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  1. All I see is the middle finger?
  2. Qué robot voice... "After the beep, in a few words, explain why you are calling today". "I've been feeling tired and have no energy". "Thank you. Did you say 'since I retired, I have no remedy"?...
  3. Never been a better time to print a 3d face mask of some local cock-sure MP or something!
  4. Have the football related issues declined? Seems like it. Makes it even more suspicious. Like, mass incidents shortly after mass jab roll out, followed by gradual decline. 2+2=5
  5. Nope, never PCR tested. A few antigen tests as had to show negative result to visit family in care.
  6. None of my household is injected. But, I work in people's houses.
  7. I suffer parasmia. The general consensus is that it was covid induced. But, my parasmia symptoms came on suddenly a few months after having a positive covid antigen test - so, why the gap? My parasmia came on about the same time as the booster roll out - I have wondered if it's somehow related to that. However, when the test said I had COVID. I had the worst, most bunged up nose/sinus I've ever had, along with really nasty night sweats, headache, and insomnia. When I was finally able to blow my nose, it was laced with small blood stains. So, it does seem plausible that the severe inflammation in the nose/sinus area is involved. It is plausible for nerve endings to become damaged. What makes me think this isn't the only factor involved is that the parasmia symptoms came on suddenly - if it were gradual nerve damage, I would expect to notice a gradual, worsening parasmia. But, I did not. The amount of traction faux-meat etc has gotten recently is suspicious though, isn't it? I mean is it really that outlandish to consider that the investers of faux-meat products might also want to invest in a bio-weapon designed to make their products a solution? Like how a tyre fitting company might accidentally drop a few nails on the road?
  8. My mother was furious after visiting her father in care home yesterday. Whilst visiting, nurses came to administer a covid booster, despite previously signing forms stating he didn't want anymore shots. So, the nurse didn't even check any relevent forms. This seems criminal and I bet it's happening all the time. Edit. Mother kicked up a fuss and they didn't jab grandad! However, had she not been there at that exact moment they would have, against his wishes.
  9. That's not one I remember. And, as if by magic found it! It's not quite as I remember. But, stuff like this makes no sense.
  10. Sorry. But, going slightly off-topic here, although it's something which could be seen as COVID related - hence I'm here asking. Can anyone remember the old mobile phone TV advert/commercial - I believe it was Vodaphone. It had hoards of people dressed like grim reapers staring down into their phones. Everyone had masks on (as far as I remember) and the sky was awash with Chemtrails. It was a very odd/creepy advert for a mobile phone company. If you've seen the one I'm talking about, you'll know the one I mean. Have spent ages online trying to find it, but it seems to have disappeared. Cheers. EDIT: Maybe it was O2.
  11. Stumbled across this video channel on YouTube: The vaccine confidence project. Can someone else please give it a watch and tell me that what I'm seeing/hearing is actually what is being said. This is THE most disgusting, fact averse piece of pharmaceutical propaganda I have ever witnessed. These devils need either exorcizing or locking-up. WTAF!?
  12. I know we are suspecting (with very good reason) Hackseens - but maybe the fifth generation also has a causative effect.
  13. Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski taken off after 19 minutes against Empoli after appearing to be struggling to breathe (thesun.co.uk)
  14. THE Worst I have ever seen the Chemtrails today in the county North of yours. It was ridiculous! They Didn't disappear. They were being blown by the wind and stretching out into bizarre looking whispy mess.
  15. Well that's not 'Nazi-propaganda-like', is it!?
  16. This is a very dangerous individual. What he REALLY wants is for the people of Sydney to stop breathing.
  17. She looks rather 'Bill'inda' in this piccy, no?
  18. The transition at 0:08 seconds does look rather strange on second viewing. But digital video often does weird stuff, compression etc. What would be the point in purposefully doctoring the video to look that way?
  19. That's her hand - look at her left arm. Nothing-burger.
  20. ^ Triple headshot with the long rifle?
  21. Isn't it ironic that these "A&E at Breaking Point" articles - which frequent the news services with ever increasing regularity - never mention the experimental synthetic-saviour? Hospital declares ‘black alert’ as hundreds flood A&E (msn.com) ‘A sustained threat to patient safety’: Hospitals across the country swamped by record numbers in A&E (msn.com)
  22. What a disgrace! Testing for blood clots is the easiest thing in the world > D Dimer Blood test.
  23. Isn't it plausible that the lead up to this included a number of false-flag events. Testing the water and looking for possible leaks. Gradually tightening the noose of control with each one. Buy out here, place a person into position of power there... Things like Shady Hoax make much more sense when you view them as events which helped pave the way for complete narrative control?
  24. C.E. agent made a statement where he [Eriksen] basically said "thanks to the medical team/responders" and that he "Wanted answers". Christian Eriksen 'in a good mood' and 'making jokes' following cardiac arrest but wants answers from doctors, says agent | Football News | Sky Sports This struck me as a very odd thing to say so soon after the event. One would expect a more usual response to be that of gratitude and being overwhelmed. The phrasing "wanted answers" gave me the impressions something was aloof?
  25. Disgusting article claiming only 66 families have lost loved ones to the shot... Wife of man who died from AstraZeneca jab is locked out of £470k government support (msn.com) Official MHRA data logs over 1200... COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn Unbelievable!
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