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  1. David and also Max Igan have been talking about this for some time... today I witnessed it with my own eyes ... LOCKED FOOD & DRINK CABINETS IN UK SUPERMARKETS This morning I took my Dad to do his weekly shop to a Tesco in the North West UK and passing the alcohol section I noticed what appeared to be new fridges containing champagne and prosecco. On closer inspection I found that the fridges were locked but on pressing a button it initiated a process to open them. I am unsure as to whether it records a facial image (surely illegal?) and there is a delay to unlocking (no QR code or similar required at present) but this is without doubt the start of an agenda that will be followed by all the supermarkets in the very neat future and the start of slide in to digital slavery if we allow it... You can see how they will sneakily and quietly implement this: Start off with the expensive drinks, then move on to the expensive foods , then it will be scan your club card to unlock, then your digital ID to unlock, then a scan of your social credit score to unlock... you can see where this is going right away... and this also ties in with all the barriers installed both at the entrance and the exits to the shopping lanes over the last 12 months. Be aware of this folks, time to start moving away from supermarkets where possible and buy from independent or local farm shops when you can. And be on the lookout – this is coming to YOU very soon.
  2. I'm looking at that and getting the drug references but my first thought was "Is that a robot?" The expressions seem to repeat themselves in a cycle and some of the movements look a little like minor software malfunctions... Whatever the cause, that is NOT normal.
  3. Interesting to hear on the radio news this morning how the infected blood scandal has already been memory-holed... I think we also need to be on the lookout for any laws or bills being rushed through Parliament before it gets dissolved...
  4. So, finally Rishy makes way and opens the door for Starmer to take the reins, the sheeple get the opportunity to take part in the illusion that their vote actually makes a difference, and the press get 2 months of endless speculation instead of doing some real reporting into things that actually matter. If you think it's bad now, things are about to get a whole lot worse! https://news.sky.com/
  5. I think certain dissenters are allowed to get away with certain things up to a point but in my opinion this guy crossed the line and that line was directly accusing Ursula Von Der Leyen of fraudulent dealings regarding COVID vaccinations for the EU member states. Attack the bear directly and he's going to respond. If he lives/ survives intact I'll be very interested to see how he fairs and what decisions makes going forward. He may have been "offered a deal" in hospital... If he refuses he may not come out. That's the name of the game at this level.
  6. Unfortunately true. They just can't seemed to get beyond "Why is this happening?" It's like Orwell's prophecy of them being "happy in their servitude".
  7. Digressing on the thread for a moment, as we know on here, people have no idea what they are letting themselves in for when they vote this idiot in. I'll also stick my neck out and say it will be one of, or perhaps the lowest voter turnout in history.
  8. Or perhaps be replaced by a lookalike / robot who will support the EU master plan?
  9. Let's just put all the theories and suggestions aside for a moment and look at what actually happened ... The weather went from being miserable, cold and rainy to balmy Mediterranean temperature within the space of a couple of days, the northern lights were seen pretty much all over the UK, which in my lifetime I don't think I've ever known, then on Monday morning we are back to cold weather and driving rain.... I know we get variable weather here in the UK but does that not strike anyone as odd, strange, questionable?
  10. "It's just a coincidence" Sure it is. Just like it was a coincidence that people started dropping dead in large numbers after the vaccine rollout in 2021... I'm in Croatia at the moment and this is all over every news channel.
