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  1. Looks like a cross between Misters Putin and Bezos
  2. Good point, there could be a lot of smouldering resentment towards Britain and 'British' folk, on account of the actions/policies of our government. There also seems to be a blind eye towards immigration - and I don't want to sound like Farage etc - but there seems to be a lot of folk entering the country by 'unconventional' means in the last 2-5 years. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it could be part of the grand plan. p.s. would've given you a like for your post but spent my last one not that long ago
  3. Exactly, it might be a mass cull of the 'low hanging fruit' (in their terms), the weak minded... otherwise known as the 'useless eaters'. Ultimately it's not for nowt, and it's certainly not to help humanity. As other subsequent posts suggest, may they do want to ditch the lot of us and replace us with eager folks from the less developed areas of the world. Personally this is what fascinates (/worries) me most about this whole operation, namely, what's it all about. Certainly depopulation has to be top of their list, as far as I can see.
  4. I've been thinking along similar lines. They want everyone to take the sodding jab, so if it's a definite bioweapon then everyone will perish (apart from the elites and their gimps, who had harmless saline jabs (or none at all)). Who knows, maybe they've factored in a certain amount of resistance, but would they really want the likes of us (the unvaccinated) as survivors...? Surely they would prefer obedient, subservient, license-fee paying supplicants to form the basis of their brave new world. It's all rather mysterious.
  5. The solid red circle (with a thin outer black circle/line) meant a likely escape risk
  6. Thanks Mac, most appreciated, I'll have a look
  7. Thanks Anam, appreciated. I was a bit of a drunk dick and learned a lesson.... namely don't go posting stuff on the internet after 8 cans of Lidl's finest lager. As for Luke, ah he's amazing! I love that ginger 'fro! I'm particularly fond of the old videos of him belting out 'Black Velvet Band' and 'Dirty Old Town' etc.
  8. Thanks BC - hadn't forgotten, just thought I'd leave it a while to see if there was any interest. @SATURNmakesCONTACT Cool! No agenda, just wondered if there were any other forum members out there. I've spotted some truth themed graffiti and stickers and, like a man on the moon, was hoping I wasn't alone :) So purely social and general chat I reckon. How about we give it another few days and see if there any other takers? If not we could meet up for a beer (or coffee) somewhere ourselves.
  9. Just a quickie - Richard D Hall has a new video out re the scamdemic. It's available from his website: https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=288&part=1&gen=99
  10. Just putting this out there... anyone in Edinburgh fancy a meet-up? I'm sure we could arrange a suitable meeting point. Maybe go for a beer/vino. Post here or PM me.
  11. First post for a while (after an unfortunate & deserved banning incident...) Just from my experience today, walking down Edinburgh's Leith Walk, there were no maskies. I actually didn't see a single one. Leith Walk is full of bars/cafes but I didn't see a muzzlegimp at all. Usually "trendy" sorts are prone to masks, but can't say I saw one (Leith is Edinburgh's Bohemian district).
  12. to @Ziggy Sawdust (Apologies to mods, I didn't know where I should post this. I tried PM-ing Grumpy a week ago, but didn't hear anything.) Sorry Ziggy dude, I was very rude to you over a post about Che Guevara and the Motorcycle Diaries. I actually don't remember posting that message, or subsequent follow-ups (I was rather drunk). I have nothing against you and I like what you post. I feel a public apology is in order, and here it is: sorry fella.
  13. Aye, probably preaching to the mosque here, but Snopes is a bag-o-shite. One can pretty much assume the opposite of what those cunts say eh. Not to take anything away from your conclusion, Mac.
  14. I think you're bang-on TPS. It seems - at this stage - to be about compliance. Who knows what comes next (although it's pretty fucking obvious they're going to want to cull the herd longer term).
  15. Just putting this out there... but I have a neighbour I can't stand. She's beyond salvation in any known metric. In the context of vaccines, I'm sitting wondering - hoping - she's had both doses. Bigger picture, does anyone really think these so-called vaccines will really decimate the population -? I still can't fathom out their end-game. Do they want to kill us? Or do they want to reduce us to obedient consumer-zombies? As I said, bigger picture - what's this about?
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