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  1. No, what I'm surprised about is the amount of compliance to a government which has been hated since Edward Heath was at the helm, of the Morning Sickness. Yet, nothing changes, because the same evil personages still run the show, from the shadows and they call it a conspiracy theory.
  2. David Attenborourgh has made a documentary called 'The Year Earth Changed' claiming humans are "latecomers" and "intruders" in the natural world and "by and large it would do much better if we were not there at all." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/science-environment-56752541 Tough luck Dave, because we are here, we belong here, billions of us, called "earthlings" and we have lived on Earth amongst nature since the year dot and would have continued to do so, if your 'Elite' cronies had not fucked it up!
  3. To eliminate a supposed virus, for which all the statistics were falsified and the mortality rate was fabricated, the government has committed cruel crimes against the populace of Britain and over-reached its power, into every aspect of our private lives. They can instruct you when it is permissible to go outside of your home, or make you stay in it. They can dictate how many people you can interact with at any given time, or none at all, if they so desire. They have made it their right to authorise what you must wear and where. They have decided when and where you can eat or drink and what ti
  4. Never seen that before on the BBC News; Page Not Found?
  5. Do you think he will receive the same reception as Hitler?
  6. If, as Boris now claims, the lockdown restrictions drove down the number of cases and deaths, not the vaccination campaign, then why did they proceed with an experimental jab with potentially deadly side-effects? They could've saved the UK almost £12billion!
  7. That's everything but bollock-ache, a symptom of covid19 and people still think, at this late stage, that the virus is real.
  8. At least Keith Cuntabout know what's what!
  9. There's only 5 million people in Scotland and with all the vulnerable groups vaccinated, why is England having a street party, while across the invisible border life is still dead?
  10. Those aged 70 years and over, care home residents, healthcare workers and people required to shield, were offered the jab by mid-February. These groups account for 88% of alleged covid deaths to date. Those aged 50 years and above will have been offered a jab by mid-April, (now) and the under 40’s are next. It is claimed that 32 million people have received vaccinations so far and that should total 53 million of the adult population by July, if they acquiesce. That means if there was any subsequent “surge” in cases or deaths, it could only be amongst children. However, we were told children we
  11. Like this twisted BBC hit-piece by Jessica Bateman (freelance journalist) turning truth into conspiracy and branding protestors a “security-threat.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-56675874 A German anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine movement with links to the far right has recruited hundreds of children into a private online group. Roughly translated as "lateral thinkers", it's a loose-knit coalition that pushes baseless conspiracy theories - such as the idea masks are deadly or that vaccines will alter your DNA. The group claims to have no p
  12. You could tell the high-viz crew you suffer from alopecia and they'd go, "ok" because they don't have a fucking clue!
  13. They give you a poxy £120,000 to make you shut up and go away, but only if you claim within six years of being 60% disabled or damaged and since most people are vaccinated in infancy and the victims or their parents don't realise it caused their autism and other injuries until adulthood, by which time it's too late to claim and very hard to prove. https://www.gov.uk/vaccine-damage-payment/eligibility
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