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  1. 10 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    I woke up at 9am this morning to a beautiful clear blue sky in Essex with not a cloud to be seen.

    At 10am a squadron of vermin arrived and started criss crossing said sky with fucking chemtrails.

    Now, at 12 o clock, their poison has spread out and made the sky half white.

    How do the shitstains showering us sleep at night?

     Do they not care that they are doing it to their own families, indeed to themselves as well!

    I despair.

    THE Worst I have ever seen the Chemtrails today in the county North of yours. It was ridiculous! They Didn't disappear. They were being blown by the wind and stretching out into bizarre looking whispy mess.


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  2. 14 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Stop talking to each other! That's their intention. Stop telling people it's all a scam.

    This is a very dangerous individual. What he REALLY wants is for the people of Sydney to stop breathing.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, BossCrow said:

    Yeah, looks weird to me to. No way her own arm could wrap round that far given the position of her arm imho.



    The transition at 0:08 seconds does look rather strange on second viewing. But digital video often does weird stuff, compression etc. 

    What would be the point in purposefully doctoring the video to look that way?


  4. 3 minutes ago, northern star said:

    Dont think this has been posted, but its very weird, this bit of film, if you look at 0.7 seconds, his hand is already on her, around her waist, before she even reaches him. Looks doctored.



    That's her hand - look at her left arm. Nothing-burger.

  5. 9 hours ago, DarianF said:

    Don't worry, if you get blood clots from our unapproved experimental product, we're in the process of learning better how to detect these...




    Oh and if you die, just so you know, your family can't sue us. But we care about you.

    What a disgrace! Testing for blood clots is the easiest thing in the world > D Dimer Blood test.

  6. Just now, Cassady said:


    Thanks mate. 


    What's going on now is pretty similar in my eyes but on a different scale. A total lie and the Government , media etc hoodwinking people to believe in their version of the truth .  We didn't get justice but we turned over every stone and exposed the corrupt British system for what it is . I hope to God that the truth comes out on this one.


    WE Told You They Lied.


    Thanks again mate.

    Isn't it plausible that the lead up to this included a number of false-flag events. Testing the water and looking for possible leaks. Gradually tightening the noose of control with each one. Buy out here, place a person into position of power there...

    Things like Shady Hoax make much more sense when you view them as events which helped pave the way for complete narrative control?

  7. C.E. agent made a statement where he [Eriksen] basically said "thanks to the medical team/responders" and that he "Wanted answers".

    Christian Eriksen 'in a good mood' and 'making jokes' following cardiac arrest but wants answers from doctors, says agent | Football News | Sky Sports

    This struck me as a very odd thing to say so soon after the event. One would expect a more usual response to be that of gratitude and being overwhelmed.

    The phrasing "wanted answers" gave me the impressions something was aloof? 

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  8. 10 hours ago, CosmoGenesis said:

    Could of been a PR campaign?


    Like, they just got a water shot or summat?

    Surely as a football manager you wouldn't want your team taking an injection that you know comes with side effects for a few days or longer right before a major professional tournament. 

    Absolutely. Like so much of the COVID narrative - it makes no eff in sense.

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  9. 13 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Couldnt find anything related. But, Spain manager apparently 'concerned' over his squad being vaxed by the Army three days befor opeining match.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Human10 said:

    Funny thing I can't kill them myself. It's worse than looking at them alive... We both with a spider get into frozen mode of scare and staring competition... Poor creature runs away most of the time 🤣

    I was bit last year by a false Widow and my ankle swelled up huge. Took almost a week to subside.

    They [false widows] have a white skull like design on their backs. They are worth being aware of imo.

  11. Had my first encounter with a deranged vaccine-junkie earlier today - whilst peacefully buying a drink from the co-op.

    She Tutted and muffled "Do you not ask them anymore?" as I entered - she was exiting with her shopping already bagged Then proceeded to relentlessly harass me with a barrage of "Excuse me's". One tried their hardest to ignore, but unfortunately the drink's cabinet was only a step or two through the door.

    "Hello!" I turned to face.
    "Do you have a mask"?
    "I'm exempt".

    She then lost her s**t claiming that people who do not wear a mask "ALWAYS" claim they are "exempt".

    Well. No s**t Sherlock, maybe that's why they aren't wearing one?!

    "What a load of kak" she proclaimed.

    Now it was my turn for a bemused "excuse me"?

    She then left in a huff mumbling to herself beneath her filthy rag that she'd better "Get going" before she "Starts".

    Mass psychosis incoming - give me a break!


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  12. William Shakespeare: First man to get Covid jab dies of unrelated illness (msn.com)

    Article reads... 


    The first man to receive a coronavirus vaccine has died of an unrelated illness.

    William “Bill” Shakespeare, 81, made headlines after becoming the second person in the world to get the Pfizer-BioNTech jab at Coventry’s University Hospital last December, shortly after 91-year-old Margaret Keenan.

    The former parish councillor, who died after suffering a stroke, was proud of being one of the first to receive the vaccine, his wife Joy said in a statement released through University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

    She said: “Bill was so grateful for being offered the opportunity to become one of the first people in the world to be given the vaccine.

    “It was something he was hugely proud of – he loved seeing the media coverage and the positive difference he was able to make to the lives of so many.

    “He often talked to people about it and would always encourage everyone to get their vaccine whenever he could.”

    Mr Shakespeare, a father of two and grandfather of four who lived in Brownshill Green, Coventry, died peacefully last Thursday at University Hospital.

    Praising the care her husband received, his widow added: “All of the staff were so caring, compassionate and respectful and we couldn't be more grateful. They are an absolute credit to their profession and the NHS.”


    Born in Coventry, Mr Shakespeare served on Allesley Parish Council for more than 30 years, and as a school governor for over two decades.

    The retired aero engineer was also involved in planting hundreds of trees in Coundon Wedge, Allesley, and in the creation of Coundon Wood.

    His wife added: “Bill loved meeting people and helping them in any way possible. Most of all he was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather, nicknamed Pop Pops by the grandchildren. He left a huge imprint on everyone who knew him and will be greatly missed.”

    Mr Shakespeare was an inpatient on a frailty ward when he received the vaccination.

    In a tweet paying tribute to him, the West Midlands Labour Party said: “We're sorry to hear of the death of Coventry Labour stalwart Bill Shakespeare. Bill made global headlines as 1st first man to have Covid vaccine.

    “His decades of service to the party were recently recognised by Keir Starmer. Our thoughts are with Joy and Bill's family & friends.”

    Coventry city councillor Jayne Innes said she was saddened and upset to hear of her friend's passing.

    The Labour councillor, who represents the Whoberley ward, offered her condolences to Mr Shakespeare's family on Facebook, adding: “Bill will be remembered for many things, including a taste for mischief.”

  13. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Yes, some kind of hybrid fusion of "1984" and "Brave New World" for sure.

    Judging by the looks of some of our so-called 'leaders', you should probably throw in 'Animal Farm' for good measure :D

  14. 7 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    He [masked Barman] invited us to scan the QR code but immediately accepted our excuses for not doing so and wrote down our fake names instead on a sheet of paper.

    One wonders quite how many 'Boris Johnson's, Matt Hancock's and William Shakespeare's' there are trawling from pub-to-pub, nowadays! :D

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