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  1. Based on the Nazca lines, The Mandala Gridiron & Nazca Sun-Star in Peru. Our realm according to the research is a Technological Construct based on Angelic Particle Accelerators, think CERN but bigger which projects our visible universe from below, deep inside the earth to above in the sky/firmament. Our sun & moon are local not 93 million miles away and projected on the firmament. This can be evidenced by the vast amounts of videos of the angel halo and its mechanism’s which many people have recorded with out knowing what they were seeing. People also call these su
  2. Thx for the vids and all the other messages you have provided in this thread. I have just become aware of Common Law and I am completely shocked how the people in power have been able to do what they do because the English people are asleep. If we had been provided with this knowledge from birth then the elite, reptiles or Satan worshipers what ever you want to call them might not have been able to get away with what they are doing now. It is great shame that so many other people do not know about this because learning Common Law is one of the best tools for fighting
  3. I’ve seen and read a lot on Morgellons over the last decade mainly on the Jeff Rense show and its some bizarre stuff I’ll give you that. A video I saw just recently was of someone taking apart a swab and they looked like that but there was loads of them all moving about generally would react when the person tried interacting with it.
  4. sorry I’ll just wait for the bbc announcement.
  5. ffs, so there in the masks as well, I should not be surprised but I overlooked this. So everyone will end up with Morgellons with nanotech sprouting from their fucking eyeballs.
  6. Sorry, out of likes. That pie in the face comment by that American commentator had me laughing hard.
  7. They can eat shit. I’m gonna throw mine in the street. Fuck these people. These fucking scum.
  8. This is a huge issue, you can’t live off the grid in England. It’s even illegal to make a campfire ffs.
  9. Just now on the bbc website. The leading opposition presidential candidate in Congo-Brazzaville, who was seriously ill with Covid-19, has died hours after polls closed. Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas died on a plane taking him to France for treatment, his campaign director said.
  10. Wow great interview. Scary but It confirms some of stuff i’ve heard over the last several years.
  11. sorry strange word I used. it was fascinating but also shocking. However no surprise again we passed over a great resource like cannabis and it was the oil men again putting money before anything else.
  12. Was reading the above information you supplied. What do you think about this and the NHS corona vaccine poster and the Israeli Flag? Both were created in 1948 as well!!
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