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  1. I went a while with no texts or phone calls then all of a sudden the texts started again. I was getting them twice daily from both the GP surgery and the NHS. Despite what I said earlier about being happy for it to continue I started getting pissed off big time. I used the messaging facility on my GP's website and sent a note asking them to stop sending the texts and if possible to stop the NHS ones as well. I said it was becoming a problem and was very unnerving. About 90 minutes later the receptionist phoned, she asked if I had decided against having the jab and could she log me
  2. My wife who is a carer has just ditched Unison and joined https://www.workersofengland.co.uk/ as have several of her colleagues, Worth watching this video. We'll win or go down fighting!
  3. Had my 4th call from the GP yesterday. My wife answered the phone telling them I wasn't in, they seem to be trying another approach, they asked if I would call them back as they want to book an appointment to check my blood pressure. Not sure why they suddenly seem interested in my BP
  4. So far I've had 4 txt messages, 1 letter and 3 phone calls (all of which I didn't answer). I don't want to be rude to my doctors practice or make threats, they have helped me through cancer 5 times and were supportive when my wife and I had Covid. I can easily take the harassment as I know they are only following the protocol which is forced upon them, but I am interested to see how many attempts at communication they will make, hence my reason for ignoring all their attempts so far. I wonder if they would go as far as knocking on my door, we'll soon see lol
  5. A thought just occurred to me, all those carers who refuse to be vaccinated do so for a reason, often that reason is the carnage this vaccine has done to the elderly. Their only reason for keeping their mouths shut thus far is to keep their jobs, if they loose their jobs then they can speak out. Not only speak out about the vaccine but also the deaths caused by hospitals releasing patients back into care homes without being tested or positive test results hidden, like they spent most of last year doing. Maybe something for Hancock and Johnson to chew on.
  6. If Hancock gets his way it won't be easy given the current news on compulsory vaccines for carers. My wife has been a dedicated carer for 23 years and potentially faces losing her job due to her refusal to take the vaccine. My wife has an extremely low drug tolerance, has a potentially cancerous tumour in her leg which is currently stable, has had a TIA, a breast cystic tumour, a nerve sheaf tumour and a pancreatic cystic tumour and does not want their vaccine to add to her problems. She contracted Covid in January and has seen 15 deaths in her care home, 3 or 4 of those deaths were vaccine in
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