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  1. I am currently fighting a similar situation to you sister. I have a partner whom I love very much that's going to take the covid-19 vaccine if the government here in Australia mandate it for childcare workers, regardless of how dangerous or severe the adverse reactions I show her on VAERS (even pregnant woman having miscarriages). The vaccine being the 'ticket to freedom' is such a big dangling carrot that few have the willpower to resist it. And most people don't want to fight back against the government because they are either too afraid / think it will never happen to them. When the people that we love and are concerned for don't see the agenda that's being rolled; and think we are conspiracy theorists its one of the most hardest things to go through. Keep on fighting, knowing that you're not the only person awake to this agenda, and that each tough challenge that god/the universe brings us helps us grow into better humans. Sending much love from Australia!
  2. Hello David Icke Community, I'm in a very tough life situation at this present moment. Basically in short my partner who I've been with for nearly 7 years is likely going to accept the COVID-19 vaccine (if the government mandate it) in order to be able to have a future. She is well aware of what the government are doing (coercing and mandating people to get it, and banning those who don't from flying a plane, entering AFL games, holding a job etc); but she still wants her freedom to travel overseas and still be able to work in childcare. I have no idea what the best way is to approach this difficult situation; I have tried talking with her what sort of future she is accepting, by allowing the government / establishment full autonomy and control over her body. And what that kind of future would be for our kids (if she can still even have them, after being injected with a vaccine which might possibly sterilise her). I've also told her that I've been attending freedom protests here in Melbourne Australia, putting up posters around the neighbourhood, and telling those close to me (family, friends) about the dangers of the vaccine with printouts + pamphlets of information. All of this has upset her greatly, because I'm alienating + upsetting all of our close family / friends, who believe the mainstream lie / covid narrative, (with some of them even agreeing with the government on mandating it) for everyone to 'go back to normal' or hop on an aeroplane. This hasn't happened 'YET' in Australia, but it most likely will be on the cards in the next 2-3 months. (especially with that evil witch Jane Halton dictating all of our federal health policies) I completely understand her point of view; for her its just easier to accept it, and 'move on with live life', because without a job its almost impossible to survive (without going entirely off the grid and growing your own food) which is not something she is willing to consider. But for me personally; I just cannot look at myself in the mirror every day, without at least trying to warn those I care for, about the dangerous road that lies ahead in the future. To me that's a fate worse than death; just watching those you love / care about march towards their own doom without even trying to stop them (I could never forgive myself and would live the rest of my life full of regret, and I won't let this happen on my watch without at least trying to tell them). She already knows about what's going on in Israel, and how much control the government has; but I don't see her standing up like myself against this global tyranny (she is also studying for her masters degree so time-wise she is also quite limited). I'm torn between telling people the truth, and not letting the government get away with murdering people; but I don't want to lose her to the agenda. I have tried to compromise i.e. not give any but information to people in groups / her specific mutual friends (and those who refuse to listen don't push them) but even this is difficult to talk about with her. For her COVID-19 is a hard boundary, and she doesn't want to talk or any mention about it at all. (in response, I have mostly closed off about the topic with her, only speaking with those I know who are ok to listen). Has anyone on this forum had any personal / past experiences, or is currently in a similar situation? If so, are there any tips you might be able to provide me on how best to approach this situation, i.e. what worked well / did not worked so well etc.? I know this is just another big challenge that life / god has given me; but I want to put my best foot forward (i.e. start on the right foot), so that I can move in a positive direction and move forward no matter what happens (and just love and accept others for who they are). Sorry for the long post, but I couldn't really find any forums online (Reddit, Relationship Advice) about this sensitive topic. Sending much love to anyone reading this, wherever you are in the world
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