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  1. We actually speak like that, how embarrassing! And they have banned smacking and introduced a 'Hate Speech' Bill in Scotland! Cultural genocide!
  2. Critical mass of non-compliance, but that requires educating the proles, through information and discrediting the MSM. However, civil disobedience will justify putting troops on streets, which is their ultimate goal. Catch 22.
  3. Australian news presenting protestors as "criminals - agitators - troublemakers" attacking poor police, upholding the law. https://www.9news.com.au/national/antilockdown-protesters-gather-melbourne-shrine-of-remembrance/15a8e44c-b97f-4e7f-ae8b-0619bfea0e00
  4. Lockdown causing mental health problems? Become a drag queen. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-nottinghamshire-54650921
  5. Big turnout in London today, a broad spectrum of protestors and all unmasked. Glad to see they took the protest down Oxford Street where the sheeple shop.
  6. If the virus is found living in postcode "wastewater" why don't they just test our piss or shit in a test-tube, instead of inserting a massive cotton bud, coated in 'smart-dust' into our brain through the nose?
  7. Macron says the 'virus' is staying till summer, how could he possibly know that? But we should hold them to account after the "circuit break' which is meant to be temporary. We want our lives back after it has worked. If it doesn't work (surprise) and the "cases" keep rising, tough, we tried, we failed, so let the troops return to their barracks, remove the fekkin' plastic and go visit granny!
  8. How patronising, treating Maureen and her husband like fools and good for her for standing her ground and eloquently speaking the truth. Congratulations to Mr. Eames too for proudly defending his wife when they implied she was a stubborn and cantankerous old dotard. C*nts. That's why I don't watch TV.
  9. Bet you can get it all on Amazon!
  10. What the hell difference does the items you buy make to the 'infection rate?' Supermarkets told to sell only essential items https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-54648194 Government does not have this power! How are they getting away with this?
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