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  1. A trusted associate relayed the story of their mother who died of Covid in hospital (UK). The elderly lady was communicating with family via her mobile from hospital, she had refused to be put on ventilation. She told her family that every 48hrs the staff turned off all ventilators and left the patients to die. As each one passed they were replaced with a new patient. Regarding Care Homes, the government basically used them as euthanasia centres. The local authorities were offering financial incentives to take in Covid patients who were released from hospital with "End of Life Packs", this is fact from first hand experience. Some people wonder why Carers would prefer to lose their jobs then be jabbed with poison, they've seen some horrendous things, come 11th November people will start speaking out as that's the day the nonconformists lose their jobs and the elderly will suffer even more through lack of care.
  2. My son has to be tested at work, he found both Pepsi and Lavender Spray give positive Lateral Flow results.
  3. Good advice and yes, being held to account will hopefully happen. I can only imagine all the 'no win, no fee' Covid solicitor adverts everywhere
  4. I hope its ok to post these, I'm not posting for the purpose of donations but to inform others of the legal action. Just to be transparent, I have no link other then interest to both cases. As mentioned before my wife is a carer who is likely to lose her job but she does not work for the company mentioned in the first link. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stop-coerced-vaccination/ https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/take-back-control/?fbclid=IwAR1pqtaabDnMaa0NYP7lRJIfGlOfdhTWRsnWoxoDvoYq7ACVOFxh1Wq0UCs
  5. I cant see the advantage of Reiner being there to mislead us, why would they allow such damming info into the public domain when other lawyers and individuals could use such info to start their own proceedings. I just watched the video concerning patents for example, it contains verifiable information which proves premeditation at high levels. Reiner said in another video that the Pharmaceutical companies are not free from litigation if it can be proved they knowingly released a harmful vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA vaccine technology and also Dr. Peter McCullough are now on video saying they knew from the beginning that bio-distribution studies on rats showed spike proteins were toxic and accumulated in many organs primarily the ovary's. I understand that it may be thought the purpose of Reiner is for people to pin false hopes on him therefore taking no action themselves but him releasing so much evidence can only be a disadvantage for the scum behind this whole thing.
  6. I understand how you feel and the desire to get family members to see reality but the situation of divide this creates is exactly what the Government want. I don't engage anymore, if asked I say I've had 5 jabs and are hoping for more, people look at me as if I'm mad, maybe I am lol. To be honest, I've got to the point where I no longer care, yes I stand to lose family, they've all been jabbed but that was their decision. One day the point will arrive where the truth will be undeniable, where the evidence of what we said will be all around us, staring them in the face. The only question is how long will it take, I feel the change is starting to take place. Just read the French have mandated the vaccine for all health workers, the French are not scared to protest and shut the country down, lets hope they live up to past examples.
  7. Yes, I've thought about breaking all connections with the so called Health Service but for me it would be a massive risk due to a recurring type of cancer I've had for the past 13 years. All surgery up until now has never required a transfusion but there's always a first time which is what got me thinking. I'm sure I read somewhere a few months ago that the Red Cross, possibly in Israel, was refusing blood donations from the vaccinated.
  8. I always said to my wife the NHS stood for 'National Homicide Service', strange how these things can become true
  9. When requiring a blood transfusion either through a medical condition, injury or surgery the chances are the blood will come from a good intentioned person who has been vaccinated against Covid. How do people feel about this? I don't suppose it would be logged with each blood donation so you'd not be able to differentiate between vaxxed blood or otherwise. Does anyone know of a letter template to address such a situation pre-surgery? Thanks
  10. Thank you That's great, very interesting and confirmation of advice from other sources. Thanks for that
  11. I don't have much faith in petitions other then as a means of expressing your view. However this one is important to me and very personal. My wife has been a carer for 23 years. She has seen the death and destruction this so called vaccine is causing, she has lost a colleague and residents from this poison. She has seen the elderly coerced into being jabbed despite their initial refusal. I would be grateful if you'd consider signing, thanks. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/577842
  12. The lawsuit was filed by 117 workers led by Jennifer Bridges, a nurse at Houston Methodist's Baytown hospital who declined the vaccine because she considers it experimental and dangerous. The judge disagreed, writing: "This claim is false, and it is also irrelevant." Unbelievable!
