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  1. There are allegedly points around the world that mark, like a cursed treasure map, areas where planes, ships, and people seem to vanish without a trace. Not to be without their own intriguing moniker, they’re called the 12 Vile Vortices. https://www.strangerdimensions.com/2014/07/15/12-vile-vortices-ivan-sanderson/
  2. “Is it bioweapons in that balloon? https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/rep-james-comer-blasts-biden-193745525.html Did that balloon take off from woo-woo-Wuhan?”
  3. Power cuts are ramping up, just like the WEF predicted; it’s already being called a “pandemic.” Pakistan claims hackers could be behind a grid failure that led to two days of nationwide blackouts. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pakistan-power-outage-today-blackout-energy-crisis-economic-crisis/ Since September 2022 in South Africa scheduled blackouts have become routine, affecting every part of South African society. https://edition.cnn.com/2023/01/31/africa/south-africa-power-blackouts-intl-cmd/index.html Several States in the USA are experiencing outages, including Washington and Texas, affected by a ‘weather event’ and L.A., where airport terminals have lost power. https://www.foxnews.com/us/los-angeles-airport-power-outage-impacts-terminals-halts-tsa-line Incrementally, blackouts are becoming the new ‘norm’ for various reasons and already it is having a devastating impact.
  4. What, like Anthony Blinken, the Ukrainian Jew who went to Israel to mediate between Zionists and Palestinians and de-escalate the conflict, but the day after he left, Israel bombed Gaza? https://www.irishtimes.com/world/middle-east/2023/02/02/israeli-air-strikes-target-gaza-overnight-amid-escalating-violence-in-region/
  5. Boris Johnson is single-handedly promoting the Ukraine war, first with an impromptu visit to his buddy Zelensky, to fetch a shopping list to take to Washington. Boris said: “Give them the deep fire artillery systems, give them the tanks, give them the planes, because they have a plan. They know what they need to do.” Referring to debates inside Europe about the risk of escalation by providing aircraft, he said that these debates had all ended with agreement to provide weapons. He cast aside reservations in Europe about possible escalation saying, “Let us do it now and end this delay because that is the humane thing to do.” Don’t worry that we may be denuding our own arsenals by giving them support, they need it more! Boris wants to end the ambiguity and let Ukraine join NATO. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/01/boris-johnson-calls-on-us-to-give-ukraine-fighter-planes?amp;amp
  6. Once upon a time everyone, including the livestock, lived together in a longhouse. "Viking longhouses would seem noisy, dirty and smelly to us, especially if animals sheltered in one end. However, to the Vikings, they were no doubt crowded, but also warm, cozy and comfortable." And they didn't get zoonotic diseases.
  7. Smart balls, anyone? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/rugby-union/64351834
  8. And here it comes.... Although ‘avian flu’ is allegedly a disease affecting birds, “experts” across the globe are looking at the risks of it spilling over into other species. Worldwide, the virus has been found in a range of mammals, including grizzly bears in America and mink in Spain, as well as dolphin and seals, if you can believe that. Nine otters and foxes were found to be positive with H5N1 in the UK. It is believed they fed on dead or sick wild birds infected with the virus. Prof Ian Brown, APHA's director said: "The virus is absolutely on the march. And it's almost remarkable - it's a single strain," he said, adding that greater international action to tackle its spread was needed. He told the BBC he was "acutely aware of the risks" of avian flu becoming a pandemic like Covid-19. “This global spread is a concern. We do need globally to look at new strategies, those international partnerships, to get on top of this disease.” Dr Gregorio Torres, WOAH's head of science said, "There is a risk for further transmission between species and we cannot underestimate the potential adaptation to humans.” It is now looking to develop new ways of testing humans who have been exposed to the disease but may be asymptomatic. Meanwhile, the public is being warned not to touch any dead or sick birds. This is all clearly a precursor to forbidding the consumption of any animals. In fact, we had better stay away from nature altogether, because it’s dangerous to our health. Conservation areas and ‘safe corridors’ for animals will become no-go areas to humans. They could take a leaf out of ‘Brave New World’ where infants were placed on a floor which emitted an electric shock whenever they crawled towards plants and flowers. They soon learned to stay away from the countryside, which filled them with fear and dread!
