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  1. The government have granted themselves the power to introduce 'regulations' on a whim, sometimes with as little as four hours notice, as in the case of England's Tier system being raised to Five, when there was no such Tier previously, then a week later, decide it was not “tough enough” and impose even tighter restrictions, which would make Draco cringe, like no drinking outdoors! This sets a dangerous precedent, if we do not challenge their authoritarian overreach in our democracy and simply comply. Who knows what new dictates they will conjure up tomorrow to infringe on our right
  2. Try North Sentinel in the Bay of Bengal
  3. When the Three Tier system was first introduced and then a Fourth one was added, we were 'advised' not to travel to other Tiers. For example, someone in Tier4 should not visit Tier2 and vice versa. Then an even higher Tier was imposed and the entire nation was put into Tier5. Therefore what difference does it make where you travel? We're all in the same boat and it's sinking! However, they don't talk about Tiers anymore, only eternal 'lockdown.' Matt Hancock should not be bragging about his role as Health Secretary, because by their narrative, there has been 85,000 deat
  4. You read my mind! I want a VW ''Mystery Machine.'
  5. Ah, I forgot about the mad professor. It's like a sci-fi horror movie.
  6. I had a horrible thought and decided to share it with you. They are compelling us to stay at home, except for specific reasons and only to exercise, for a limited period, close to home. The only the way this could be enforced is by making us wear ankle 'tags' or some equivalent, like offenders do, which activate and sound the alarm when you leave the boundary of your house, your front door. Just sayin'
  7. You don't need to be homeless or an alcoholic to drink Buckfast, outdoors. If you know, you know...
  8. Alcohol consumption outdoors in all Level 4 areas of Scotland will be banned, under new regulations, meaning anyone who buys takeaway alcohol must consume it in their own home. WHY? What is the rational behind this?
  9. If ordinary doctors and nurses begin to see healthy people whom they have jabbed with this poison, ending up with alarming disabilities, for which they are responsible, it might prick their conscience and they will refuse to administer it. Cue the robots....
  10. They will inhale a fine mist of interferon beta deep into their lungs via a nebuliser which makes the protein into an aerosol. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55639096
  11. SAGE member Prof Andrew Hayward told Sky News that ramping up controls now could be the only way of ensuring the lockdown can end in March. They said this about every "circuit breaker" and new, (continuous) lockdown. Hancock said it was 'impossible to know' when restrictions could be eased. 'We will keep the restrictions in place not a moment longer than they are necessary, but we will keep them in place as long as they are necessary,' he said. The METRO says, Priti Patel will fine “flouters who put nation at risk” in a tough new crackdown, beside a picture of heavily
  12. Sir David Attenborough is to be holographically beamed before people’s eyes via an augmented reality app, as part of a trial to demonstrate the potential of 5G. The scheme is one of several backed by a £28 million Government fund which aims to show how 5G can be used to enhance connectivity and improve people’s lives. 5G Create is about exploring new and inventive ways we can use 5G to give British industries a competitive advantage. “This cutting-edge app, fronted by broadcasting legend Sir David Attenborough, is set to be an inspiring example of how new te
  13. Before a President can invoke the Insurrection Act to deploy the military to supress civil unrest, he must first ask “the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time” - giving people an opportunity to retreat, allowing Congress and the public to respond to his plans. Trump has already done that, during the staged Capitol Hill fiasco, after riling his supporters up with trigger words like, “fraudulent election” and “stolen landslide” he told them,“go home in peace,” saying,“we don't want violence” while simultaneously provoking it. Doublespeak!
  14. We''ve been in the Twilight Zone since March 2020 and it's always what could happen, if we don't do X,Y and Z. We might all lose loved ones... (emotional blackmail.) Driving across borders, to go for a walk. It's not unbelievable that people did this, it's unbelievable that it is considered a “dangerous” crime! Pre-crime, a 19 year old arrested for advertising a “dangerous” rave, which didn't take place. They must be coining it in with these illegal fines.
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