  13. Unbelievable deceit. Good evidence of manipulation though.
  14. Wow, don't you just love this bit - "We can’t pretend to be thrilled by this change, but we have no option but to follow the guidance". He just said it's "guidance", if it's guidance then it's not law meaning it's optional. Unbelievable!
  15. Right, I think this might be the video in question - https://brandnewtube.com/watch/ex-policeman-speaks-the-truth-regarding-your-rights_FzLZDAdwhLkrHXp.html
  16. Ok thanks, I'll give duckduckgo a try
  17. Thanks for the link, I've been trying to find the previous video that's referred too by the PC who wrote the letter Mark reads out. Have you a link by any chance?
  18. Remind them of the Equalities Act 2010 which forbids the withholding of services based upon a person's health or health choices.
  19. I'll try and keep this brief. My wife is a care worker and is subjected to several Lateral Flow tests per week. After testing she has a burning sensation in her throat which lasts for almost 24 hrs, she has also noticed hot flushes and hair loss since the escalation in testing. When on leave from work these symptoms disappear totally after a few days. Three weeks ago she found a large swelling/lump in her neck, the GP saw her immediately and ran blood tests for thyroid function and a full blood count etc. The bloods came back as normal on everything so she was put on an emergency referral to an ENT consultant. The appointment came through quickly and two days ago she saw the consultant. He felt the lump, examined her throat with a camera and said he thought it was nothing to worry about but she could be referred for an Ultra Sound scan just to double check, which she accepted. This is the interesting part. My wife asked the consultant if the lump and the symptoms could be connected to the constant use of Lateral Flow testing, could her lymph nodes be swollen in response to the swabs and their chemical contents? The consultant blatantly ignored the question and bid farewell. Unfortunately for him the nurse, who was stood behind him, began nodding her head up and down in agreement with my wife and mouthing "yes, yes". So we await the scan appointment with interest
  20. I think it will get to the point where the Government can no longer deny the truth, when so many are vaccinated how are they gonna keep explaining things like this away - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-57199475 Yes, they will blame the unvaccinated kids and those who are "Vaccine Hesitant", but honestly it will get to the point where the majority will wake up and smell the stink of corruption. That's when it gets really interesting, that's when people start speaking up.
  21. I went a while with no texts or phone calls then all of a sudden the texts started again. I was getting them twice daily from both the GP surgery and the NHS. Despite what I said earlier about being happy for it to continue I started getting pissed off big time. I used the messaging facility on my GP's website and sent a note asking them to stop sending the texts and if possible to stop the NHS ones as well. I said it was becoming a problem and was very unnerving. About 90 minutes later the receptionist phoned, she asked if I had decided against having the jab and could she log me as such. I told her I was not committing either way but didn't want, and was fed up with the barrage of text messages. She seemed a little perplexed before saying she would log me as undecided. So far so good, no messages or phone calls. I didn't want to say yes or no, I want to remain unlabelled and in limbo messing up their nice neat system of either being compliant or noncompliant.
  22. My wife who is a carer has just ditched Unison and joined https://www.workersofengland.co.uk/ as have several of her colleagues, Worth watching this video. We'll win or go down fighting!
  23. Had my 4th call from the GP yesterday. My wife answered the phone telling them I wasn't in, they seem to be trying another approach, they asked if I would call them back as they want to book an appointment to check my blood pressure. Not sure why they suddenly seem interested in my BP
  24. So far I've had 4 txt messages, 1 letter and 3 phone calls (all of which I didn't answer). I don't want to be rude to my doctors practice or make threats, they have helped me through cancer 5 times and were supportive when my wife and I had Covid. I can easily take the harassment as I know they are only following the protocol which is forced upon them, but I am interested to see how many attempts at communication they will make, hence my reason for ignoring all their attempts so far. I wonder if they would go as far as knocking on my door, we'll soon see lol
  25. A thought just occurred to me, all those carers who refuse to be vaccinated do so for a reason, often that reason is the carnage this vaccine has done to the elderly. Their only reason for keeping their mouths shut thus far is to keep their jobs, if they loose their jobs then they can speak out. Not only speak out about the vaccine but also the deaths caused by hospitals releasing patients back into care homes without being tested or positive test results hidden, like they spent most of last year doing. Maybe something for Hancock and Johnson to chew on.
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