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  1. Storm is upon them now Maxwells capture is the least of their problem
  2. Meanwhile the political lite ( because no politician is any kind of elite in anything but self entitlement ) , MSM , digital communication platforms and international banks are increasingly on message with each other toward the technocratic 4th industrial revolution this message is sponsored by nobody
  3. when you look at it like that then everyone is being held under some form of pressure to not think and instead accept the top down topsy turvey NWO
  4. Lol is that guy on the right wearing a Thundercats t shirt ? Thats pretty old school :p was never as good as He Man tho :p
  5. I cant help but think much of what we are witnessing as cancel culture is actually the cancellation of the human trafficking and adrenochrome harvesting networks and alongside that we are seeing factions being put into public view via TV screens as a kind of " yeh this is our time to shut it down and we are leading the charge " When really its all a side show , what we are seeing via TV screens is not even half the story , it never is For example certain people are getting the axe from the TV and people say oh my god what is going on But its not what it seems at all Me personally I know full well both political aisles and all religious institutons are infested with some bad joojoo that needs a cleanse I habe a tattoo of a medicine wheel / celtic cross that has many layers to its.meaning Part of the overall meaning is when the four races of man live with each other again side by side is all ways a sign that a great cleansing of the Earth is imminent I was advised not to take it personally But thats hard to do sometimes Onwards
  6. well at least it turned out to be a shower and not a gas chamber :p
  7. Could this go some way to describe why the goals of the transhumanists all converge with big tech and the multi nationals who have embraced the " tear it all down because it offends me " lifestyle ? Its just that it appears there are some very angry and hateful people who are currently attempting to portray these traits as the traits of their opposition , by lying and projecting their madness onto others constantly As Tinfoil Hat pointed out recently there appears to be those who are working toward destruction at any cost because of a deep seated hatred and then those who appear to be constantly trying to build spiritual and emotional.bridges because they are working from a position of love for their kin This is all definitely a spiritual battle.manifesting as a material one And as people like Icke point out so often the messages are all inversions of the truth , everything good is portrayed as terrible and everything terrible portrayed as good I do believe this is an eternal dance so to speak thats been spiraling along since the very beginning and is perhaps something we have all done before many times over ? It feels that way sometimes , its like we have all the warnings we need to see what will.come but those who wish to destroy cannot see They often claim to be the spiritually awake and yet they often appear so blind to the suffering their wishes cause We live in a strange time dont we
  8. My instinct tells me we all start with a divine spark , all of us including those who dont have time to contemplate it ( for example children born into awful circumstances ) But my instinct also tells me its possible to give it away , bit by bit Until if we give enough of it away , we become empty vessels ripe for something else to inhabit that " space " that was once our immortal soul But thats all conjecture and I actually like the above conjecture from principalis as well
  9. Id wager a bet it is not common sense that they are devoid of but their immortal soul Its all ready gone , sold ........ You can quote me on that at a later date
  10. Sons of light Vs Sons of Darkness Choose wisely !
  11. Man I remember sharing this exact same thing years ago This has been building for a long time But tbh.majority never took them.seriously and their.minions are still out there ( seanx ) calling anyone who would stand against this white supremacists / facists etc etc daily occurence now difficult for even.normies.to ignore
  12. My advice is do not shop at places that assume you are diseased Do not give them the pleasure I walked right back out of at least a dozen places lately because someone yelled at me to get out as " too many people in here " Bye then !!
  13. wanted to add some sanity to the discussion here is the link to a wonderful Canadian lady Jill Colton She has mixed heritage , part Euro part First Nations https://twitter.com/JillColtonFree 100% refused to sell her soul to the darkness God speed Lady * fist on heart *
  14. https://twitter.com/GrrrGraphics/status/1278328764074586113 " Children of Light vs Children of Darkness (Right before your eyes if you open them) " I would call it sons of light but thats OK However we get to this consensus is OK with me ( video displays CNN saying ditch God ) People pledging allegiance to Satan all over the world right in your face Choose wisely
  15. https://twitter.com/cityofcalgary/status/1277992995363491841 "We’ve heard rumours of large events being planned in parks for Canada Day. This is not permitted and these events will be shut down if they try to go forward." Large events not permitted and will be shut down , apparently. But this next one was so great even the Calgary Police tweeted about it ( the same police that will apparently be shutting down Canada Day celebrations ) https://twitter.com/CalgaryPolice/status/1267570573154021376 Coronavirus rules are a political tool and nothing less im sure you have all seen similar sentiments recently
  16. The game is easy Its called intersectionality Basically draw a diagram with " white people " as the centre of the diagram Now you can draw a line in any direction that represents a problem in the world But the line all ways intersects at " white people " Every problem in the world , according to intersectionality , is the fault of " white people " Thats the game So its not enough to say all lives matter because that might include white people and according to Marxist intersectionality , once the " white people " are removed from every job , every aspect of life entirely then all the problems on the world go " poof " and magically disappear I know it sounds nuts , because it is But thats the game
  17. Nothing inherently wrong with being proud of your ancestors achievements Me personally even though I know little to nothing about Zulu heritage I know they faught like lions against what they perceived to be an invasive people I also know that they have in modern times backed the white south africans and their leadership has stated that they will work with the afrikaaners as they see a mutually beneficial relationship as possible So more power to them and much respect.
