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  1. Comments aren't enabled I notice... Wonder Why? :-/
  2. Just goes to show, despite introducing a raft of draconian measures on behalf of his masters, Drakeford and his wife's place on The Ark was not assured.
  3. Jabbed? Very sad to come across this post at the weekend from Gary Numan about his wife.. Given that Numan and his family live in Los Angeles now I'd say that the likelihood is "yes". The symptoms described look very similar to the ones my friend had after receiving his Moderna booster. He's been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilation and now needs 2 operations to have a chance of being cured.
  4. The simple answer is: They stopped giving them the jabs. It was obvious that the collapsing of Premier League footballers was drawing too much public attention to the possible effects of the jab so they quietly withdrew the insistence that players had to be jabbed. I saw an interview recently with Matt Le Tissier that confirmed this. (Will see if I can find the link) In it, he said that he had played golf recently with 2 players currently playing in the Premier League and they both confirmed that clubs were no longer making it a requirement for players to take the jabs. They also told him that players who remained unvaccinated were also not asked to attend pre-season tours to the Far East etc with the excuse from the club being that the players were “nursing niggling injuries picked up in training.” They then of course “miraculously recovered” in time for the start of the Premier League season. There’s no doubt in my mind that there was a government directive relayed to the PL chairmen on this, given the directives that were similarly issued on masks, crowds, track & trace, negative covid tests to attend gamers etc while the plandemic was in full swing. This has definitely been an exercise in damage limitation.
  5. Great idea. These attempts at coercion and indue influence need recording for posterity.
  6. Interesting use of wording there. A similar thing happened to me recently when I received my bowel cancer testing kit from the NHS, with an appropriately worded letter implying that I needed to make the test and send the results off, to prove I didn't have bowel cancer. Nice try NHS, I'm not that gullible, it went straight in the bin.
  7. Looks like another take on my earlier post... Jabs "retired" for under 50's but if you are retired, "Carry on rolling up your sleeve." (repeat until death)
  8. What's all this then? Covid vaccines to be "withdrawn" for under 50's? Needs some verification / clarification but could be a "quiet withdrawal" with nothing to see here... Hmmmm. https://www.bitchute.com/video/GE07nLZ5Xbh3/
  9. That's because all the people who took all of the previous doses are probably dead. :-/
  10. Bait & switch.... "oh no it's not the government's fault, it's those nasty unvaccinated people for not telling us of the dangers" Absolutely disgusting document and this should be called out from every corner for what it is. They are getting so desperate now...
  11. Oh, the value of hindsight... this article from Jon Rappoport on 2nd March 2020, a whole 20 days BEFORE the first lockdown - and he's already called this nonsense out for what it is... lies & deception fuelled by a complicit media. Coronavirus: The Contagion of Propaganda by Jon Rappoport Continuing my "greatest COVID hits" articles. To read my introduction to this ongoing series, go here. To support my work and get value for value, order my Matrix collections here and subscribe to my substack here. March 2, 2020 “The virus is coming, the virus is coming.” As my readers know, I’ve been presenting evidence that this so-called viral epidemic is unproven. I’ve detailed the fraud from a number of angles. Here I want to comment on the true contagion of propaganda. The press is piling on, as it always does. A story, true or false---it doesn’t matter---describes how basic items are disappearing from store shelves in a town like there’s no tomorrow. The STORY causes fear. So more products disappear from store shelves in more places. Now a NEW story with photos of empty shelves takes center stage. More fear. More panic buying. And so forth and so on. The build-out of propaganda. The psychological equation is: if there is fear, then the virus must be dangerous. But this is actually like saying: if a man walking on a street at night believes a mugger is about to parachute out of the sky, the sky-mugger must be real. The story the press should be featuring is: “our coverage of so-called panic is creating panic.” RUN THAT PIECE. “Today in Manhattan, six greed-head editors of major newspapers and television news outlets met to discuss how their coverage is causing more and more fear. They agreed they were collaborating to incur a desired reaction...” “Hey, guess what?” five hundred thousand readers and viewers of mainstream news say immediately. “THEY’RE making us afraid.” If only that could happen, we’d be living in a different world. The press is also cross-cutting stories. This technique works well. In the middle of a piece about empty store shelves, we’re suddenly treated to a statement from some public health official, who says, “Epidemic cases are coming to America. We can’t stop them.” Now you have two themes; each one gives added strength to the other. But wait. There’s more. In the SAME STORY, we read or hear about a man in Montana or Arizona who has been identified as a carrier of the virus. He’s being sequestered in a hospital. It’s a triple play. Three streams of nonsense pouring into one another. We’re not nearly finished yet, because…social media. Someone takes the above story and flashes it on Twitter. Comments stretch out. A Twitter reader with a YouTube account sits down and turns out a quick video and posts it. His twist is: this is the big one; doomsday; it’s a planned attack using the