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  1. Well that's not 'Nazi-propaganda-like', is it!?
  2. This is a very dangerous individual. What he REALLY wants is for the people of Sydney to stop breathing.
  3. She looks rather 'Bill'inda' in this piccy, no?
  4. The transition at 0:08 seconds does look rather strange on second viewing. But digital video often does weird stuff, compression etc. What would be the point in purposefully doctoring the video to look that way?
  5. That's her hand - look at her left arm. Nothing-burger.
  6. ^ Triple headshot with the long rifle?
  7. Isn't it ironic that these "A&E at Breaking Point" articles - which frequent the news services with ever increasing regularity - never mention the experimental synthetic-saviour? Hospital declares ‘black alert’ as hundreds flood A&E (msn.com) ‘A sustained threat to patient safety’: Hospitals across the country swamped by record numbers in A&E (msn.com)
  8. What a disgrace! Testing for blood clots is the easiest thing in the world > D Dimer Blood test.
  9. Isn't it plausible that the lead up to this included a number of false-flag events. Testing the water and looking for possible leaks. Gradually tightening the noose of control with each one. Buy out here, place a person into position of power there... Things like Shady Hoax make much more sense when you view them as events which helped pave the way for complete narrative control?
  10. C.E. agent made a statement where he [Eriksen] basically said "thanks to the medical team/responders" and that he "Wanted answers". Christian Eriksen 'in a good mood' and 'making jokes' following cardiac arrest but wants answers from doctors, says agent | Football News | Sky Sports This struck me as a very odd thing to say so soon after the event. One would expect a more usual response to be that of gratitude and being overwhelmed. The phrasing "wanted answers" gave me the impressions something was aloof?
  11. Disgusting article claiming only 66 families have lost loved ones to the shot... Wife of man who died from AstraZeneca jab is locked out of £470k government support (msn.com) Official MHRA data logs over 1200... COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn Unbelievable!
  12. Absolutely. Like so much of the COVID narrative - it makes no eff in sense.
  13. Couldnt find anything related. But, Spain manager apparently 'concerned' over his squad being vaxed by the Army three days befor opeining match.
  14. I was bit last year by a false Widow and my ankle swelled up huge. Took almost a week to subside. They [false widows] have a white skull like design on their backs. They are worth being aware of imo.
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