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  1. It's all very interesting. Interesting to read and interesting to research. But I side more with Alex Jones than David Icke on the view of the Universe (probably because I'm a Christian). That's not to say David is wrong in everthing he says, in fact he is spot on all the time. However, I believe that the Reptillians are a manifestion of demonic powers that influence humanity into believing that they can overpower God in their arrogance. There is a dark and malevolent force controlling humanity and human events and this dark force has corrupted vast swathes of people into their Anti-God, which is their Anti-Love agenda. Peace Brothers and Sisters
  2. I was just browsing through reddit and I found this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapingPrisonPlanet/comments/pyijav/ive_researched_the_afterlife_for_nearly_10_years/ Anyway, I'm currently reading Children of the Matrix, great book by David if you want to know more about the Reptillians and their manipulation of humanity.
  3. One question that keeps popping up when I'm reading Icke, is why have the Reptillians taken thousands of years to get humans microchipped and have complete control of human civilisation in a global fascist state? From a human standpoint it has taken thousands of years to develop the technology, however haven't the Reptillians always had this technology (in the D.U.M.B. bases)? So why have the Reptillians waited thousands of years to reach their endgame now or in the near future (slowly centralising power)?
  4. Hi Guys, Just posting an update in regards to my query yesterday. The copy I have is actually starting to grow on me. The highly pixelated pictures do not really matter anymore. It is growing on me, because this was a print on demand, so essentially this copy was printed just for me. This copy is my imperfect copy, which is perfect.
  5. Can confrim. The Biggest Secret was my first and probably the best so far, that I've read; Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told, The Perception Deception, The Answer. All great books, but for newcomers I would recommend The Biggest Secret because it sets up all of his later works. I'm also with you with the Babylonian Brotherhood at the centre of control... ...and yes absolutely love Mark Dice (save the Triceratops), he was my gateway to the world of Conspiracy and Truth Seeking
  6. Hi Guys, I'm unsure whether this is the right section, however this is my story: Today I recieved my order from the David Icke store for this book (title). I have previously shopped at the David Icke store and have had no problems. However inside the book (HRGOYK) the figures (pictures) are all fuzzy, highly pixelated. Should I contact the store, or not worry and just read the book as it is, because the pictures do not really matter too much? I hope you guys can help me out. Kind Regards G-Man
  7. Have you guys ever wondered why Australia is opening up now especially if there are suppossed to be high case numbers? It's because the Government of Australia, not least the State Governments of Victoria and New South Wales were able to scare the vast population into getting the genome therapy known as the Vaccine. So over this 'freedom' weekend in Victoria, we have to realise that the Elites are the ones truly celebrating. They will put us back into lockdown whenever they please (Victoria's new pandemic laws...) to scare the population into getting the boosters. The key to ending endless lockdowns and tyrannical control is to not comply with authority and more importantly to love everyone regardless of who they are.
