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  1. My personal observations with a female human-reptile hybrid: - Very sensitive to temperature changes. Gets angry when I turn off the floor heating system. - Overprotective of both her possessions and loved ones. - Aggressive sexuality. - Penetrative eyes. - Personality is torn between an ambitious lifestyle (reaching the top) and a laid-back one (settling down and having a family). - Ingroup empathy. What I mean by that is basically that she feels and cares a lot about her family and inner circle but basically doesn't give a shit about anyone else. It doesn't matter to her that children in Yemen are starving for example...
  2. Was there anything about her behaviour or appearance that made you suspect she isn't human?
  3. Purely hypothetical question: imagine your wife trusts you enough to reveal to you that she is actually a female reptilian and shows you even her true form. Would you freak out and abandon her, or stay loyal to her and keep it a secret? I can imagine that some of them live among us peacefully and don't show who they truly are due to fear of being rejected and hated. So what would you do in such a situation?
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