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  1. Sure I will. It's now 3 am and since 3 hours we are back in total locked down. People is desperate Middle class is massacrated. The compression of our individual freedom is unacceptable. ... I will for sure report what the hell is going on here... it's craziness. by for now
  2. Hello this is Tullia form Italy! First time in a forum, very honoured to be here. The loss of personal freedom caused by the pandemic scam brought me here. Turning point was the famous interview at London Real last summer. Since that moment I began to search everything I could about David Icke. I joined Infowars and found lots of interview there. I followed the live event in london during the summer... that was great! I also bought the masks, "this is tyranny", Tyranny", "I was forced to wear this mask " and many others... and the 1984 T. I joined the news
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