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  1. Yeah, you're absolutely right. After that landing, Elon answered a tweet and said that "Might try to refly SN15 soon". I hope the next flight will be as successful as this one.
  2. I think it's no surprise that ecosene fuel is what made me got interested in this company. Now I see they manage to succeed in other their endeavors — get at least this engine. Thank you, @TommyJ, for sharing this interesting article with us. The more I learn about this company, the more I get sure that it gives the UK hope to start successful space exploration on an equal footing with other countries.
  3. I just want one of the supporters of this theory to explain why they don't believe in space. Please give me clear facts that will prove it. Take into account that Youtube videos aren't a credible source of information for this topic. What makes you believe in it? What's the purpose? Do you adore denying technical progress, numerous spacewalks? What negligence! Sometimes I don't understand why I spend so much time studying space, reading books, making projects, etc. when there still are individuals who share this pov. It really makes me sad.
  4. Video calls from Moon are a great idea! I get a little disappointed when I see that each new NASA idea is objectively seen by society as bad. Why do you perceive everything negatively? NASA actively works on the Artemis program, and the installation of 4g is a part of it. Why not?
  5. It's amazing how many young and sane people find reasons to believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories. The whole world considers it one of the greatest achievements of humanity, and there are still individuals who state that it's fake at every opportunity. I dunno what's wrong with you, guys. There are so many facts that prove the Apollo mission landed on Moon, but you don't believe it. Btw, it sounds rather offensive for me as a person who studies space and aerospace engineering. How can you believe these arguments? Don't they seem foolish to you?
  6. Well, now people started to deny Mars rovers. I heard many conspiracy theories, in particular, about the Moon landing, space, flat Earth, etc. But denying Mars rovers and stating that NASA's images are fake is something new. What are you doing it for? Do you try to discredit NASA? It's no use because the percentage of level-headed people is higher than the percentage of people like you. Stop doing it, please. Thousands of engineers worked on this rover, its equipment, launch vehicle, and many other important aspects of this mission to see that people deny it? It's a shame for you, Amy.
  7. Well, the rocket exploded, but it was a perfect landing. SN11 was moved to the launch pad and awaits for static fire test. I hope it will occur in the coming days. Has someone any predictions for the SN11 launch?
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