? If you believe in that, you are so naïve and ignorance. Religions know the hidden power of words and symbols. Anytime when we use money or its derivatives, we commit hidden religious acts/rituals in its core and make religious sacrifices to their dark ancient gods without even realizing it. The financial world is built on it. Without our believe/participation all those currencies have no value, no power, so the governments, or banks. Should we’d denied the money, the whole system would collapse real fast. As long as we use those deceiving religious “entities/money”, that were created in the name of dark, bloody deities as a tool to enslave energetic will/perception of freeborn people, as long they will have power over us. We need to act and dissolve this loop and current dictatorship systems (governmental/political/financial) on national and international levels ASAP, because we have to figure it out real fast. The psychopathic dictators are moving on us as we speak. They want to own all. If you think that you might have an effective and humane solution, please share your opinion.
  20. Some individuals suggesting solving the problem with the current dictatorship like this: I “quote” “The solution to all this is simple. Revolution. Kill the religious institutions and leaders. Kill the politicians. Erase the sacred bloodlines…” There is one huge issue with this motto. People, who calling for such actions don’t understand the energetic reality of this world, or do understand it and make those proclamations deliberately to keep the status quo. Cosmos and our world is an energetic field/network where all is interconnected and influence each other mutually. Killing people won't solve the problem. Because when you take somebody's life intentionally, you change your energetic field and absorb negative energy/frequency/emanations of the "slaughtered". DNA is an antenna, a simultaneous transceiver and a coder/decoder that interprets and transports the frequencies/energy from our environment in and out of our bodies. It changes itself constantly on different energetic levels/dimensions. That absorbed from the massacre very negative energy transforms your DNA. Therefore you, or your offspring will get new psychopathic/malicious properties. It is a loop, that leads to the same results over and over again. That is why we have expressions like: “when you kill a dragon, you’ll became a dragon”, or “the King is dead, long live the King!”. The “slayer” inherits energetic attributes/qualities/properties/curse of its “victim”. That is why all violent/bloody revolutions ending up with another tyrants on the "throne". It is inevitable, even if the organizers had the best intentions for the society at the begging. There should be another ways to isolate "blueblood" psychopathic lines from the society without killing them literally. If you think that you might have a humanitarian solution, please share your opinion. Because we have to figure it out real fast: How to dissolve the current dictatorship systems (governmental/political/financial) on national and international levels without violence and bloodshed, so the history won’t repeat itself and we won’t rebuild the same tyranny again unknowingly. Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  21. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said ECB could have digital currency (CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency) within four years. ECB utilizes the lockdowns spending habits to justify and promote this agenda. Central banks are pushing these narratives, as they have rights to decide for us. They financing intensive media coverage, fake/falsified/biased scientific researches and non-profit organizations to create an illusion of necessity in CBDC. Central banks are ruled by dark religious death cults and "blueblood" psychopaths in its roots. This is a hostile takeover of our wellbeing, wealth and livelihoods. Also, it will lead to global surveillance and dictatorship. We must unify, resist, push-back and deny them possibilities to do that. Central banks must be dissolved. Our freedom depends of it. Read more about our reality and join us here: https://gab.com/groups/39446
  22. Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Egyptian/Roman/Greeks and many other religions are representing the same ancient death cult, that worships, exalts, glorifies death and different extraterrestrial entities. They are throwing it into our face. Visit any old and even some modern religious temples. There are tombs in the floor, crypts in the walls and stand-alone sarcophaguses, with dead bodies inside. Some of the remains, so called “hallows”, even lying in open. There are religious buildings that have as decorations real human bones, skulls, skeletons. The priests and congregation are praying to idols and dead flash… The symbols of old dark gods are everywhere. Disgusting. The Capuchin Friars belong to a Roman Catholic religious order of brothers and priests, inspired by the ideals of St. Francis. Here are just some examples of the ancient symbols of ancient gods in the religious temples/rituals today. Pope Francis holding a symbol of the Sun. Usage of “magic” staves: Pope Francis used one during Youth Synod. Another “magic” staff. VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – JANUARY 25: Pope Benedict XVI and the “magic” staff. One more “magic” staff. Saturn Star How about a symbol of Saturn and the Pope? (Also the symbol of Soviet Union, supposedly an atheistic country – a hammer and a sickle) An owl, a representor of a goddess Ereshkigal the queen of the Mesopotamian Underworld (hidden inside the bas-relief) and a golden dragon in its center. Saint Peter’s basilica Vatican Rome Italy. Another (hidden) owl and a golden dragon inside of it on the ceiling Saint Peter’s basilica Vatican Rome Italy. It has a head of a child in its claws. Again a (hidden) owl. Saint Peter’s Basilica Arch Papal Keys Symbol Vatican Rome Italy. Saint Luke and “Moloch” Saint Peter’s Basilica Vatican Rome Italy Saint Peter’s Basilica Bernini Baldacchino Holy Spirit Dove and a symbol of the Sun, Vatican Rome Italy In ancient Mesopotamia, doves were prominent animal symbols of Inanna-Ishtar, the goddess of