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  1. IMPORTANT message for protesters I am already at my nearest protest I was told to watch this video amongst many others and I think it is quite a good watch and it was only a few minutes.. As there is purposely placed. Crisis riot actors to cause trouble to help psycho. As don't you think it is great timing that priti patel is pushing the right to protest. This is quite clearly a takeover but the brainwashed like my dad just cannot see it. He will not have any other discussion apart from what's on the television programming. https://brandnewtube
  2. Mary Voll Paediatric Nurse Stillborn Baby Eight Days After MRNA Covid 19 Shot Mrs. Mary Pat Voll Stillborn baby after eight days after Covid 19 vaccine she was so pleased after receiving her Maxine it's just so sad in the mainstream media covering all this up. ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA — We want to preface this article with the fact that we only publish these stories to bring awareness to the situation surrounding COVID-19 experimental shots. These stories are not meant to disrespect families or individuals. But social media posts are public, primary sources for
  3. I don't know but I'm absolutely terrified. It puts you in a position where you have no idea what to do right or wrong. I have added another post below where you can visit my website where you can easily download the videos just by right clicking over the videos and re-uploading wherever. It is a truly scary scenario. The problem is my parents my deceased wife's parents. My partner Died just in December 2020 because they kept putting off her cancer treatment. I've witnessed first-hand the death of certificate scenario. I had to raise an appeal to get it ch
  4. I think this needs some serious attention this guy doctor Dr Geert Vanden Bossche worked for GAVI and the bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He also develops vaccines. He is saying we're all doomed. The people that have had the vaccine Will become systematic carriers and spreaders of super coronavirus and infectious diseases and states that humanity is now in jeopardy. Nobody is here the elites are not safe he literally breaks down. He said there is no point labelling auntie VAXes and pro VAXes it doesn't matter humanity is at stake here. He also states wi
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