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  1. I dunno, but centrifugal force of a sun around a galaxy might be able to be a self sustainable mechanism... My science may be way out, but I find the picture of a vorticentric system harmonic.
  2. 1. Lie on your back 2. Relax your muscles mentally 3. Try to clear your mind 4. Keep perfectly still, when you feel itchy in this state, this is your body's way of trying to find out if your brain is still awake. When you don't move a muscle, you trick your body into a sleep paralysis state. (Don't scratch) 5. Concentrate on the visuals at the back of your eye lids, and NOTHING else... 6. Enjoy, and remember that you have the power to control the direction you travel in.
  3. Clarissa, I just read your thread, interesting indeed. I never thought of the akashic records that way before but that actually makes sense. I will certainly bear your view in mind.
  4. When you say removed, do you mean deleted? That is a worrying thought.
  5. Hmmm... Interesting to imagine. I personally prefer the vorticentric model. The sun hurtling through space at near the speed of light orbiting the galaxy, and the planets being dragged behind.
  6. Nice infographic. Do you have it in a higher definition?
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