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  1. People want to be at home, but not to work hard, or look after the kids, most just wanna sit in their pants and watch TikTok. Structure works. I’m all for freedom, but free falling with no boundaries is what’s causing all this mental illness. Two of the team of 7 I’m in are very open about their anti-psychotics meds. Both are LGBTQ, one has blue hair and the other one is changing their surname to Wolf! Lol I wish I was making this up. The other four: 2 are the managers who allow unbelievable laziness because they don’t want to manage they just want to be liked, and the other two work from home, even though they are pt! I actually can’t believe what I have to complain about. One disappeared today, so I had to do her work as we had deadlines, and my boss was more concerned about her feeling bad. Would be understandable if not often but it’s every bloody week. pure madness
  2. Just come out of work, and I’m looking around my office, watching it fall apart, and all they seem to care about, is what they can get away with. it’s not just my work, customer service/hospitality, the overall standard of things is completely down the toilet, and I feel like no one wants to work hard, and these awful standards are now tolerated! Now, the madness I’m talking about is that the majority of people seem to think this ok, and are going with it. It’s like people have completely lost the big picture of things, and they seem so entitled to stuff. It reminds of something I heard about certain third world countries never developing because they have become so used to handouts. Perhaps its me. I just feel people are so lost in their own heads now they just don’t give a toss about anything. But not giving a toss is gonna be our downfall.
  3. I’m out of the loop on this, but I’m sure it has something to do with that Gazprom pipeline. Germany agreed something with Russia about it, then pulled out, energy prices go right up, then Russia kicks off with Ukraine. Seems very Iraq oil like. Anyone agree, or have proof this may be right?
  4. Personally feel this was some sort of drill. They are gonna try these climate change restrictions very soon, so I’m sure yesterday reaction was something to do with it. On a side note, just paid off my bike on Klarna and they’ve given me a breakdown of much CO2 my purchase has created, how thoughtful!
  5. This feels very COVIDy. Probably the media have learned new ways to keep peoples attention, but something is very off about this.
  6. Read about this last night. This apparent Mutant Ninja Turtle variant "evades" the vaccines. Im gonna hazard a guess, it doesn't the pill though. When the pill came out recently, I thought what's the point as its marketing was that it prevents serious illness and death - but that's what the vaccines turned into doing as it was shown the vaccines don't stop catching it or transmitting it... Either the pill is the new saviour just in time for Christmas and the preparation for the final quarter and end of tax year, or, some of the population are that asleep that they will accept another round of vaccines. Surely not...
  7. So treasury "makes" it, BOE buys it, then uses it to buy government debt(money they've borrowed from BOE?), which is paid back via taxes we pay? im so confused on this process as it just seems to go full circle with no real effort catching us lot in the process. if im right, then they literally monetary incentive to print money because they make money from the interest off of it; meaning, no matter how healthy things are, they need it to be in debt for them to make money. Not sure I got this right, but any clarification would be great.
  8. Yes you are right unfortunately. As for “rewilding”, now that is a scary thought. However, I do remember there being an actual monetary incentive for the “rich” to pay more taxes. I’m currently looking on a few U.S sites as it was a couple months ago, but definitely remember it being ridiculously sneaky.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/oct/25/millionaires-petition-rishi-sunak-to-introduce-wealth-tax I have seen large companies say this before, and remember reading why they would do this for their advantage but cannot find the article anymore. Can anyone explain their reasoning for this? If not these guys, why big crops like Amazon and Google support similar initiatives? There is no way they are doing it to help anything.
  10. Worth remembering this man was a member of a family, and no matter how much I cannot agree with how cowardly many MP’s from both parties are, condolences. What I will say is mentions of MP’s not meeting their constituents in person is being floated around, and ZOOM meetings are being suggested instead. This is a clear indication that politicians are attempting to ALL become untouchable and unanswerable- much like those silly PM briefings in which questions are screened and no follow up questions can be answered. They will use this as a catalyst now. They know people are starting to turn.
  11. Masks and possible chem trails i too have had resp problems literally since this started. I honestly don’t know as it comes and goes, but it’s only started since this pandemic. Defo masks and long Covid are linked. I can’t believe how MSM and normal people have forgotten the reason we breathe out, it’s crazy
  12. I think it’s summin to do with hacking. Perhaps the banks…as quarterly reports and dividends will be paid in June at some point. Think it will be something financial. if you hold BTC get it into a personal wallet, if u have cash, withdraw it.
  13. Have you noticed that all these criticisms coming out against our politicians atm are all based around not being strict enough? We r gonna see something unprecedented soon
  14. Woke up today and am scared that something is coming that’s gonna hurt the ones like me who haven’t vaccinated. Are we the ones that will be wiped out? Or the vaccine does something to the warrior gene meaning it will cause ppl to be even more subservient. Fits in the narrative of trans, men are bad etc etc
  15. Can anyone help me with this? Israel one of the first countries to “completely” vaccinate all nationals The war starts 2 June 2021 Linked?
  16. Man, I just found the Matt Gaetz story. Can I add this please Gareth: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9527867/amp/Bombshell-letter-Matt-Gaetz-wingman-Joel-Greenberg-claims-did-sex-underage-girl.html They aren’t letting anyone go against the plan with COVID-19. Just take one guess without Googling which party and which state Matt Gaetz is from. India, Brazil both at first denied Pfizer, look what happens. Ill make a solid guess a Texas Rep will be next. This is so crazy to see, and yet so transparent.
  17. Just saw a banner on sky news that says: “ Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi says the government has reformed the independent advisor on ministerial standards position so Lord Geit can be proactive in investigation”. I mean, if the public aren’t questioning this then what more can we expect? This is the epitome of transparent corruption but I’m quite sure the public will accept this. Honestly, can you imagine reading that from another country, or how the UK news would report this from another country..
  18. I have thought for ages they are coming for pets. Maybe not this year but seeds are being planted. If people will part with their pets for COVID, then we are in serious shit.
  19. You know, “long covid” symptoms match to the t symptoms people (and myself) experience wearing these masks. It is lack of oxygen. Long Covid does not exist, it’s the masks! Watching your link is terrifying, but even without these things, these masks are what is killing people. God almighty, a bullshit test and masks are the “cure” to the flu. How can ppl not wake up now?
  20. I’m just thinking, there is so much going on with facial recognition nowadays, do these masks inhibit or actually make it easier for these systems to identify people? Are the masks a way to record people wearing them before the system goes into full effect, and we start to wear masks to avoid this system?
  21. Brazil at first turned down the Pfizer deal, then all of a sudden their deaths went parabolic. India also did this and look where they are today. It is seeming that if you are opposed to the business map and NWO map they literally get rid of you, or teach you a lesson. Call me mad, but I think something was released in both these countries to force them to start to play ball. The day India hits headlines is also the same day the UK’s red list kicks in. I think certain governments know when countries will spike because these countries are having viruses released in them to force their hand? Who else hasn’t accepted these vaccine deals, perhaps this will indicate who could be next. Man that is horrible I know I sound crazy but if there was ever a time this is possible it is now.
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