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  1. If you hear a whisper about these call me on <redacted by moderator>
  2. I've spoke to the Italian mafia about this and came up trump's....what magistrate would wanna go with Marc truckell..but she has done...what are they callin him..funky coke..sumthing like that...police or also in bedrooms of deceased...
  3. Ive seen and heard paramedics.,court officials.police and mental health staff all plan devil worshiping sexual Trips to the Isle of Wight ..i.o.w mafia are temple of set...we are talking millions of devil worshipers all descending on i.o.w to have sex with inbreds
  4. I mean..,.,,,were also genuinely living amongst humanoid aliens...some of there lingo after myself being bummed by the worsels in Bristol in 2016 is unreal..I mean..I'm a straight male...the alien worsils drugged me... sick
  5. Curses are real..especially if u lie with a animal....if this happens your vocal ministry will become pagan...somebody shoot the .....
  6. No there from the mystical vocal ministry of catholic church as well as freemasonic division of bread so to speak as I've been tapped up in salisbury cathedral in 2014 to present day..
  7. You can become a listener of freemasonic bread so to speak by not sleeping for 40 days..I've lasted 5 months of near non sleep on and off and the masoñic info is phonomanal....be prepared though if u lock yourself away for this for a supernatural series of knocks on your door...kinda like the Templars secret knock but in supernatural form as I've been through this
  8. I have discovered a secret society that is devil worship that spans as north as Bicester as far west as Plymouth that links to the Isle of Wight...pure devils...call me on <redacted by moderator> about this...mike bishop..used to live on I,o,w 8 years ago
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