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  1. This compilation is intended for anyone who still thinks that conspiracy theories are a bunch of bull****. so please show it to the people that are still in denial of the real truth about world events, and this sad reality we are living in. there is all the "evidence" you will ever need here, that is ofc, if u want to see it... and not stick your head up your a**. no, there are no videos about "flat earth" or "reptilians"... and no sexual or explicit (illegal) content of any kind. most of these videos were once on youtube... i know that not everybody have time to search for all this s*** online, so i did it for you... it took me about a year. for now it is uploaded on archive org, you can watch the content online free, or download it, https://archive.org/search.php?query=superdog11 make sure to read "intro folder" first! account name: superdog11 please share this with as many people as you can, post on other subreddits, download, or make and seed a torrent... if nothing, i'm sure you'll have some fun time watching it. peace!
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