  8. Whenever I think about a draconian law being introduced. Or those wishing to control and supress the people. I don't worry. Why not, one would ask? Well, there are always resistance, there is always backlash, people will always resist. It's not always the majority, but everything works out in the end. Man's destiny is Freedom. Freedom is innate, Freedom is part of the soul. Think about the American Revolution for example, or think about the Berlin Wall. Did those people ask the authorities to tear down the wall? No, they just wanted to tear down the Communist/Fascist symbol of division. My point here is that in the end, people always wake up to what is going on. And when push comes to shove, Freedom will always win, because it is innate. It is what makes us human. So don't get disheartened when you see those following blinding to these laws made to supress individuality or the spirit of Freedom. Go out and stop following the unjust laws. Go out and set an example. This in turn will cause a ripple effect. You start non-complying, others will soon realise that there is no consequence and eventually others will follow suite. Do not give into fear. Rememeber Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real or False Emotional Active Response. The act of saying No is more powerful than saying Yes. Peace Brothers and Sisters
  9. Why do we do this to ourselves? The inner torment we feel when evil actions are performed. A lie told, a secret lust, greedy eyes, an insultful remark. These tiny moments of our days when we reflect and say to ourselves, ‘that was not right’/’Can I go back?’. Well, whatever the scenario, whatever the moment, we always feel an innate feeling that there is something wrong. An imbalance per se. In Christianity we would refer this to hardening of the heart. Your heart is being closed off; a little bit of your soul dies. In Buddhism and the Eastern religions would refer this process of a misalignment of the heart chakra. If the soul is dying is there a fix? Yes, definitely and mystics, seers, prophets, the Messiah himself Jesus laid it clearly; “Do unto others as you would have unto you.” Or more clearly which we should focus on: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. What does this mean exactly? Well Love, pure unconditional, unselfish Love that you can show another. Helping the Poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked. These actions are food for the soul. The act of expanding your inner consciousness and expanding it beyond, connecting with the Spirit of God. The spirit which connects everyone together (Think of the Force in Star Wars). Now, whatever you believe about Jesus Christ, he was the spirit incarnate. Human form, infinite consciousness reveled to mankind. Buddha, and other teachers have also touched upon the spirt, and we should all take inspiration from those that claim Love is the answer. Love of the pure sense, the selfless sense. Do not give into Fear, do not give into hatred. Hence, Love your enemies. When one has to fight, one has to fight, yet not give into fighting for fighting sake or fighting to satisfy some pleasure or fear/hatred so you can stoke. Fight with Love, non-compliance. The act of saying no, we are not going to stand for it anymore.
  10. Thanks man! I'll definitely check these sources out. Reading the Gnostic gospels in the past were always an interesting read, especially the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the whole mythos around her. It is also interesting that she was first to witness the Resurection of Jesus. I believe she was a woman of great wisdom and truly understood the message Jesus taught and the truth of our existence in the wider connection to the cosmos.
  11. This is exactly right, GOOD = GOD, God is the embodiment of Goodness. Moreover, God's Messenger, Jesus Christ, came down to teach us this very message, that God is a God of Love, not of Hate. In fact God, chose the Israelites over the Canaanites and others, because they sacrificed Children to Moloch and others such as Bel. God or Yahweh, is against child sacrifice and that is why he gave the Israelites the land in Canaan. Think about this now, if God is against Child Sacrifice, the Elite are definitely Satanic in their rituals which involve child sacrifice, therefore proving their Anti-God agenda. This is why Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, etc. show that God is a God of Love, and to dismiss God is to dismiss life. For God the Creator gave us life and life is the spirit, which connects all life together. The Spirit is the force (think Star Wars) which binds existence together. Jesus was a messenger of this spirit and sadly he was killed for spreading this message. So beware when there is an Anti-God agenda, the Elite (the Satanic Cult) doesn't' want the people to realize the existence of God or the essence of God. Jesus taught us to break free from our sins. To realize that these are man made laws to hold man back from achieving his/her God given self. That sin and laws weight our spirit down, that is why Religions are a man made construct to warp our view of God, i.e. being subservient to God. When in fact Jesus taught us that we will dine with God in the end (Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Awareness) we are one with God and God is in every person. Now I know David dismisses Jesus as being a Piso creation. However, I just marvel at how Jesus' apostles were willing to die for such a message of LOVE and kindness. I think this willingness was the message Jesus taught of eternal life and Infinite Consciousness, that we all connected through God's Cosmic force. Furthermore, it is sad that Jesus' message was buried and distorted by Churches and kept secret from the people and how it was a crime to read the Bible in one's language. The protestant reformation served some hope at rekindling Jesus forgotten message, however sadly they too were then infiltrated by the Brotherhood. Regardless, what you believe about Christianity or any other Religion remember this, trust the Spirit which is inside you, not a man made religion. Also realize that God is pure LOVE and pure GOODNESS. So peace Brothers and Sisters and Love one another and do not give into fear of any kind!
