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  1. Thank you! Glad to be back after a long hiatus! :)
  2. I wish the sun would just supernova already. Something new needs to be born that represents the highest truth. Virtuous leadership and 100% transparency being the new standard.
  3. Very little is natural anymore, not even nature is natural. It’s all about the elites controlling nature and using it for their own self serving agenda. We have to do everything we can to connect with what little is left of the natural world. It’s all we have.
  4. It’s worse than when the Covid hoax first hit. Now there are multiple sanitary stations and sanitation police when you walk into the grocery stores here. Signs everywhere, etc..
  5. Of course the Jehovahs didn’t want to know because they already knew ;)
  6. That’s great that you have so much support around you. I don’t see that kind of uniting force where I’m at. I know they are around me, maybe just not in the numbers...or maybe they are quietly mulling all of this over like I am. Unbelievable they closed our state parks. That really pissed me off.
  7. The old order must be under a serious threat by something out there. For them to be taking such drastic measures, the timing of everything, the back and forth of opening up and then lockdown again. Something much bigger than we know.
  8. That’s a very hard position to be in. The establishment knows it easier to get people to comply when they have more to lose. Of course as a parent your going to do everything to protect your child. No easy answers to that one.
  9. This is exactly what I have been doing. Last year when we were on lockdown they closed our local parks. It was awful. I am going to enjoy the land that belongs to all of us, not just a select few assholes who think they are entitled to it. Death is a real possibility soon and I have accepted that. I refuse to be a slave to this system any longer. I’m reaching out for something bigger and better. Even if I can’t touch it, I can feel it in my heart.
  10. At least they are giving us the heads up with this new vaccine . Think about all the things they have secretly done to humans, animals, nature... that we have absolutely no clue about.
  11. BTW, I worked at a job where I work with the public and had to wear a mask. Enough was enough. To have to wear the mask and have to deal with the craziness of people right now is too much.
  12. I can’t afford it either, but I saved a little bit at least. Enough to buy some time to be by myself and think about how I am going to proceed with what the establishment is throwing down on us.
  13. Enjoy what little freedom you have left because the order is tightening its grips quickly. I quit my job so that I could spend some quality time with my aging dog and enjoy my final days of freedom in this life before the mandatory vaccination police put me under house arrest.
  14. Hello all! I used to be a member on the old forum years ago and now I am back ready to vent, share my thoughts, and support each other in this time of crisis. I don’t even know where to begin..lol
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