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  1. Thank you for you answers ON THE TOPIC. Please do not spam in here, rather delete off-topic posts. Here is something that may help against the shit that vaccinated people spray around with their breath: https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/05/06/pine-tea-possible-antidote-for-spike-protein-transmission/ Just boil pine 20 minutes on low heat and drink it every day. Let me know if you see any difference, especially those of you who live with vaccinated. Thank you, stay safe.
  2. Thanks. My imagination gives me this question: how long will it take for the mutagen to be transformed in the body so that noone else can get infected from that someone's bloodstream or savila (or any other way)? Is there any specialist here to answer this question or is there any reliable source of information on the internet?
  3. Accually I don't see any definite answer to my question which was not about getting infected by some virus, but by the mutagen (or some other shit) from vaccine. Can it be transferred to someone else somehow when it already circulates in their bloodstream? Thank you.
  4. Then what way can we get infected? Through blood or saliva or what? How can we protect ourselves when living under same roof with such people?? Fuck, I don't like this...
  5. Hi. Im writing from Poland. I live with my family and these people are brainwashed, they want to receive the Covid vaccine. I heard that the vaccine is a mutagen and it has nothing to do with good vaccination. They don't trust my words and they are probably going to take it soon. If they want to become mutants or die, fine! My concern however is this: can I get infected with the vaccine mutagen from their bloodstream or saliva? We share the same kitchen, bathroom, etc. I need some reliable information... is this just my fear or can I get infected somehow? I'm going to protect my health and my life.
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