  12. Hey Man, Welcome back! I just finished the Biggest Secret yesterday and another interesting development is the talk of a possible staged Alien Invasion to further consolidate the Elite's control. Interestingly David discussed this under the section 'The UFO scam' in 'Chapter Twenty: Casting the spell' where he talked about Predictive Programming via the media, Project Bluebeam as well as the invention of the Flying Saucers by the Nazis. How this scenario might be labelled Project Panic and it might be used for the illusion of the invasion. Also in the Biggest Secret, David also discussed how a pandemic and a possible health scare to further consolidate power for the Elite. Regardless, David is spot-on about pretty much everything and it's just interesting that someone like David Icke or Alex Jones talk about these things 10 and more years ago and they are coming true today!
  13. Just finished the Biggest Secret yesterday. The answer to defeat the Elite and the non-human force is in the Biggest Secret, I just wasn't up to it yet. So what is the Biggest Secret? The Biggest Secret wasn't just that the world is controlled and manipulated by the Reptilians, however the Biggest Secret is Infinite LOVE and how the Elite use Fear to control the masses and the Biggest Secret is not give into Fear and LOVE unconditionally. As David states on page 501 (Updated 2nd Edition), 'Chapter Twenty-One (21): Breaking the spell: "1. We let go of our fear of what other people think of us and we express our uniqueness of view and lifestyle, even (no, especially) if it differs from the 'norm'. At this point we case to be a sheep following the flock. "2. We allow everyone else to do the same without fear of being ridiculed or condemned for the crime of being different. When we do this we cease to be the sheep dog fro the rest of the flock, pressuring them to conform to what we believe is right. "3. No-one seeks to impose what they believe on anyone else, so always respecting free will and free choice." Also it is clearly stated by David on Pages 499-500: "If we seek to stop the reptilian-Brotherhood with a confrontation on their home ground of fear by using hatred, aggression and violence, then forget it. The game is already over. But if we meet this challenge from a frequency range the Brotherhood cannot even conceive of - love - we will transform the world and the reptilian control will be no more." I really recommend reading this Chapter (Chapter Twenty-One: Breaking the spell) if you would like to know how to control your life and not let the Elite control it! (Also I love the section 'The UFO scam' in 'Chapter Twenty: Casting the spell', because that is being talked about right now about how there might be a staged Alien Invasion to further consolidate power by the Elite) Anyway Peace, Brothers and Sisters!
  14. That is actually a really important point. When I was listening to David in this podcast, I was thinking of the Reptilian Elite and how do they fit into the Simulation model. So far I've only read about 2 thirds of the Biggest Secret, so I'm not that current with his current view of existence that he explores in his recent work. In the video, he does talk about Aliens and that is why we possibly haven't encountered them especially since we would have noticed something due to the vastness of the Universe. What are your thoughts on this? But a connection can be made, about how these fallen angels are Demons (or Reptiles) masquerading as humans and could explain the Satanic rituals that take place. Since the Satanic rituals harness the power of the Satan or Lucifer hence them (the Elite) trying to control power and enslave humanity.
  15. Ok, so we live in a Simulation. What form of Simulation, is it controlled by malevolent forces or forces for the side of good? I know this is a black and white view of existence, but Jesus states the only the Father (God) is the embodiment of Good (Mark 10:18; Matthew 19:17; Luke 18:19). Heaven is a spiritual plane that exists outside time and space, hence corresponding to the differeing levels of existence. From what I can gather is that the Earth or our Universe may be a simulation, however who controls this simulation and from whence is this simulation being broadcast. Our bodies are vessels which inhabit our souls (who in themselves are eternal in existence). Anyway back to the Good v Evil. Evil is not just defined as the doing wrong things (Sin). Evil represents the corruption of the Good. So, God made everything, therefore being the emobidement of Good, everything in Creation (Universe) is Good, therefore, Evil has to be a corruption. Corruption is orchestrated by the Satan (one who opposes/challenges God) --> see Job Chapter 1. Regardless, a lot of insight in this video by David Icke and most of the things he says is spot on! So whatever view you may have on the universe, either being a simulation or creation or level of dimensional existence, Man's destiny is that of Freedom.
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