  9. Trans-men enjoy a good scrum in women's rugby.
  10. Households in England face fines of up to £300 and even criminal records if they flout new log burner rules. A tightening of emissions regulations has reduced the amount of smoke new stoves can emit per hour from 5g to 3g. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64261624 In recent years, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has cracked down on log burners and coal fires as, according to the government, they are the largest source of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) - small particles of air pollution which find their way into the body's lungs and blood. Around 1.5m homes use wood for fuel across the UK, however burning wood and coal in open fires and stoves makes up 38% of the UK's emissions of PM2.5. By comparison, 16% come from industrial combustion, 12% from road transport and 13% from the use of solvents and industrial processes. This means a wood-burning stove emits more particles per hour than a diesel lorry. As well as reducing the amount of PM2.5 wood burners are allowed to emit, Defra said it will enable local authorities to "better enforce" smoke control areas.
  11. If Delilah is going down the memory hole, Hey Joe, better join her because he gunned his old lady down, yes he did... shot her down to the ground... and if this Vietnam vet could get out his wheelchair and grab his gun, he would put Ruby in the ground.
  12. What has Hollyweird done to Brendan Fraser? I’ve watched videos of him receiving accolades for his recent role as a morbidly obese and terminally ill teacher in Darren Aronofsky’s psychologically disturbing ‘The Whale.’ He looks like a nervous wreck; he stutters and cries at the drop of a hat. It’s Brendan’s big comeback after being blacklisted by Hollywood for accusing Philip Berk, a film industry executive, of a sexual assault in 2003. They claim he’s been depressed, due to a divorce, bankruptcy, injuries he received doing stunts and it’s true, he seems to have been through hell, but he still appears to be a broken man who needs to cling to Aronofsky (his handler) for succour, now that he’s been allowed back into the fold. Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky said, “putting Brendan in the film was a reason to make the movie.” It seems like casting him as the sad character ‘Charlie’ is an occult humiliation ritual and Adrien Morot, the prosthetic make-up designer, which took six hours to apply said, “we ended up shooting for forty-five days and forty-five days of torturing poor Brendan.” An odd choice of words!
  13. Creepy Kate has made herself the ambassador for the under-fives. Suspicious, considering her in-laws association with so many child-sex offenders. Has she been vetted? The early years campaign has been described by palace sources as the princess's "life's work.” I changed twenty nappies a day in nurseries for ten years, do the math! I wonder how many nappies Catherine has changed, probably none, since the ‘groom of the stool’ would be obliged to tend to her children’s excrement and hygiene. Catherine said the years up to the age of five were the "building blocks for life” and "It affects everything from our ability to form relationships and thrive at work." This “long legacy of positive or traumatic experiences in early childhood” she refers to, may go a long way to explaining the disfunction of her husband’s family. But the rising levels of child poverty, including in families where both parents are working, with "stark inequalities" between rich and poor, is out of her ken. If Catherine is so concerned about the impact of early years trauma and its life-long legacy, why was she never a vocal opponent of school closures during lockdown? Home schooling and “blended learning” put children at greater risk from isolation, abuse and deprivation. Where were you at, Kate? Anmer Hall in Norfolk! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jan/31/kate-princess-of-wales-supporting-children-early-years-more-important-than-ever
  14. Sudden death from cardiac arrest! “Mia was just 19 years old - a model employee and star apprentice in our HR Team and swimming teacher to hundreds of children at Macclesfield Leisure Centre. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21184827/tributes-mia-jennings-macclesfield-death/
