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  1. @DalePThanks for posting this, I really do hear what you are saying there - What you are suggesting is a very interesting theory and when I apply it to my own situation what you have said does have a lot of validity. I don't see death as "the end," merely the conclusion of one phase before the next one starts, and in that sense I still believe my fiance is with me spiritually and I take great strength from that. Something else that could be considered in the same context is the way life puts us in certain situations or gives us issues to deal with: they are there for a reason and as people we need to understand why we have been put in a certain situation and to realise that we are being urged to learn how to deal with it. Put simply, everything happens for a reason. This could prompt a whole thread on its own actually as it could prove to be a very interesting discussion. ie Life/death/purpose in this realm. Why are we here? etc
  2. NO this definitely wasn't fake. It wasn't asking for any money, there were no links, just advice. It was clear and unequivocal. I can spot a fake a mile off. Maybe you are one. Read my original post, did I mention anything about PAYING for PCR tests?
  3. Absolutely, agree with this 100%. I gave up a long time ago trying to convince people what is going on, I'm now concentrating on me, and the people around me who are on "our side." It's gone too far now, we have to let events take their course as far as the vaxxed are concerned, and it's not going to be pretty. People have made their choice, chosen their "side," especially with the vax, therefore we have to let fate decide the outcome. Very hard where family members are concerned but unfortunately we can't do anything about it now, its too late.
  4. I can add to that with evidence to support. When my fiancé was killed by the covid injection early last year I kept her phone running, and for a while the text messages continued urging her to get the vaccination, which eventually stopped after a couple of months. The phone has never been moved and has never left the house since her death. When the Omicron variant supposedly emerged in December a notification appeared on there informing that “You have been in contact with someone who has omicron. Please book a test or a vaccination.” That in itself was proof enough for me that this whole thing has been wholly engineered, whether AI driven or otherwise, but when you see things like that happen you know the whole thing is a complete crock of shit.
  5. I interpret this paragraph as the implementation of a new Social Credit System, the limits being on what you can do, or what you have access to, based on your social credit score.
  6. Is that a bit like "Whack-A-Mole?"
  7. I think the other point to note is who bothers to turn up for the debate and more importantly what is actually said.
  8. That's a very good point actually... he can't come out (pun intended) and say, "The vax will kill you," so what's the next worst thing that can happen?
  9. Very interesting that the G7 pandemic exercise simulates a "smallpox outbreak" and IMO this could well be the next "pandemic." We know as "smirking" Gates said, "The next pandemic will get them to sit up and take notice." I remember this was exactly how they deployed a bioweapon in the X-Files during the 1990's... It was via a smallpox vaccine ... don't forget folks, they like to tell us what they are doing...
  10. ...Which just goes to prove that North Korea is in on the whole scam too, no doubt hoping to copy a hardline communist country like New Zealand in hammering home those restrictions.
  11. 1001 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 649 DEAD after Covid Shot... In a relatively short space of time we have now reached the sad milestone of over 1000 cardiac arrests and other serious health issues from these dangerous untested experimental death shots. An absolute sorry statistic, but serves as yet another reminder that the perpetrators of these shots should be tried and hung for what they have done. A very sad milestone indeed. https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  12. More fuel to the fire... missing from another another public engagement, and they don't come much bigger than this do they? https://news.sky.com/story/queen-wont-be-attending-state-opening-of-parliament-12609353 According to the report it's due to "mobility problems" ... has Buckingham Palace failed to notice that they invented the wheelchair a few years back? Let's see if she manages to attend a single public engagement between now and her "death"... my money's on her being MIA until that time, and let's not forget there's some big horse races coming up in the near future too, she doesn't normally miss those.
  13. Easy. Don't pay your tv licence... Don't watch tv. I did this 3 years ago now and life is so much better without it.
  14. ... With a readership of 875,000 out of a population of 67 million in the UK... And unless an article is headline news most of those readers may not even read it. https://www.abc.org.uk/product/2115 And according to the BBC's "disinformation reporter" Mariella Spring, it's BBC policy to refuse to entertain anyone who suggests the vaccine is anything less than safe or effective, thereby shutting down any attempt at debate. No wonder people struggle to decide for themselves what the truth might be.
