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  1. 4 minutes ago, Observed said:

    He's the leader of the United Australia Party. It is a satellite of the Liberal National coalition. Every election the UAP appears again with shitloads of $$$$ on advertising for whatever hot topic is of the moment. The preferences flow to the LNP and Clive Palmer gets paid off behind doors. Craig Kelly will get his $$$$ too. 



    You’re pretty spot on I reckon. So who do we vote for? What about One Nation?

  2. 54 minutes ago, Observed said:



    He's just a satellite of the Liberal National coalition. They use the United Australia Party to steal preferences from the disaffected opposition supporters. 


    He's not one of us.

    if Craig Kelly is not one of us and not a good guy, I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I mean I certainly don’t trust him as he’s a politician but he does seem to be all for freedom of choice. 
    There’s plenty who believe David icke isn’t one of us either..

  3. 18 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    High vax uptake. I think about 80% took the jab, assuming that we can believe the numbers.

    And now the unvaccinated have the same privileges as the vaxxed? Or have they got something else in store ?

  4. 32 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    It's all good posting tweets and all negative comments about this convid subject

    (which I have) but is there anything for the better of human kind?

    I've read very few of positive way out of this racket on here and they are few and far between. 

    We can't see life as always negative and it sure doesn't hurt to look for a way out of this scam. Anything in this tread showing any PROGRESS  against this scamdemic would be more beneficial than just rambling.


    Just saying...




    I like to remain slightly optimistic that we will get through this and it may turn out for the better even David icke has said it himself that we will get through this 

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  5. 37 minutes ago, DaleP said:

    These video are interesting to say the least and it makes hell of a lot of sense.

    This is why people have said that they won't be having a jab went ahead and had it and even to the point of wanting to have the 2nd jab even if they came out of ICU. We've shared so many of the same story again and again here. Watch it if you haven't. No doubt, member's OH, friends and family have fallen for this and I bet ya, they all have either smartphone or have TV. Many of you have neither of them. If you had a thought of....well I might have it and finish myself of....I think you've been had it. I've notice some posts here too. If they have been zombified like this.... there is no hope. People will literally jump off a cliff if they were instructed to. On my count of 3....normies will wake up refreshed and happy. 3-2-1 arrr


    EDIT: This is why, they were busy laying down the cable while we were locked down. All makes sense. This is 5G at work and even non-vaccinated are being affected. Imagine the effect on vaxxed. 😱


    My thought on how to avoid being influenced.... even though this is applied to us on a technological level, it's all frequency which is kinda benefit really. You would have to deflect negative energies just as magicians have done for centuries.  You set the parameter of what the 'negative' influence is i.e. programme it. That's the solution I see.



    It’s the relentless propaganda it’s everywhere 

  6. 47 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


    We are not in much of a better position, the governments will not easily give up these new emergency powers. They will come up with some excuse to keep extending them and they probably have a bunch of crazy bioweapons they could release if people don't accept their new normal. 

    I'm in australia and i feel its going to reach breaking point here eventually, a long way to go yet obviously but a lot of people still believing the jabs will get them their freedom back once they hit their targets, they're in for a rude shock. Even a mainstream media journo who happened to have a severe reaction to the Pfizer pointed that out today that if the governments don't keep their promises there will be many more out on the streets.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


    Those countries already had authoritarian governments and covid has worked as a convenient excuse for them to take their authoritarian dreams to the extreme. I have heard some people have not been allowed out of their house for 12 months, very extreme stuff. Many of those countries rely a lot on tourism and that being completely wiped out many of them are struggling and we will end up seeing mass famine as a result and many people will die and they already are. Photos of parking lots full with people looking for food are already surfacing. 


    You're right in countries like this where you don't normally have a lot of rights to begin with it makes the authoritarian measures easy to implement. I have a lot of contacts in South east asia and it sounds like a lot of people are just lining up for the jab out of desperation so I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to bring it into everyday things like going to the shops etc.  I like to think people will get through this but how is it going to pan out for these places and is there any hope

  8. I know a lot of the talk is generally about western countries. But what about in countries like Philippines, Indonesia etc.? From what I've seen there has been little to no pushback in countries like this. In Indonesia an activist with large social media following was jailed and force jabbed for speaking out against the tyranny. In Philippines the president told people if they're not jabbed they can't leave the house. All well and good that there is some pushback in some countries but a lot of places around the world they don't have much choice but to comply. Are places like this completely doomed, or is it just going to be a longer road out of it for them?

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  9. Indonesia have made it mandatory to be fully jabbed to enter now. I need to get back to see my wife and kids in January. My only hope is if they relax the restrictions once the hysteria calms down a bit over there they’ve got a massive push for the jab at moment, and make it just the PCR test like before. Even though there’s a fair bit of push back here in australia it seems kinda pointless and I feel cornered as other countries are already screwed .. not sure what to do at moment 

  10. 5 hours ago, FrankVitali said:

    Just want your guys opinions. I have just been having a conversation about covid. I was saying I don't believe it exists and that its the flu rebranded. I said the be all and end all is the mortality from all causes figures. Which is on par with any other year.


    They said well it's funny though whats going on in Brazil.  I thought yeah, was a bit stumped by that actually..


    I'd like your thoughts on this. What actually is going down in Brazil.  With being in UK and no connections to Brazil is is just MSM bullshit. Anyone from over in Brazil who could chip in?  Any of you folks able to debunk the high rates in Brazil?

    My Brazilian friend said it's all political what's happening over there. Like someone else pointed out Bolsonaro called it out for being a hoax, then all of a sudden "cases" and "deaths" exploded. There was some footage where Bolsonaro sent some ministers into a hospital which had supposedly thousands of deaths the previous day and they went in and the hospital was completely dead. Same story all around the world. But at least Brazilians can leave and enter their own country with just a negative test, no quarantining involved. Here in Australia we can't leave without an exemption and to get back in Australians are forced into hotel quarantine facilities for 2 weeks and everyone is told here how "lucky" and "free" we are.

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