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  1. Newly back here. Was a member of the old site until about 7 or 8 years ago. I doubt many will remember me. I think I had the same username before.


    I have begun following David's work again, and was especially impressed by the accuracy and detail of the information he gathered and what he said of the phoney PCR test year. The first mention anywhere that I got of the PCR test, long before anyone even knew what a PCR test was. 


    Since then I've been checking the forum again as an anon lurker.



  2. On 2/21/2021 at 5:59 AM, Yankees said:

    Hi I was just wondering if someone can give me some advice . The past week I have been off from work I don’t want to say what I do because that’s how I got in this mess. I was on Facebook and I saw someone post on  New York City health organization and people were talking about covid and masks. I just watched their comments for a while and taught these people are not too intelligent they were talking about wearing 2 or 3 masks. Some people did speak against that and said just wrap serene wrap around your head.  I decided to post what I believed all I said was I didn’t believe covid was real and I said masks are not healthy cause your breathing in carbon dioxide. Well someone on there saw my profile and what I do and told me I should have my license revoked and she was reporting me to chancellor cause I wasn’t fit to teach children. I go to work and do what ever they tell me to do at work so I don’t feel like I did anything wrong I’m afraid I’m going to get fired any advice?


    What on earth are you still doing on FB or Twitter?

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