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  1. Storm is upon them now Maxwells capture is the least of their problem
  2. Meanwhile the political lite ( because no politician is any kind of elite in anything but self entitlement ) , MSM , digital communication platforms and international banks are increasingly on message with each other toward the technocratic 4th industrial revolution this message is sponsored by nobody
  3. when you look at it like that then everyone is being held under some form of pressure to not think and instead accept the top down topsy turvey NWO
  4. Lol is that guy on the right wearing a Thundercats t shirt ? Thats pretty old school :p was never as good as He Man tho :p
  5. I cant help but think much of what we are witnessing as cancel culture is actually the cancellation of the human trafficking and adrenochrome harvesting networks and alongside that we are seeing factions being put into public view via TV screens as a kind of " yeh this is our time to shut it down and we are leading the charge " When really its all a side show , what we are seeing via TV screens is not even half the story , it never is For example certain people are getting the axe from the TV and people say oh my god what is going on But its
  6. Could this go some way to describe why the goals of the transhumanists all converge with big tech and the multi nationals who have embraced the " tear it all down because it offends me " lifestyle ? Its just that it appears there are some very angry and hateful people who are currently attempting to portray these traits as the traits of their opposition , by lying and projecting their madness onto others constantly As Tinfoil Hat pointed out recently there appears to be those who are working toward destruction at any cost because of a deep seated hatred and then those
  7. My instinct tells me we all start with a divine spark , all of us including those who dont have time to contemplate it ( for example children born into awful circumstances ) But my instinct also tells me its possible to give it away , bit by bit Until if we give enough of it away , we become empty vessels ripe for something else to inhabit that " space " that was once our immortal soul But thats all conjecture and I actually like the above conjecture from principalis as well
  8. Id wager a bet it is not common sense that they are devoid of but their immortal soul Its all ready gone , sold ........ You can quote me on that at a later date
  9. Man I remember sharing this exact same thing years ago This has been building for a long time But tbh.majority never took them.seriously and their.minions are still out there ( seanx ) calling anyone who would stand against this white supremacists / facists etc etc daily occurence now difficult for even.normies.to ignore
  10. My advice is do not shop at places that assume you are diseased Do not give them the pleasure I walked right back out of at least a dozen places lately because someone yelled at me to get out as " too many people in here " Bye then !!
  11. wanted to add some sanity to the discussion here is the link to a wonderful Canadian lady Jill Colton She has mixed heritage , part Euro part First Nations https://twitter.com/JillColtonFree 100% refused to sell her soul to the darkness God speed Lady * fist on heart *
  12. https://twitter.com/GrrrGraphics/status/1278328764074586113 " Children of Light vs Children of Darkness (Right before your eyes if you open them) " I would call it sons of light but thats OK However we get to this consensus is OK with me ( video displays CNN saying ditch God ) People pledging allegiance to Satan all over the world right in your face Choose wisely
  13. The game is easy Its called intersectionality Basically draw a diagram with " white people " as the centre of the diagram Now you can draw a line in any direction that represents a problem in the world But the line all ways intersects at " white people " Every problem in the world , according to intersectionality , is the fault of " white people " Thats the game So its not enough to say all lives matter because that might include white people and according to Marxist intersectionality , once the " white peo
  14. Nothing inherently wrong with being proud of your ancestors achievements Me personally even though I know little to nothing about Zulu heritage I know they faught like lions against what they perceived to be an invasive people I also know that they have in modern times backed the white south africans and their leadership has stated that they will work with the afrikaaners as they see a mutually beneficial relationship as possible So more power to them and much respect.
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