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  1. American real estate mogul and murderer Robert Durst who was sentenced to life in prison (hospital) without the possibility of parole in a Los Angeles court on Thursday, October 15, has covid.
  2. The same as blood clots, nothing, the cold is just excess snot.
  3. Breaking News: Covid Report - "mistakes were made and lessons will be learned." Thousands died needlesly, no ministers or scientists arrested, not even an apology.
  4. Eric Clapton is a racist? Better try harder Mr.Shachtman.
  5. I'm guessing JK Rowling's new book the endearing 'Christmas Pig' "a story that is destined to find its way into the hearts of children and families across the world this Christmas, and forever after..." is being published to coincide with a mass pig cull.
  6. “Where is the bigger risk? 30,000 people from all over the world at the SEC or 400 people in a nightclub?” https://www.glasgowworld.com/news/cop26-glasgow-thousands-of-attendees-to-be-exempt-from-vaccine-passport-scheme-3408163
  7. Biggest understatement of the day. How about Satanic child-trafficking scumbags?
  8. Stanley is re-publishing his Marburg Virus, why let a covid crisis go to waste?
  9. Those fucking Nazi's again!
  10. He's been there throughout the pandemic, isolating with a 45 member crew, bragging about it. https://www.thewrap.com/david-geffen-self-isolates-yacht-coronavirus-instagram/
  11. I could go back further.... we may have had scabies, but we were happy.
  12. If you could get an appointment with your GP, good luck, and he asked you what's wrong and you said, "nothing, I'm in perfect health" the doctor would say, "why are you wasting my time?" Not, "Oh no, you must have covid, go home and miss work for two weeks, just to fuck up the supply chain."
  13. Yes, but she's David Geffen's ugly, evil whore. David and a 45-member crew have been self-isolating in the Grenadines on his luxury yacht, the Rising Sun during the Covid pandemic.
  14. This was her in the Lion King
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