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  1. Lordy lord, that's giving me all sorts of acidic nausea (what about "punch my face" (or as Zigs might say, "scissor kick my windpipe, please" although that may no fit on a dress)
  2. I normally only post Thursday, but didn't get a chance. Just a quickie - match day, Hibs vs St.Mirren. Great game, 2-2. Working tomorrow. Already very late. The reason I'm posting is the tremendous lack of fuck given towards masks and Covid and all the rest of that shit. In the pub beforehand (Harp and Castle, then Iona Bar), absolutely no one was giving a flying fuck. Small sample, I know, but there were football matches up and down the country today, so surely it's representitive. Post-match we piled-into the local bars and it was just like pre-covid bollocks - no one was giving a flying monkeys. I know football fans aren't a reasonable barometer, but if we all gave 'no fucks' in this manner, well, this shit would be impossible to impose. Hibs have a particularly nasty bunch of casuals. I don't know any of these guys, but every football club has them (stand up Luton Town, Millwall, Cardiff). The filth would be overwhelmed if we (as in us) could tap-into that network. Just thinking aloud. Bearing in mind I stopped by the local Polish supermarket for some honey Perla, so excuse my ramblings (and typos).
  3. Hi Anders - bit random, but just wondered if you had any info on blood pressure meds? I take a couple and not felt healthy since (amlodopine and candersartan). (sorry mods, I can switch this elsewhere if it turns into a length conversation)
  4. Fair play, gave up on the clubbing scene a while back, although I know lots of folks older than me still enjoy it. It's the principle that matters, so share your concern. I've got a colleague who supports Edinburgh City (4th tier team in Scotland). He bought a season ticket but is now (well, from October) essentially excluded from attending as he will not take the vaccine. Today I was taking a young lad for a new pair of shoes, one of our clients. Our young 'clients' rely on us for everyday business such as food and clothes shopping. What happens when Sturgeon mandates we must have vaccine passports for everyday business? I'm not bothered about myself, as I'm old and ugly enough to deal with it, but two-thirds of my colleagues are unvaccinated and have no intention of changing their minds. Vulnerable people will suffer as a consequence. Just sounding off. One doesn't enter our industry for money; carers can't be bribed.
  5. On face value I was quite heartened (and surprised) by Douglas Ross, but as you suggest it's probably a tactical move. I would like to think he's standing up for our freedom, but in reality it's probably just a political manoeuvre towards a longer term goal. I was walking around with a face like thunder today, blood pressure through the roof. I suppose in the initial phase it comes down to 'how will this effect me directly' - couldn't give a fuck about nightclubs etc as I'm too old those, but the prospect of being turned away from Easter Road come October makes my blood boil. Plus, today it's large public gatherings, tomorrow it's shops and public transports. Davie Icke was spot-on with calling it the totalitarian tiptoe.
  6. I'm a bit behind on posts and was about to reply to your post about the Scottish Government introducing 'vaccine passports'. Aye, grim stuff. I took the unusual step of emailing my MSP today to voice my vociferous objection. I take the view that 'silence is compliance' (/acceptance/complicity). I know it will do fuck all, apart from getting me added to some list, but I don't want these cunts thinking the general public is okay with this. Out and about in Edinburgh today was uplifting - I went out my way to talk to folk and it was the topic on everyone's lips, and not a single person was in favour of passports. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but what good is a passport when the sodding vaccine is ineffective. Essentially they want to coerce the hold-outs into taking the jab by making their life miserable.
  7. Funnily enough I received email marketing from Peloton today!
  8. Sorry for the late reply, Whatsa, but awesome stuff! The Shetlanders were (presumably/hopefully still are) a mental bunch of lads and lasses. I had several wild days/nights on Unst, although I was always delighted to get back on the ferry and get the heck back to the mainland. My ex was a fearsome (and stubby) she-viking lass who would drink me under the table every time. Fucking hell, she could drink. Sorry for the off-topic post, but fine reminiscing
  9. Is that a sheila? Looks like a homer to me... (I hope he's had both jabs and the booster).
  10. Haha, brilliant stuff. My ex-wife is from Shetland, hence why we travelled that route so often. I worked for Elf in Aberdeen in mid-90s. I know it's off-topic, but my best trip south was with a bunch of Glaswegians, the head chap was a rig worker called 'Jazz' (although none of his pals called him that). We got into a 'miniature' (tiny bottles) drinking competition and ended up in Newcastle, even though we were all hoping to alight in differnt parts of central Scotland. We didn't know each other but ended up going on a rampage through the Bigg Market before making our way back home the next day. Excellent times, although I don't think my constitution could handle it now.
  11. Haha! On the outward bound journey we used to stop over at Dundee station and get tanked up on Budweiser... as that's all they had. The worst one I remember was over-shooting the mark and arriving in Newcastle when I should've got off in Edinburgh. No bad thing, although a pain in the arse.
  12. Good post Fluke. We had a client whose cat 'ran away' in July - me and other members of staff helped him tramp the mean streets of Leith looking for the cat. What could make a 12 year old mog give up a cushy home to live amongst the filth and detritus of the inner city. Eventually we found the poor beast, 2 weeks later. It was emaciated and riddled with parasites. Its owner was a gentle and kind wee lad, so struck us as odd.
  13. Yeah Bumface seems to enjoy curtailing our freedom, although mostly for domestic polical reasons. I used to travel up/down the east coast from Aberdeen in the 90s and met many decent lads coming back from their offshore stints. Had a royal piss-up with a group of Geordies once on that train (Aberdeen to Edinburgh).
  14. Thanks Nobby, much appreciated, and that's good advice. A lot of our clients are very intelligent, but they are slaves to routine, and trust the advice (/instructions) of 'professionals' implicitly. I have one young man I take to the football (Hibs) every home game. We both enjoy it, but if our disgusting First Minister gets her way then I'll have to give my apologies as I haven't had the death jabs. Like many folk have posted, the net is closing around healthcare workers - no jab no job. I'll stay with it until I'm prohibited (ie sacked) but that seems to be what they want.
  15. I don't post very often but I read the forum every morning before work... so excuse this post if it's off-topic. I work with young adults with autism (help them go about everyday business, and help them with activities which are difficult for them). I took one client shopping on Tuesday, a delightful, tiny, little lady who is partially deaf. Normally I only deal with male patients but because of staff shortages I was asked to assist this young lady client. Turns out she's hunting for a man, which was nice to hear. She had three dates recently, and was telling me about her potential suitors... The chap she liked best (presumably another one of my clients, although I didn't ask) was vociferously antivax, and this posed a problem for her. She reckoned she couldn't 'see herself' with someone who was against the beloved vaccine. Ah... I just nodded and smiled. There was no point debating. But shows the effectiveness of propaganda.
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