  15. The World Leader, waits impatiently in the wings, for his cue...
  16. What rubbish! I used to eat dirt, when I was a kid, very tasty and full of minerals.
  17. Someone should tell the NFL. They are still having "medical emergencies." https://www.analyzingamerica.org/2023/01/680329/
  18. What came last? The chicken or the egg? 100,000 hens burned to death in egg farm. https://ijr.com/massive-fire-sweeps-egg-farm-16-fire-departments-needed-contain/
  19. Chinese officials said, "In this time, no new variant has been discovered, and the country's current wave is coming to an end." How so? The CCP subjected its citizens to a soul-destroying, zero-covid policy for two years. Then, when all restrictions were lifted, rather than spreading rampantly, the ‘contagion’ just dies out, no new variant. Nothing! “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.” ― George W. Bush
  20. Former Detroit Lions linebacker Jessie Lemonier has died, the team confirmed Thursday. He was 25. No details have been released on the cause of death. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/jan/26/former-lions-and-chargers-linebacker-jessie-lemonier-dies-at-25
  21. Bill Gates whined, “If you wanna wait two years for the side effects to show up, uh, that takes two years!” Yes, and the two years are up. We are witnessing the side-effects every day, it’s called “sudden death.” At what point is Gates actually held accountable for his experiment, now that the effects are obvious?
  22. Whether it’s cyber attacks, inclement weather, pandemics, rioting, or because your airline company has collapsed, flights are being grounded, right, left and centre. Travelling by air is becoming a real challenge; take the train? Good luck with that! If they are not cancelled due to strikes, the railway embankment has probably fallen away in flood waters. What about the bus or car? Well, only if it’s an electric vehicle, fully charged and goes no further than a fifteen minute drive. Forget that foreign holiday you worked hard for, you’ll be lucky if you can go and visit relatives or friends in the neighbouring town. There was a time when people were at liberty to travel wherever they chose, if they had the means. It was a ‘free world’ but now, it is an open prison and people think that’s a good idea, to “save the world.” For who, the primates or the inmates? There would little point in there being a "planet” at all, if everyone living there was slaves…
  23. In East Jerusalem, illegally occupied by Israel since the 1967, seven people were killed in the vicinity of a synagogue, by a ‘lone-wolf’ gunman who was then shot. Security Services have sealed up his house, before demolition, and have arrested forty-two people in connection with that attack. Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir of ‘Jewish Power’ who was already proposing the demolition of entire villages in the West Bank, now wants all homes built without a permit, demolished. Since the start of January, thirty-two Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank, described as “militants” by the media, but they are refugees from previous expulsions, fighting to defend their families from these demolitions and daily dawn raids by the Israeli armed forces. It’s called defence. Netanyahu’s response is to give already armed settlers, easier access to guns, while telling them not to “take the law into their own hands.” The extremist Ben-Gvir, who also pushed for more gun permits, said on Saturday that he would push for the death penalty against “terrorists.” Itamar Ben-Gvir is a disciple of Rabbi Kahane who drafted a series of unapologetically racist bills. One demanded that Palestinians be expelled from the region unless they agreed to pay extra taxes and serve as slaves to Jews. Straight out of the Torah where their “enemies” had two choices, become “hewers of wood and drawers of water” or face annihilation. (Joshua 9:21) Ben-Gvir urges formal annexation and Jewish settlement of the entire West Bank and seizure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem to place it under Jewish ownership. Gvir himself calls Kahane a “holy man, a righteous man”, while revering his most notorious follower, Baruch Goldstein, who opened fire on the Ibrahimi mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron in 1994, killing twenty-nine worshippers and ‘smiting’ dozens more. Ben Gvir hung a portrait of Goldstein on the wall of his home, (on Palestinian land) and dressed as Goldstein for the Jewish holiday of Purim which celebrates a massacre, saying: “He is my hero.” In a memorial service to Rabbi Kahane a few months ago, the Jewish Power leader gave a speech honouring his late teacher. He concluded, “I think he’s looking down from heaven and smiling.” I expect he is burning in Hell!
  24. She "died suddenly" of what? No explanation necessary? She just dropped dead?
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