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  1. I’d say they’re not the only countries. Here in Indonesia need 2 jabs to travel by plane, ferry etc. and a rapid test. With the booster don’t need rapid test
  2. i think that’s a fair way off (if it ever happens), I guess it’s hard to know what way they’ll run with it, domestically still need vax to travel even on ferry. But yea all seems a bit wierd to me at moment, people flocking back as they’re now “allowed” to go on a holiday because they complied.
  3. Anyone else feel in limbo at the moment? Restrictions easing in almost all countries and the threat of the deadly “covid” put on the back burner. As an expat living in bali, Indonesia now for a number of years, I can see the tourists are starting flock back (fully vaxxed only allowed in) and the general consensus over here is it’s all “going back to normal soon” and I’d say it’s a similar mentality around the world. I feel it’s like we’ve lost the battle but everyones out celebrating, I get it people have gotta try live their lives but people are so damn short sighted. Enjoy your scraps while it lasts I guess
  4. https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/health/high-chance-covid-strain-worse-than-omicron-is-coming-soon-warns-expert/news-story/90f3bc3d5e8fc536513288b0b96f8651?utm_campaign=EditorialSB&utm_source=news.com.au&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_content=SocialBakers Do they really think people will buy this and put up with it for another round? Maybe just a push for the fourth jab. I’ve had friends who were totally in fear of the deadly “covid” say to me recently now that covid is “gone” and everything is going “back to normal” we don’t have to argue about it anymore.. I feel even the majority of those who believed the covid scam want to go back to living, they believe they’ve had their shots and lockdowns are a thing of this past.
  5. Unfortunately I feel the world has to be brought to its knees before things get better, I’m clinging onto the hope of a great awakening but most can’t see the bigger picture still, even those who realized covid was a scam still have no idea what’s coming or any idea about agenda 2030 / the great reset
  6. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/chinese-cities-and-factories-lock-down-as-outbreak-spreads/bdf0bakdc The deadly “covid” may not be done with just yet ..
  7. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-16/new-zealand-to-welcome-australians-without-covid-quarantine/100913260?fbclid=IwAR00RBRoK1q8j0qSQ-uZZqZwOd1QUPdH7coYGF2yWLFLDQe1jrBWw3XdHFA “Yay we’re ALLOWED to travel” say all the sheep. 2 vaccines and 4 tests to go from Australia to NZ. And they’re all getting excited. They’re addicted to their scraps. Keep complying and we might be able to go on a holiday to Bali! All will be back to normal soon!
  8. Hmm I don’t know about another variant, I mean they will just say it’s a weaker version more than likely. I feel they’re phasing out the covid scam this year, whether mandates will stay who knows (I’m in Australia), and they will move onto the next phase of the great reset. The “covid” narrative is unraveling but the sheep couldn’t care less as they’re dangling the carrot of going “back to normal” and have used the Russia/Ukraine situation as a distraction. What’s next, climate crisis with geo-engineered events? Financial collapse? All our world war? Cyber attacks?
  9. I think it will slowly be phased out throughout this year, I just can’t see the narrative going from omicron to a new fake variant with people dropping dead in the streets again. They’re flogging a dead horse with the covid scam now, it’s probably time for them to move on to the climate hoax, with a possible respite period where it looks like we’re going “back to normal”
  10. Yea but like I said they want to completely abolish private property ownership, so we will all be renting from the state. Just seems kinda pointless to buy now. I’m in Australia too btw
  11. Western Australia here, still in full swing. Segregation kicks in 31 January. Can’t go to a drive thru bottle shop unvaxxed but can go to a drive thru McDonald’s..because science !
  12. Western Australia mate, people are still screaming to keep borders closed it’s nuts.
  13. It depends where you are in australia, that’s what I said anyways, lockouts of unvaccinated, not the whole population being locked down
  14. Have we seen the end of harsh lockdowns and a move onto different kind of lockdowns so to speak, like here in australia for example where it’s isolating of cases and “close contacts”, lockouts of unvaccinated etc. So icke is pretty bang on with his predictions over the years but I noticed a few months ago he said in the winter the UK and a lot of northern hemisphere countries will go into a lockdown with some of the harshest restrictions we’d seen so far. But at the moment I think it’s really only China where whole cities are completely locked down? So what to expect from here?
  15. It’s like they have a superiority complex because they have a degree and won’t take the advice from anyone who doesn’t have similar or higher qualifications, the type of people who blindly “trust the science”. Plus universities these days push the woke agenda hard
  16. Very well said. When Omicron came out I knew they’d ramp up the fear but wasn’t sure which way they’d run with it. Seems like they’ve moved into the next phase where it’s a less lethal “virus” but cases are going through the roof and people are having to isolate, including a lot of sports people which is still affecting a lot of peoples lives and is another form of lockdown itself. It’s going to be an interesting year, Bill Gates, Tedros and other “experts” have said the “pandemic” could end in 2022. like you said they’ve probably done mostly what they wanted with the covid scam, but the “new normal” and restrictions will go well into 2022 and obviously some things will remain. i still think the covid scam has a way to go yet, but think the people dropping dead in the streets thing probably won’t happen again, But who knows, How will they push the fear to get people to take their 4th, 5th etc jabs though? Is it going to be every 3 months? And will there be a respite period and a bit of a “return to normal” before the next big event once they’ve got what they need from the covid scam ..
  17. That’s rough man. You did well to keep your mouth shut really and not blow up, it’s hard
  18. After seeing all the people just continuing to line up for their jabs and the sea of muzzled muppets here in australia, is it wrong that I feel that by 2030 people will “own nothing and be happy” and that most of these people deserve it? Will that wake them up maybe? It does my head in trying to explain to people what’s coming when they mention to me what their plans are “after covid”. Little do they realize they’re about to be stripped of all their rights and everything they own including their properties over the next decade. Just keep complying it’s really working well
  19. Is there any point in buying property if they’re going to abolish private property anyways? And how would they go about this, raise property taxes, utility bills etc. to combat “climate change” until people are bankrupted?
  20. people are out partying everywhere though if they get a window where restrictions are eased. Not sure what I’d be celebrating at the moment, especially being stuck in australia
  21. You’re pretty spot on I reckon. So who do we vote for? What about One Nation?
  22. if Craig Kelly is not one of us and not a good guy, I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I mean I certainly don’t trust him as he’s a politician but he does seem to be all for freedom of choice. There’s plenty who believe David icke isn’t one of us either..
  23. And now the unvaccinated have the same privileges as the vaxxed? Or have they got something else in store ?
  24. What’s really going on in Denmark? Have they really scrapped all restrictions and vax passports?
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