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  1. I am currently fighting a similar situation to you sister. I have a partner whom I love very much that's going to take the covid-19 vaccine if the government here in Australia mandate it for childcare workers, regardless of how dangerous or severe the adverse reactions I show her on VAERS (even pregnant woman having miscarriages). The vaccine being the 'ticket to freedom' is such a big dangling carrot that few have the willpower to resist it. And most people don't want to fight back against the government because they are either too afraid / think it will never happen to t
  2. Hello David Icke Community, I'm in a very tough life situation at this present moment. Basically in short my partner who I've been with for nearly 7 years is likely going to accept the COVID-19 vaccine (if the government mandate it) in order to be able to have a future. She is well aware of what the government are doing (coercing and mandating people to get it, and banning those who don't from flying a plane, entering AFL games, holding a job etc); but she still wants her freedom to travel overseas and still be able to work in childcare. I have no idea what
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