coronavirus. Comments below the video feature a brawl about whether the virus was made in a lab, leaked out of the lab, or was designed as a weapon. And if a weapon, who did it? The Americans? The Chinese? YouTube demonetizes the video. This gives rise to several articles in the “alternative press.” Now, a scuzzy outlet uses the demonetized video to make a point: people shouldn’t fly off the handle with conspiracy theories; instead they should listen to the medical authorities talking sense about the virus. Of course, the medical authorities are blowing out tons of their own version of fear porn. They’re the propaganda experts. They use “science” to make their claims. There are what, 20 or 30 supposed cases of the supposed coronavirus in America, out of a population of 300 hundred million? As I’ve detailed, the diagnostic tests, on which “new cases” are based, are worthless. But no matter. Join the Club of Fear. Your friends are in the Club. You don’t want to feel left out, do you? Soon, I expect this kind of story: “Today, in Rigatoni, Delaware, a man in a supermarket unleashed a volley of profanities at the store manager, because the shelves were fully stocked...” “Authorities transported the man to a local hospital, where he was interviewed briefly by a resident psychiatrist, who then gave a statement to the press: “I believe Mr. (name withheld) was correct. The store manager gave the wrong impression to shoppers. The stocked shelves could impart the message that we are in a condition of social normalcy, which is far from true. The virus is a very serious and immediate problem. I have contacted the town council. I recommend products should be removed from the supermarket shelves...” TWEET THAT. Let’s get back to reality. Oh, sorry, we can’t. Because in more theater of the absurd, Mike Bloomberg, running for the presidency, just spent a million bucks (or more) for a TV ad, in which he’s posing as the president in an Oval Office-like setting, assuring the nation he would/will guide us through the coronavirus crisis. And more politics: Part of the press fear porn is critically directed at Trump, who addressed the country with the message that the government “is doing great” at handling the virus situation. The ladder, descending from the top, looks something like this: * Pharma plus elite Globalists are on the lookout for: a new excuse to exert more control over populations, and new billions in drug and vaccine sales. * In Wuhan, China, where the poisonous air pollution is creating serious illness, researchers decide a new outbreak has occurred---and it must be a virus. These professionals---local Chinese, World Health Organization and CDC---claim to find the new coronavirus in five minutes. (They never adequately confirm this.) * The World Health Organization and CDC feed the press ominous tales about the new virus, the “outbreak,” and five minutes later, “the epidemic.” * The Chinese government locks down several giant cities. * The epidemic story explodes in the press. * The “virus is spreading.” “Containment will be difficult.” * “Containment isn’t working.” * “New cases in other countries.” * “It’s coming to your country.” * Fear porn follows. * Panic buying in stores. * People think, “If shoppers are buying up food and water like the world is ending, I better buy food and water, too, before they’re all gone.” Lovely, isn’t it? An artificial crisis. The propaganda germ. My shelves and closets and rooms at home are filled with essentials. They’re piled so high and packed so tight, I can barely move. I’m building a machine-gun nest on my front lawn, and a moat stocked with alligators. My neighbor is watching. He sees what I’m doing, so he’s installing rocket launchers in his yard... ~~~ (The link to this republished COVID article posted on my blog is here. For the article published on Monday, click here.) (Follow me on Substack, Twitter, and Gab at @jonrappoport)
  12. Mine too. Had the privilege of seeing him and previously The Smiths live on many occasions, all brilliant raucous affairs. It's great that he continues to speak his mind and still make great records, a few other so-called "pop stars" should take a leaf out of his book and "grow a set".
  13. First thing I thought when I heard about this was MK Ultra...second thing I thought was "Anti-gun agenda"...
  14. If you get chance, have a listen to Andrew Bridgen on James Delingpole's podcast and how he came round to the conclusion that we weren't being told the truth, he also revealed that he is vaccine injured himself. I was a bit sceptical at first too, I now believe him to be on our side. https://delingpole.podbean.com/e/andrew-bridgen-mp/ There's also a few truth bombs about some other things happening in WEFminster, so well worth a listen. :-)
  15. I loved him as a player, but he's gone up a 1000 times in my estimation for his words and actions over the last couple of years... an absolute hero.
  16. Matt Le Tissier's speech at the Truth Will Out rally in London at the weekend... absolutely brilliant stuff.
  17. Excellent. Neither have I. That means they can't just turn you off. NEVER EVER GET A SMART METER.
  18. Here we go... the climate blackouts are coming and once they know they can get away with this voluntarily then people’s supplies will be switched off at will via the smart meters... carrot and stick operation going on right here folks! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-64367504
  19. Be a real shame if she died suddenly...
  20. There's a lot more of us than that... interesting times ahead for sure... Judging by current actions I think the current plan is to freeze and starve us to death, and mop up any small businesses that survived the lockdowns.
  21. How very convenient. Just in time for the Phase 3 Clinical trials coming to an end... but hey, mission accomplished, they got the jab into people's arms and the effect on the human guinea pigs proved what they already knew.
