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  1. Indeed, it's a curious spectrum; at one end we have the people you describe (and worse), and at the other there's the high-functioning sorts, who hold down jobs and relationships, have responsibilities and lead a relatively 'normal life'. The only telltale sign is their lack of social graces, although not always the case. I work with autistic people, young adults primarily, and can attest to the bizarre range of skills; one young man can calculate square roots as quickly as any calculator, but can't purchase his own groceries (or enter a shop unaccompanied). Another can count quantities of random items (grains of rice, match sticks, a heap of coins, sweets in jars, etc) instantly, and with seemingly unerring accuracy, but his everyday life is paralysed with obsessive and compulsive behaviour. I suppose the "superpowers" some autistic people exhibit gives us a hint at what the human brain is capable of.
  2. Ah, no, so the blue space chickens aren't real?
  3. It sure is an odd city, Edinburgh - there was a thread on the old forum (I think?) about all the masonic structures, symbology and iconography in the city. Also the New and Old towns (districts - for want of a better word - of the central city area) are UNESCO World Heritage sites ...which is not sinister in itself, but anything the UN feels the need to draw attention to and protect surely has a dark and murky underbelly.
  4. I agree with a lot of what you say, but in my opinion - and I would go further and boldly suggest it's common knowledge - Billy Meier was a common or garden hoaxer, grifter and fraudster, so no more or less credible than Steven Greer... what with his cultist CSETI scam (charging schmucks thousands of dollars to witness him vectoring in invisible UFOs, and passing off photos of moths as extraterrestrial entities etc).
  5. Another 'died suddenly' from my local rag: https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-chef-paul-kitching-dies-25763971 I'll take a guess that he was fully jabulated. p.s. just as an aside, edinburghlive.co.uk is shockingly bad; not really journalism as we knew it, but a rather modern conception - the archetypal 'new normal' organ, with stories/articles dredged from social media, mixed in with a smattering of shameless corporate press releases, and reproduced verbatim. It has the general literacy level of a fairly dim-witted teenager, but then again, that's maybe on account of the articles coming straight from social media. Mind you the "journalists" (rather, curators) themselves do in fact seem to be feckless dim-witted teenagers, so...
  6. I mostly view/read the forum as a guest and only log in if I want to thank/like a post (or to post comments, of course). Maybe other members are the same.
  7. On the topic of 'did Dolfie actually escape the bunker', Joseph P Farrell has blogged about this recently, and in particular discussed a memo which was sent to Kissenger that claims the wee man died (and maybe lived out his final years) in Madrid: https://gizadeathstar.com/2022/12/memo-to-kissinger-hitler-lived-to-68-and-is-buried-in-spain/
  8. Cheers dude Don't want to come across as a prude (or a male Karen! (is that a Daren perhaps?)). I suppose the wider point I failed to explicitly state is that of context; there's nothing wrong with bawdy and ribald banter amongst friends, which may or may not include lewd and adult-themed topics, why not, but making seemingly uncontrollable porn allusions and references at work is symptomatic of... well, too much porn in one's life
  9. A worthy thread and fascinating topic. I don't have much to add, other than to note how internet era pornography has impacted our language and culture. A good example is a colleague who evidently watches a lot of porn. His everyday language is peppered with porn terminology: women he feels the need to pass comment on are labelled with such terms as "MILF" and "cougar" etc (there are others, but these ones spring to mind as he uses them so often). It's sort of like objectification, but on reflection it's also like commodification. There's also the risk of using innocent acronyms around him, particularly in a professional context. For example, using an accepted work-themed acronym in a meeting will result in a broad childish grin or smirk breaking across his face, as clearly the acronym has a rather different meaning in the porn world. This example, let's call him "Sam", is arguably quite extreme, but not uncommon in my experience. I've encountered lots of people like this, with varying degrees of porno-influenced language. The problem I perceive is it isn't restricted to language, but rather it becomes something of an outlook (not quite a 'world view', but maybe its local, everyday, equivalent). [edit: 'frame of reference' would be a better term] When one interacts with the everyday world and its other inhabitants through the contextual prism of pornography - and seemingly without being consciously aware of doing so - then it's noteworthy and, in my view, unhealthy. (sorry if this reads like a polite email to HR complaining about the aforementioned "Sam")
  10. Ah, I'm a huge admirer of the 'Return of the Sun of Black-Pilled Memetics & Quotables' thread! Although @synergetic67 hasn't posted for a while - I hope everything is okay
  11. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience I hope lots of disgruntled folk respond - they can ignore one or two negative submissions, but hundreds (maybe even thousands) could cause them difficulties. At the very least they would have to acknowledge that not everyone fell for the official covid narrative. Or maybe I'm being a bit naive... but even still, it'll be cathartic to openly call them - in a formal context - murderers and liars.
  12. @Kelli I haven't encountered this phenomenon, but all my YT comments go into a black hole - and I mean all of them! I can write and post them freely but they never show up. The net result is I don't bother commenting on YT videos these days. Judging from what you've described, maybe they now have a mechanism to tackle wrong-think at its conception (that is, before the comment is even posted). Maybe a tech-savvy member will have some insight into the murky world of YT censorship
  13. If I may descend to the level of the playground for a moment, and offer up some insults.... Well, she does have quite a solid meaty face. Rather manly, in my opinion. Is 'she' one of those transvestites we've been hearing so much about lately?
  14. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so criminally disgusting. Both the "terror survivors" and the BBC are accomplices in a crime. The latter is using the former as a flimsy pretext to attack Richard Hall, whose only crime is shining the light of truth on their sordid deception. They can't go toe-to-toe with him on facts, as they'd lose before they began, so have resorted to an emotive and personal attack on Richard. The bonkers witch admits she hasn't even read his Manchester book. Apologies if double posting, but here's Richard's written response: https://www.richplanet.net/panorama.php And associated video: https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=301&part=1&gen=99 Also, maybe of interest, here's Andrew Johnson's short summary of the situation:
  15. One always cops most flak when over the target I guess. Fuck YouTube and fuck the BBC, the scum of the earth.
  16. Thanks @Neil James - there was a similar event in St.Andrews fairly recently (maybe 5 weeks ago), was this organised by the same group?
  17. Maybe of interest to folks - David Paulides has a new documentary film coming out soon (due to be released early December 2022), 'Missing 411 - The UFO Connection':
  18. It looks like the old style phone sockets will be "switched off" (apologies for my lack of precise techie jargon) - this is what Virgin Media sent me (I assume it'll be the same deal for other telecoms providers):
  19. No, not a lot. I don't think I've seen any evidence of this exercise - few extra police cars maybe, and the usual rushing ambulances with 'blues and twos' (ferrying jab victims to the hospitals (aka 'jab cabs')), but nothing overt or obvious on Edinburgh's streets. I'll wander about the city centre (with cameras ready to snap and roll!) today again, and see if anything kicks off. In a way I'm a bit disappointed as an 'event' would be more grist to the 'drills going live' mill.
  20. I'm up there most days (up and over old Arthur and then round the Crags); so refreshing to get out of the city without actually having to leave the city.
  21. I'll be mostly avoiding public transport next week..... and leaving my backpack at home
  22. Uh oh, we know what happens when drills take place... they mysteriously 'go live' (as per 9/11 and 7/7). I'm in Edinburgh so will be extra vigilant next week.
  23. I just noticed the date on Albert's twit - maybe it was an April Fools joke, albeit an unfunny one
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