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  1. I am not coming from a skeptical position but rather a confused one. Why not make a more potent virus that actually kills many (most?) people and give insiders a cure in advance? Then you don't have to go through so much rigomarole with vaccines. Let the chaos, and well, deaths, allow for a takeover. There'd still be enough people to work as servants and slaves while robots are developed. Or perhaps I just don't really get what the plan is. IOW sometimes it looks to me as if there is little consciousness or partial consciousness of what they are doing. Or poor planning. Or an unwillingness to admit just HOW evil they are. But this runs against other impressions I have. I am focusing on Covid, but I have had similar reactions to other things like the steps toward war with Russia and/or China. Why not confuse a sub and do some real damage with a first strike smaller nuke? Why take these ridiculous baby steps via places Syria if they have so much control?
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