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  1. Legal relevance of 'census 2021' being in lowercase - none. Contract made by filling it in - none. Deadline for filling in the Census - 21st March 2021. You can get fined after that but it looks like they are trying to avoid that with the door knockers, getting people to complete. What isn't mentioned is that completing it online is cheaper than paper. But not everyone can do it online. Who gets to see the details collected. Nobody outside the Census, that's the law. Nobody. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Until 2121 when it will be published. I appreciate most folks here may disagree with me but I'm the sort of bod that likes facts. You can't fix cars without them! So I checked.
  2. Trouble is we are all giving the likes of Google and Facebook soooooo much more info than the Census ever asks for and do they look after it? Like heck. Just saw that Facebook were trying to justify not telling anyone about losing data on the grounds that it was a couple of years ago. Like I changed my date of birth since then. At least if they did that on the Census someone would go to prison.
  3. I'd be interested in what the alternative is. Assuming you think it is generally a good idea for the goverment to know about where folks are, how they are doing etc. Obviously if you think they don't need to know that, then the alternative is simple - nowt!
  4. Actually I had a dig into this. Came across the Stats Act 2007. If they use it for anything other than stats, someone can go to prison. Couple of years, never dropping the soap in the shower... So if anything you put down comes up somewhere else, you've got grounds to have a real go at them! Just a thought.
  5. The law is pretty straightforward. You have to fill in the Census form. You don't have to answer all the questions. I don't know what this registration under common law is, sounds like someone's pulling your leg
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