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  1. It could just be election season pandering - throwing a bit of red meat to what the parliamentary party consider to be the Tory party faithful. Mind you, I'd imagine that demographic are more concerned about the illegal immigration situation (aren't they entitled to Universal Credit, thanks to Starmer?). One wonders if Labour would support the Tory benefit reforms - the shadow chancellor probably would. In Scotland PIP was (/is being) replaced by something else (think it's called Adult Disability Payment), so I wonder if these proposed PIP reforms would impact Scottish claimants.
  2. I suppose so, but that applies to most of the threads on DIF - what's the big deal about anything posted on here? Why bother at all? I was personally just fascinated to watch the story being memory-holed in real time. Also, if it had been another religious group other than Jewish, then I suspect it would've made headline news in the corporate media.
  3. Only other observations are: (a) there was an obvious concerted effort to stop the story gaining traction on Twitter, including attempts to derail the topic by posting completely unrelated posts; (b) whilst it was trending massively earlier, Twitter clearly took steps to prevent it from appearing on any lists of trending topics... as it seemed to just disappear; (c) getting back to finding reasonable (relatively speaking) reasons for the whole story, maybe they were just doomsday prepping - ie creating a safe space below ground in case of societal collapse; (d) seems odd that the police would allow the tunnels to be filled-in with concrete before doing an investigation; (e) there's still the question of what the baby high chair was used for...
  4. I've seen some Jew-tunnel themed AI generated images, so had me wondering about the story of the stained mattresses. This isn't conclusive, by any means, but here's some footage of aforesaid mattresses (sorry, another twitter link) - it could be they were used for insulation. Or maybe I'm trying too hard to find reasonable explanations!
  5. I heard it was trending heavily on twitter ('#jewtunnels') but then it seemed to disappear. Looks like it's being rapidly memory holed! The stained mattresses and kids chair aren't good optics. Why would some religious folk need such items in their secret tunnel system anyway...? Genuinely puzzled over this one. p.s. just noticed this one, seems really odd:
  6. As nauseating as this tweet is, the comments/replies are hilarious - a veritable pile-on of ridicule and condemnation! I think you might need an account to view them though (?). https://twitter.com/NHSEngland/status/1733771087316467947 I'm not really a twitter user as such, but I gather the 'ratio' is deemed important (the ratio of likes to comments) in the twitter-sphere: 1.2 million views but only 181 likes, and over 3k comments (and all of them seem to be negative).
  7. I wondered this myself - perhaps on the pretext that the entire banking system was "hacked" (and blame Russia/China/NK etc) ....so we all have to start afresh with CBDCs.
  8. Note: My apologies, not 'Mandy' but 'Miranda'. Back in Sir Tony's wild days when he was cross-dressing and cottaging (and being arrested, charged, and fined under the name of 'Charles Lynton'). Aficionados of vile political scumbags will know all this already, but I like to bring it up whenever I can
  9. I've heard it said that Tony was known as 'Mandy' when he wore a frock... (back in his barrister days)
  10. Just on the topic of Edinburgh and its 'Festival', I gather it was featured in a recent 'The Simpsons' episode (S35E08). Don't watch that garbage myself (gave up on it somewhere around season 12/13), but the episode has been discussed in the media and from that I got the broad gist. It's a bit of a tangent on the OP, granted, but my initial reaction was something along the lines of: 'what a surprise, cult tv show features cult festival' (and by "cult", I don't mean in the cultural sense of devoted fandom, rather I'm looking in the direction of Matt Groening and his fancy apron). Maybe 'occult' would be more fitting.
  11. Maybe a sign of these changing times, but a shop opened recently in my neck of the woods (on Leith Walk) that rents out some sort of bicycle contraption to delivery riders. Nothing else in the shop other than scores of these strange delivery bikes. I say "bicycle contraption" as these things look like they could be 'hybrid' with a battery pack. Almost all delivery riders I see in Edinburgh are using these bikes. It's perhaps not really noteworthy, but in an age - and place - where traditional retail seems to be struggling, this rental shop is always busy.... and by the looks of the clientele (I know, I'm being prejudicial), none of them were born on these shores.
  12. I had those symptoms, particularly the sore throat (which I realised was covered in white spots!). I was coerced into seeing a quack who gave me antibiotics (wouldn't normally take them), which seemed to sort the throat out. Cold/flu symptoms last about 10-12 days. Odd thing was it started off as hayfever symptoms - I thought it was just an allergic reaction to something.
  13. Leith isn't that bad really, just a bit rough round the edges. The gentrification is a bit creepy though; 'artisan' coffee shops have sprouted up all over the place (along with 'artisan' tattoo parlours, 'artisan' bagel shops, 'artisan' vape stores, 'artisan' bookies, and 'artisan' pawn brokers etc etc). Man buns, quaffed beards, waxed moustaches, plaid shirts, penny farthings, etc etc etc. As for why August (and I assume this is what the OP is referring to), we have a month long 'festival' of 'arts' in Edinburgh - mostly performing arts. The city transforms into a hellish squeeze and the price of a pint gets perilously close to a tenner.
  14. Couldn't agree more - August in 'Auld Reekie' is exceedingly unpleasant. Some of us poor sods have to live here, mind, but we avoid the city centre at all costs. Last I heard well over a million visitors flood into the city during August for the freak show. This isn't a huge number for big cities to absorb, but Edinburgh doesn't seem like a big city, not to me at any rate. Trams have now 'opened up' our very own "SoDoSoPa"* - that'll be Leith - to tourists/visitors, so I expect the throngs will invading here too. * or maybe it's our "Shi Tpa Town"
  15. Same here, just an old steam powered Nokia from last century (slight exaggeration, granted).
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