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  1. My Dad who is now 70 (he had his 70th birthday in hospital 4 days ago) is critically ill in hospital after having the ppfizer covid jab. He has pneumonia, liver not working correctly, coughing up blood, weak.,cant breathe etc etc. He has been given a 50 percent chance of recovery and a do not recussitate order which was hesitantly given by my mum who was told it was for the best if the worst happens. Obviously this has to all be done over the phone as noone is allowed to see anyone. My dad is in hospital presumably aware he may die not having seen any family members since entering the ambulance at his home. My Dad had no breathing problems prior to the vaccine then within 2 days he struggling with his breath. 2 ambulances came in the first couple of weeks who suggested he is better off at home because of the Covid problem within hospitals. They did say he could go in but it was up to him. I guess weighing up the Covid problem and the fact that the paramedics didnt clearly see it as vital to go to hospital he chose to take antibiotics prescribed and stay at home. Eventually he was so bad he had to go in and here we are. Noone has suggested the covid jab could be responsible which i find insane. Therefore if the worst happens this jab will not even be mentioned as the cause it seems. My point is how many of my dad are out there? Im so sad. I dont post things like this as a rule so i hope i did it right and other people maybe take notice that something very wrong is happening i think.
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