  11. I'm in Croatia at the moment... It's all over the news here, I just wish I could understand what is being said ...
  12. Since this thread kicked off, I’ve made a note to try and observe Klopp at close range to see if there might be any signs of residual and ongoing illness following my original suggestion. A couple of people I’ve spoken to about this have all noted he looks drawn and seems to have lost weight recently. I also spotted something during brief a close-up during the Atalanta game last week and confirmed what I saw in the post-match interview after the Fulham game on Sunday. Klopp’s right eye appears to be drooping slightly and the right side of his face appears to have dropped – surely an indication of Bell’s Palsy or a stroke. These are BOTH confirmed adverse reactions to the covid vaccines and this adds further weight to what I said at the top of the thread some time ago when the story first broke. (Will try and capture images or post links later) Casting my memory back to when Ferguson left United the speculation about his replacement was at fever pitch at this point but with Klopp it’s as if it’s been memory -holed by the MSM apart from a few mentions here and there. I still think a vow of silence has been enforced on the players, press and TV about this, I guess the only indication we may get in the future might be a press leak if Klopp should go into hospital for “a minor operation” or similar procedure. Still worth keeping an eye on this one…
  13. Here we go... the totalitarian tiptoe takes another step forward... Reading the article indicates that other supermarkets are taking similar measures and it won't be long before "Scan in - Scan out" becomes "the norm"... I also noticed in my local Morrisons that they have removed the deli counter "for a trial period", which of course means they never intend to reinstate it. The local shoppers have been going mad and Morrisons have been deluged with complaints. This "trial" exercise over a 12 week period is happening at 3 stores in the UK. Boycott supermarkets and shop at farm shops where possible.
  14. Latest from Steve Kirsch... doing what no other MSM journalist dare or is allowed to do - ask some very uncomfortable questions to the people in power... Is there an honest member of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors? I'm about to find out. Here's the letter I just sent. I am a journalist specializing in vaccines. I have written over 1,400 articles on COVID vaccines and have over 1M followers worldwide. I live in Santa Clara County in Joe Simitian's district. I am writing because it appears that there is corruption in the Dept of Public Health (they are not acting to protect the public) and I'm hoping that there is at least one honest member of the SCC Board of Supervisors who will investigate. I am in receipt of a FOIA response from the SCC DPH that clearly shows that the COVID vaccines made people more likely to get COVID. This is the OPPOSITE of what the public was told. The SCC DPH has a right to free speech, but not a right to misinform the public. The DPH has known this since Jan 2022; the data clearly showed this at that time. When I asked their media relations to explain why they didn't alert the public about this, they refused to respond. I even went to their headquarters building and the receptionist was unable to locate anyone in media relations to speak to me. I left my contact information and nobody got back to me. This is not how an honest department responds to an investigative journalist. Why is the SCC DPH silent? I asked a simple question: "How do you explain these results?" Ignoring my question on such a matter of public importance is UNACCEPTABLE. I also spoke directly with Julieta Saluzzo, the epidemiologist who prepared the FOIA data. She told me she was not familiar with the data she prepared and that she would have someone get back to me. Nobody ever got back to me. Since the SCC DPH doesn't want to explain their own data, I asked for help from my supervisor, Joe Simitian, to get an answer. He ignored me. He didn't even have the courtesy to return my calls. After a decades long friendship, I expected more from Joe than to be ghosted by him. My question is simple: Is there an honest member of the Board of Supervisors who will look into this matter and get back to me with an explanation of the SCC DPH data? Thank you. I can be reached at xxxxx xxxxxxx. Steve Kirsch https://kirschsubstack.com/p/is-there-an-honest-member-of-the
  15. President Biden to call a press conference at 4.30pm.. what’s the odds of him blaming it on the Russians or China for jamming the GPS navigation system???
  16. Breaking news.... https://news.sky.com/story/baltimore-bridge-collapse-what-do-we-know-about-the-incident-and-the-cargo-ship-13101989 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-us-canada-68663071 https://www.nytimes.com/live/2024/03/26/us/baltimore-bridge-collapse#ship-hits-baltimore-key-bridge The ship is a 948-foot-long cargo vessel named Dali. The owners of the vessel, a Singapore-flagged ship, said it hit a pillar of the bridge around 1:30 a.m. All crew members, including two pilots onboard, have been accounted for and there were no injuries on the ship, the owners said. The bridge was named after Francis Scott Key, the Maryland-born author of the American national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The structure opened in 1977.