love, sexuality, and war. Again the Dove and the symbol of the Sun behind it. Saint Peter Cathedral in Vatican A goddess Ereshkigal the queen of the Mesopotamian Underworld holding a trumpet and a globe with a Mesopotamian sea god Enki below, along with “the Capitoline Wolf” feeding two twins Romulus and Remus. The manifest (motto) “IMPLEAT ORBEM” means “fill the world”. In December 2019 (right before the COVID19 was announced) a statue of “Moloch” was displayed at Roman Colosseum as a part of an exhibition running until March 2020, symbolizing child (human) sacrifices still exists. To cover the religious rituals and sacrifices they had transformed and integrated the Inquisition (religious/cleric) courts into the civil legal systems. They made the public to believe that those courts are completely independent and churches/religions have no influence on its. In the reality, all the sacrifices to the ancient gods “on public” were transferred to the “civil courts” that operate under the “Statute Law”. That is why the judges in courts are wearing cleric/monk/priests-like mantles/robes, that is why the courts performing protocols (rituals) during the sessions, with all those mumblings, mandatory placements, symbolic gestures, ritual items, etc… You can find religious symbols on the court buildings and in the court chambers. The same symbolism you can find everywhere in the governmental institutions. Lady Justice for example originates from the personification of Justice in Ancient Roman art known as Iustitia or Justitia, who is equivalent to the Greek goddess Dike or Dice. The Scales of Justice Above the Old Bailey Law Courts in London, UK. Notice: it is standing on the globe (Earth). The Royal Courts of Justice UK. The monarchy symbols on the walls with very complicated symbolism and deep meaning. Inside the Old Bailey Law Courts in London, UK. Symbols of the monarchy are dominating in the room and imprinted on the judges’ chairs. Swearing-in of the justices of the supreme court UK, January 2020. Photograph: Kevin Leighton/UK supreme court/PA Look at them? Do they look like civil representatives to you, or as religious figures? What would you pick? Inside the Old Bailey Law Courts in London, UK Still believe in independence of the civil courts? Here we go, another example of a “civil” judge with crosses on its robe and a hood. Lovely… Do you know what a Fasci is? A fasci is an expression from which we got the word, fascism. It was a symbol used widely in the Roman Empire and it consists of rods bound together around an axe. This axe is the origin of the term Axis Powers for the fascist countries in the Second World War. The symbolism is: people and countries bound together under a common centralized dictatorship, the axe. Not only was this used by Ancient Rome back in the day as one of its Symbols of “Supreme Authority”, but also by the Original “Axis Powers” of Europe back in the first half of the 20th Century prior to and during WWII. Numerous governments and other authorities have been using the image of the fasces as a symbol of power. Eagle (meaning domination/control/authority) was one of the primary symbols of the Roman Empire too and it presents itself everywhere on the official seals/coat of arms of many countries. Administrative Office of the United States Courts (noticed the Fasci Axe?) United States Court of Federal Claims. Noticed the all-seeing eye and the pyramid behind the eagle? United States Senate (two Fasci axes). Notice that above the shield there is a red buffoon-hat with a written word “LIBERTY” on it? Interesting, right? National Sheriff’s Association (the same Fasci axe with a 5 pointed pentagram star. Department of energy USA (Eagle, and a shield with a symbol of the Sun, a symbol of Jupiter (lightning bolt) and four magic elementals: fire, water, wind and earth). Capitol Hill Washington, USA, Congress Building President Obama speaking to Congress (two Fasci axes left and right from him and the Mace of Republic on the far left side). Seal United States House of Representatives (13 stars forming a Saturn Star, Roman Eagle) Departmet of Defence/National Guards Bureau USA (two Fascies and the Roman Eagle) The list of similar official government seals and symbols is really long. The ancient religions are still possessing our reality and taking our wealth, health and even lives in the name of their dark bloody gods that we have no idea about. And they don’t want us to be aware of it.
  23. Well, your calculation of the scale is a bit disproportional. Those are the actual maps with the scale and the movements of the ship. You are write that those big companies controlled by the elite. The thing is that they like to do things like that, to throw into our faces what they doing... I wouldn't be surprised at all if those maneuvers were completely accurate.
  24. VesselFinder seems like a legit organization. About the company: Founded as a vessel tracking service provider in 2011, VesselFinder is committed to providing the very highest standards of AIS-related services. We are dedicated in providing real-time data on the positions and movements of over 200,000 vessels every day, utilizing a large network of Terrestrial AIS receivers and Satellites all over the world. They wouldn't falsify the data just to get a publicity stunt... Yes, it takes miles to stop a vessel like this when it is at its full speed, but if you look on the path, they made a couple of big circles to slow-down and to stop, then they started small maneuvers, that are perfectly possible when the vessel has no velocity anymore. On ships like this they have side engines on the ship stern and under the bowsprit, so then it can basically turn around its axis. It means that those maneuvers are perfectly possible.
  25. According to nautical tracking service VesselFinder, the massive Ever Given charted a route resembling a penis, testicles and an enormous butt in the Red Sea before it became stuck, causing an intercontinental traffic jam in the maritime artery. A spokesperson for vesselfinder.com Mihail Mitev confirmed the ship tracking data was accurate. "There is no room for some kind of conspiracies or false data,”.
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