  22. Interesting article in todays' Conservative Woman which raises some good points... https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/whats-behind-jacinda-arderns-resignation/ What's Behind Jacinda Ardern's Resignation? NEW Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern resigned last night after months of rumours. Ardern, whose popularity has plummeted during the last six months, told us she ‘had nothing left in the tank’. The backstory to this resignation is a tale of woe. Ardern said she wants to be remembered as someone who tried to be kind. The subtext is: the country is in an unprecedented mess but don’t blame me. School attendance is running at just 67 per cent on any given day. Machete-wielding teenagers are ram-raiding liquor, tobacco and luxury stores daily in an unprecedented crime wave. The health system is overwhelmed. Ardern’s government promised to build 100,000 new homes over three years. It has delivered 1,500. Our tourist, farming and hospitality industries have never recovered from lockdowns and border closures. It takes months to get a visa to visit NZ and the government says it only wants rich people to come. Ardern insisted on universal Covid vaccination mandates. There is a suspicion that our 90 per cent vaccination rate has left most people in a lethargic fog. Excess all-cause deaths are still running 15 per cent above the long-term trends, and it is not Covid. History will judge Ardern harshly, but don’t blame her alone. This was a Parliament who woke up on all sides of the house to the weakness of our constitutional arrangements (there are none). The Bill of Rights was tossed aside and no one in Parliament cared. The leader of the National opposition Chris Luxon said if he was in power, he would withdraw benefits from unvaccinated single mothers. David Seymour, leader of the ACT party, said those losing their jobs through vaccine mandates only had themselves to blame. Labour’s coalition partner, the Greens, led by example. They encouraged mothers in labour to ride to hospital on a bicycle. Revelations this week (here and here) that Ardern personally overruled her scientific advisers who were expressing doubts about the safety of Covid vaccines for young people and the wisdom of mandates have circulated very widely and no doubt this further undermined confidence in the government. Political insider and right-wing commentator Cameron Slater published an article ten days ago saying that out of all the politicians he has known (and he has known most since Muldoon in the 70s) Ardern is the only one he rates as truly evil. Ardern introduced ‘rule by regulation’. Adopting the enabling model favoured by fascists in the 1930s, her government has empowered authorities to tell us all what to do, when to stay at home, and where not to go. The courts, the Human Rights Commission and the broadcast regulators have all followed the government line meticulously which has had a devastating effect on business, families, communities and professions. To cement her policies, Ardern introduced massive government funding of our media and broadcasters. Ardern’s government, in an absurd overreach, funded a nationwide effort to discredit critics of policy, labelling them terrorists. This has divided a formerly egalitarian society, instituting a Stasi-like snitch culture that encourages us to report a neighbour. Government Disinformation Project employees appeared on funded films aired on television labelling knitting, blond hair, braids, vaccine hesitancy, love of natural foods, yoga and motherhood as signs of terrorism that should be reported to the intelligence services (view it here if you can stand watching this nasty piece of propaganda and hate). Why did Ardern suddenly change overnight in August 2021 from being a kindly figure saying she would never mandate vaccines, to being one of the world’s most draconian proponents? We can only speculate. NZ is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence network. Given the Pentagon’s recently revealed massive involvement in US Covid policy and gain of function research funding, was she fed information that a bioweapon was in play? For a couple of weeks now government announcements and advertisements encouraging vaccination and boosters have been conspicuously absent. Has the penny finally dropped? We doubt it. It will take an honest, intelligent politician (are there any?) to roll back Ardern’s dictatorial powers and kickstart New Zealand. Why would any aspiring newby give up that much power? The prospect will be too intoxicating. Ardern was a protege of Tony Blair and Klaus Schwab of WEF. They must bear some blame too. What fantasies of global power did they offer to a young person who was given to idealistic dreaming that segued into fanaticism? Our final verdict: It is not Ardern but the whole NZ Parliament elected in 2020 that will be judged as the worst in our short history as an independent island nation, formerly famous for championing the underdog and offering opportunity to all. Ardern’s resignation has lit the bonfire of modern democracy.
  23. What a load of absolute bollocks. Complete setup. Compare that to the brutal treatment received by the general public at the hands of the bully boys of the Metropolitan Police during the lockdown protests and you realise what an utter sham this is, nothing more than a PR exercise. This is vomit-inducing stuff.
  24. 5 minutes in, listen for the loud thud as the penny drops at the newsreader's end! lol
  25. The tide seems to be turning all of a sudden but I do wonder, is this actually part of the script? Note that most of the Phase 3 clinical trial periods on the vaccines run out from February 2023 onwards... are they going to pull them just as the trial period runs out knowing that they got the maximum amount of shots into the maximum amount of arms? Is there suddenly going to be an acceptance of a "growing amount of data" or perhapos the shock discovery that Ivermectin does actually work which negates the whole premise of granting the emergency authorisation to the jabs? If this proves to be true then this takes evil psychopathy to a whole new level... :-/
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