  15. I asked the same question earlier on in the thread, the BBC article was even less revealing which speaks volumes...
  16. Translation: He's expecting the vax deaths to go through the roof next winter in the northern hemisphere when the cold weather arrives and the next "flu season" begins.
  17. Mino Raiola, Football Agent, Dies at 54 BBC article has no mention of the cause of death, not even any mention of a "short illness." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61259954 Therefore. we have to ask the question: Was he jabbed?
  18. Mino Raiola, Football Agent, Dies at 54 BBC article has no mention of the cause of death, not even any mention of a "short illness." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61259954 Therefore. we have to ask the question: Was he jabbed?
  19. Rugby League star Zak Hardaker to undergo medical tests after “suspected seizure” while walking his son on Tuesday... JABBED? https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12211/12600586/zak-hardaker-to-miss-leeds-rhinos-vs-hull-kr-after-suffering-suspected-seizure
  20. Rugby League star Zak Hardaker to undergo medical tests after “suspected seizure” while walking his son... JABBED? https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12211/12600586/zak-hardaker-to-miss-leeds-rhinos-vs-hull-kr-after-suffering-suspected-seizure
  21. An absolute warrior in the covid war, Jon Rappoport now highlights the “mysterious” destruction of numerous food processing plants in the USA which will no doubt contribute significantly to widespread food shortages next winter and beyond.. I think we all need to take note of this. Open letter to FBI, NYT, WaPo: Ongoing Destruction of Food Processing Plants Across America by Jon Rappoport I see no evidence you people are investigating or covering the string of food-processing-plant destructions across America. Is there a problem? Do you think these accounts are fake? Do you assume they’re unrelated? Do you think it’s important to hide these events from the public? Do you think the strong possibility of coordinated attacks on these facilities is merely a bad disaster movie turned out by Hollywood hacks? Do you want to feature “other reasons” for food shortages? Such as Russia? Putin? Truckers? COVID? Racism? The high costs of processing? Putin? Russia? My Aunt Martha? The man in the moon? Putin? Do you seriously think the majority of Americans still have faith in your methods and agendas? Gateway Pundit: “On August 11, Tyson Foods Inc TSN.N meat-processing plant in Kansas caught fire causing significant damage. The plant was subsequently indefinitely shut down despite providing approximately 6 percent of the US supply chain’s beef. Analysts warned the closure of the facility would catastrophically impact market prices nationwide.” “On August 23, Patak Meat Products, a meat processor in Cobb County, Georgia was set ablaze. The temporary closure of the facility, a family-owned business had minimal impact on the national food supply chain.” “On September 13, a third food plant was set on fire. JBS beef production plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, which processes 5 percent of the nation’s beef, was reportedly aflame for nearly 15 hours.” “On February 22, Shearer’s Food Processing Plant in Hermiston, Oregon, which supplies a large portion of the western United States with potato chips, burned down.” “On March 16, a Walmart facility in Indianapolis, Indiana was set aflame. The Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives bureau’s National Response Team is reportedly investigating the cause and origin of the fire.” “On April 11, a fire demolished East Conway Beef & Pork. Just two cows were killed. Firefighters spent 16 hours hosing down the rubble, the Conway Daily Sun reports.” “On April 13, a massive fire at the Taylor Farms Processing Facility in Salina, California was ignited, burning down nearly 85 percent of the 225,000 square foot building. The California agriculture company supplies salad kits in grocery stores nationwide.” “On April 15, China-owned US pork producer, Smithfield Foods, shut down its operations in South Dakota. the plant Chinese billionaire owner Wan Long, claimed the US facility warranted closure amid the threats presented by COVID-19.” “Earlier this week, on April 19, a fire destroyed the headquarters of Azure Standard, the nation’s primary supplier of organic and healthy food. The cause of the fire remains unclear.” There are more, linked at TIMCAST[dot]com. To be fair, I realize that none of these events connects to your major concerns: puberty blockers for third-graders; men identifying as women competing against women in swimming pools; releasing violent-crime suspects on payment of minimal bail; confirming that all white people are systemic racists; maintaining open borders to ensure an adequate supply of incoming street-fentanyl for all US residents. But still. Everybody wants to eat food. So this is an issue. Think it over and get back to my team at Index of Bloviating Excuses For Investigations That Aren’t Taking Place, PO Box 12345, America, a Public-Private Partnership, Inc. ~~~ (The link to this article posted on my blog is here -- with sources.) (Follow me on Gab and Twitter at @jonrappoport)
  22. As soon as I heard this on the radio this morning and heard “the vote percentage” of 58% I immediately wondered how many spoiled papers there were, what was the percentage turnout, and how many “postal votes” there were. Was it rigged? Quite possibly, and 58% of the vote is hardly emphatic is it? And 58% of a 26% turnout is pitiful. That equates to 15% of the population. Hardly a mandate to govern that is it? Can't wait to hear his "victory" speech.