  18. And god bless jesse lee peterson Rebuild the family by rebuilding the man Now theres a challenge because accepting that means nobody left to blame for our actions but ourselves He is blessed with a good attitude ( well , maybe theres still room to shovel six ft of blame on top of Karl.Marx and his other zionist friends )
  19. There is also the issue of vaccine damage which is a serious problem across all races of people https://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/vaccination-social-violence-and-criminality-harris-l-coulter-phd/ In the still available book Coulter goes into great lengths to show how encephaly in infants caused by toxins in vaccines leads to life long problems for people including a loss of impulse control and a tendency toward violence as the first recourse of action when in a challenging position If we add to that the manufactured problem of encouraging children to be raised by single mothers , which was a Democrat mandated idea in the US and a Labour mandated idea in the UK ( they financially insentivise single parent families i.e you get more goct money if father is absent and not living in same house as children ) then we have a shit storm of problems to deal with that cannot be resolved by throwing good money after bad so to speak People need three basic things IMO Flag frig and fodder Or in modern English a home , someone to enjoy it with and food when the government puts itself as sole provider of these things that spells trouble there is generational poverty across all races and all lands on this Earth no matter who pretends to be in charge Its not an easy thing to lift yourself out of but first and foremost it requires a positive mental attitude and a relentless will to be better than the lot you were born into At least in the west we have ( or did have ) the chance to do that We could lift ourselves out of the poverty cycle if we pushed ourselves to do it Because truth is nobody is coming to help us , we dont get a knock on the door from anyone saying oh hey I want to lift you out of this poverty you are in it has to come from within a person , nobody can do it for us
  20. and TBH I think the majority of homosexuals would agree that taking such topics into schools is the work of child predators who are wearing the mask of homosexual tolerance Its not necessarily a gay agenda that is pushing this stuff into schools Its child molesters
  21. My wife worked in a place that was staffed by a lot of homosexuals Women and men When she informed them of what Canadian Primary schools were intending on doing they were all shocked and in agreement that no such thoughts had entered their mind as children Sure they may have found attraction to certain people but the idea that homosexuals would try to talk to 5 year olds about sodomy and masturbation was repulsive to them as well
  22. In less than twenty years from legalizing homosexual marriage we are now at the point where drag queens and assorted homosexuals are demanding access to our children inside public schools So they can do what exactly ? I know what they are doing as I have researched their programs in Canadian Schools and I found that they entered the education systen via the teachers unions and not the governments or local councils or school boards Nobody consulted the parents about this I spoke with the last head teacher of the school we moved far away from and asked if they intended on having anyone come into the primary school to talk about.homosexuality or transvestites She said no and I replied well thats good news because if anybody knocked on my front door at home and wanted to speak to my children about being homosexual I would beat them to within an inch of their life She didnt like that at all and said the school has a responsibility to make sure no child is discriminated against for their sexual.preferences To which I said well thats odd because children are not interested in sexual acts unless they are groomed by an adult So I asked her if she is a child predator intent on grooming my children into performing sexual acts If other parents were as vocal as me about it all they wouldnt stand a chance of diddling peoples children via the schools Me personally Im not interested in what people want to do in their own home as long as its between consenting adults But I beleive parents have a responsibility to protect their children from predation by child molesters And anyone who wants to talk to 5 year olds about sodomy is in my estimation a child predator No ifs no buts
  23. https://twitter.com/garethicke/status/1277732347820027913 Gareth Ickes personal twitter page This tweet beginds with two words Fuck. Off His own personal twitter page is full of swearing , and as far as I know he is the only one who posts those tweets. English is a passionate language. English people swear alot in real life I guess nobody has ever watched Gordon Ramsey Its part of life
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