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  1. He was bang on. I couldn't agree more,I can't help thinking if the ones who are instigating all of this do actually thrive on fear and negativity then it's a win win.On one hand you have the sheeple who are terrified of a bullshit virus and get angry about the non conformists. Then there's people like us who are worried about what shit the sheeple will drag us into and also getting angry that they can't see what's going even though it's blatantly obvious.Both sides equalling the same negativity. We should never forget .........Morale wins wars.
  2. I am mate got them all plus the live shows and guest house paradiso....bloody funny Eddie Hitler LMAO. Have you seen one by one with Rik Mayall? Very strange considering what's going on at the moment.
  3. You've got laugh or you end up getting dragged down by all the lunacy that's going on. Me and the Mrs sometimes put sky news on just so we can have a laugh at what new bullshit the fcukwits are going to be buying into next.
  4. It's going well mate, a lot of people have been sent that info now and just going off the emails I have had back its definitely making a good impact. Once again cheers for the info it's made a big difference.....nice one. How's things with you?
  5. @DarianF That info you gave me on the vaccines has done a great job.I have had quite a few emails back all very positive and informing me that they are now passing it onto others. They also asked me to pass on their thanks Cheers mate
  6. Will do.....just had a quick skim through the pfizer download... unbelievable...now if anyone can read that and still go ahead with the vaccine then they deserve everything they get. Forwarding them all on now.
  7. That's brilliant..... thanks a lot mate
  8. Cheers for that I have copied and forwarded it on.My sister replied and said she will sending it on to the deadheads in her own words she said"these fcukwits are like computers you need to punch the information into them"
  9. I hear you, I am very open minded but I do struggle with the robotoids and clones.But there is something very strange going on with Biden and Fauci and it certainly makes you wonder.
  10. Sorry to hear about your dad. I am at a loss to,like you say mind boggling why they are getting a vaccine without even looking into it first. My sister has been a revelation I thought she would buy into this scam hook line and sinker especially as she use to introduce me to her friends by saying "this is my brother and he believes in ufos but apart from that he's fine".
  11. I am sure I heard something similar about Kanye West on a chat show Ellen or Oprah I think it was. Robotoids,clones and God knows what wearing masks this is one fcuked up world
  12. I pretty sure he said it was the pfizer I was that pissed I wasn't listening tbh..By all accounts the other two had nasty sides (feverish and the shakes then a banging headache for a few days afterwards) whilst he had nothing. Not sure how that works I would have thought they all would have had sides. Still can't believe they were that fcukin stupid.At least my sister has her head screwed on she's a mobile hairdresser and does a load of nursing homes the managers informed her that she would need the jab if she wanted to work in the care homes in the future and she told them all that's there's no chance in hell of that happening and they will need to find a new hairdresser............Nice one our kid LOL
  13. It all feels like a bad dream where anyone who normally questions things is surrounded by people who can't or won't see the truth and their total compliance is dragging us into a terrifying future. Maybe Cern has jumped us into a alternative reality and we are living in our worst nightmare,I mean come on you don't have to have followed of Icke or Marrs etc to see through this bullshit as normally the government will hide things so you have to do a lot of digging to get to the truth and even then it's not 100%. But this scam is blatant and a complete shambles and still people don't see it. I still haven't figured out why.
  14. I have seen the videos of Biden and Fauci very disturbing (if they haven't been tampered with) makes you wonder who or what the hell is under them masks.
  15. Just been in touch with one of my mates over in the UK It turns out he and a couple of the lads had the fcukin vaccine 4 weeks ago and didn't tell me as they knew I would have given them a load of shit about it. I didn't even bother arguing with him ....pointless now... it's done. Like I said before it amazes me that people I thought were clued up are falling for this shite......... unbelievable.
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