  23. Deadly: COVID vaccine smoking gun; AstraZeneca CEO reveals the secret The usual destructive effects of the vaccine are not enough---there must be greater destruction by Jon Rappoport THE TRUTH COMES OUT. Project Veritas has just released a leaked recording of a December 2020 Zoom call, during which AstraZeneca CEO, Pascal Soriot, stated that millions of people, whose immune systems are compromised, cannot receive the COVID vaccine: “If you have an immune disease, lupus or some other immune condition, you cannot – or multiple sclerosis, you can’t be vaccinated. So, there are millions of people in the world that will need a protection that cannot be coming from a vaccine.” The reasoning is very simple. I explained it early in 2020. A vaccine is supposed to provoke a reaction from the immune system. But if the system is weak and can’t respond, the vaccine functions as a SUPER-high toxic invader and overwhelms the body. The AstraZeneca CEO does not fully understand the scope of what he is referring to---because the number of people in the world whose immune systems are compromised are on the order of 700 million; and that may be an underestimate. I base this estimate on my 1987-88 research (see my book "AIDS Inc: Scandal of the Century"), which turned up the fact that the largest cause of immune T-cell depletion in the world is severe malnutrition/lack of nutrition. Chronic hunger, for example. And you can add in people who are routinely eating a diet of empty calories. ALL these people have compromised immune systems. Then you also have people who, for other reasons, have weak immune systems. For instance, as a result of pollution, pesticides, and toxic medical and street drugs and vaccines. Worse yet---almost all the 700 million or more people whose immune systems are compromised DON’T KNOW IT. They don’t think in those terms. Therefore, they don’t know how harmful the COVID vaccine (or any vaccine) will be to them. Now here is the kicker. Don’t imagine that the AstraZeneca CEO’s statement above is shared by public health agencies. It isn’t. These agencies have no concern for people whose immune systems are compromised. For instance, referring to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine (Vaxzevria), the European Medicines Agency, an agency of the European Union, states: “There are limited data on immunocompromised people (people with weakened immune systems). Although immunocompromised people may not respond as well to the vaccine, there are no particular safety concerns. Immunocompromised people can still be vaccinated as they may be at higher risk from COVID-19.” And then, shockingly, we have this, from a World Health Organization advisory: “SAGE [Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization] recommends that severe and moderately immunocompromised persons should be offered an additional dose of vaccine.” In other words, the usual highly destructive effects of the vaccine would not be enough. People should be more deeply injured. Those who die should be deader. ~~~ (The link to this article posted on my blog is here -- with sources.) (Follow me on Substack, Twitter, and Gab at @jonrappoport)
  24. “Medical Incident” at St Helens vs Wigan Super League Game Friday 15th April 2022 I am posting this here as I was at the game and the incident occurred in the west stand block W1. Paramedics attended and it looked like a male was stretchered out of the stadium for further medical attention. I was stood in the adjacent block but it was difficult to see exactly what was happening as it was a capacity crowd on the day. The game continued while this was taking place and the incident took place around the 70 minute mark, towards the end of the game. I have since scoured the local press and fans’ forums for any further news on this but found absolutely nothing, not even a mention. As we are now learning, this type of incident is now becoming commonplace at sporting events. Thoughts are with the man and hope he makes a full recovery but there is obviously there is one question: Was he jabbed or was it natural causes? The absolute lack of any mention in the local press about this suggests the former.
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