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  1. Nothings changed. Inquest hasn't resolved anything imo. Only heightened the conspiracy vibe.
  2. The trouble with these psuedo explanations is that they divert from the real material crimes taking place. I'm not saying 'energy harvesting' isnt real, who knows? But Murder, and/or criminal psyops are real. I put it to you which is more likely.
  3. The CCTV footage exposes their address. It's really quite simple to find the exact house the CCTV is mounted to (or garage) using Google maps. I drew what I saw (birds eye view) and instantly located it reference satellite images. Nice house, looks expensive. Couldn't decipher the number, although I know the building/road.
  4. Walks like she has RHS knee pain. Btw - I can't get rid of the quote below. It pops up every time I post.
  5. I just thought it was the result of a filter she was applying to make her look younger. Isn't that like the most Facebook thing to do, right? My first impression upon hearing 45 was wtf? She looks mid thirties max. So, I found a website where you upload face pics and it uses AI to estimate the age. Most of her pics were between 28-35 if I remember correctly - this was a few weeks back. One picture, which seemed more HD and showed more wrinkles etc did estimate 45. Aye.
  6. * For some reason, I can't remove the quoted text below.. Let's add to these strange coincidences, on Bitchute, the main channel I have found relating to NB in is named Michaelslawson. Which I found strange at the time, as read it as Michaels's law son. Odd name. Do we have any doubts NB actually existed? Many anomalies seem to make some sense if the whole event is viewed as 77th brigade mind fuck.
  7. Please expand what you think is wrong with the pic? Looks like her shadowed arm, then pvc window, then bricks... ?
  8. That CCTV of NB leaving - blue coat and car boot... Looks more like the lady on the left than NB. Thin angular face, NB has a very round face. Just an observation.
  9. Seems clear to me the only obvious scenario is something happened regards the caravan site. It explains how the owner had the dog. How NB disappeared without being seen on CCTV - left in vehicle through camp site.
  10. Sounds like they're being microwaved.
  11. Do believe there is room for a 'fact check', also.
  12. Qué robot voice... "After the beep, in a few words, explain why you are calling today". "I've been feeling tired and have no energy". "Thank you. Did you say 'since I retired, I have no remedy"?...
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