  17. Latest from Steve Kirsch's newsletter... Whoops! FOIA response from Santa Clara County reveals that the COVID shots INCREASED your risk of getting COVID! The COVID vaccines worked in reverse making people more susceptible. Attempts to contact Santa Clara County Public Health Department for comment were totally ignored. They tell you to get the shot, but their own data shows that the shots make it more likely you’ll get COVID. Executive summary Based on new data I just got from a FOIA request, it appears that the public health epidemiologists in Santa Clara County knew in January 2022 that the vaccines made people more likely to get COVID, but they remained silent. I predict that there will be further silence on this matter: no accountability and no opportunity for public challenges. They will continue to push the shots as if nothing had happened and the mainstream media will ignore this important data. Here is the data for you to download yourself Download it here. When you click the link, it will silently download the Excel file to your Downloads folder. Summary of the data The data in the spreadsheet is from January 2022 and contains a line for each person who was diagnosed with COVID in that month. N means unvaccinated. Y means vaccinated. U means unknown. Blank means unknown. Santa Clara County is highly vaccinated (95%), but it isn’t that highly vaccinated! The rows are 10 year age groups. So the percentage of people who were diagnosed with COVID (98% or more) was higher than the percentage of people who got the vaccine (under 95%). In other words, the vaccine made you more likely to get COVID instead of 10X less likely that they claimed in the clinical trials. This is consistent with the following summary: Summary 1. The COVID vaccine trials were fraudulent. There is no possible way they got 90% efficacy (a 10X reduction in infection risk). They did it through deception as described here. The vaccines actually made you more likely to get COVID as we learned from the Santa Clara data, the Cleveland Clinic study, and numerous other sources (see this article for example). 2. The numbers here are highly statistically significant. It appears that the Santa Clara County Health epidemiologists knew something was wrong by January 2022, but instead of warning people, they kept their mouths shut about it. There was no public admission of this, no public warning. I predict that there will NEVER be any public accountability of what happened because public officials never like to admit they were responsible for killing people with these useless and deadly vaccines. The Santa Clara County Health Department ignored all my attempts (multiple phone calls and emails) to solicit a response to this article.
  18. After doing a little more digging on cancer I found this.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-64176038 It seems that the seeds of predictive programming were being planted as long as 13 months ago.... all there in the subconscious minds of the masses until the time is right...
  19. Look at this photo again. In addition, Kate's head looks too big for her neck and she doesn't even seem to be looking at the camera, whereas everyone else is... Very odd...
  20. Just my opinion, but I don’t believe The Princess of Wales has cancer for one minute. I’ve smelled a giant rat here ever since this story broke. That “video” just doesn’t look right to these eyes, (green screen behind?) anyone suffering from and receiving cancer treatment wouldn’t have such healthy looking and perfectly blow-dried hair either, I know this as I’ve known people on cancer treatment, their hair started falling out and looked limp and lifeless. The background to Kate’s position looks at a slightly strange angle too, as does the bench, and its size looks slightly “too big”. (Observation: Daffs out in the background OK, but trees starting to bloom? Not round here they aren’t.) OK, so I posted previously quoting John Ward’s blog “The Slog” which suggested Charles & Kate both “had the jab” but could there be a sneaky agenda in play here to mirror what is happening in real life? That is, a massive explosion in turbo cancers in people who have taken the covid jab, as noted by Prof. Angus Dalgleish. https://rumble.com/v22cvd0-oncologist-angus-dalgleish-is-seeing-turbo-cancer-after-booster.-warns-of-i.html Let’s not forget the Royals have the best foods, the best access to “medicine” (whatever that may be) and the best health advice, and they all live to around 100 years old, so what are the chances of THREE royals all supposedly having cancer at once? I’d like to bet that one of the big pharma companies miraculously comes up with some mRNA vaccine that will “cure cancer” and the royals will subsequently be treated and “cured”. It will then be pushed on to the population as “the answer to cancer” which will be lapped up by the masses… who will then die at an even more alarming rate than they are doing after the killer covid jabs. Oh wait… what’s this? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-13224439/Cancer-vaccine-AI-trials-effective-lung-cancer.html And why are Moderna building new manufacturing facilities all over the world as the uptake on the covid vaccines reaches an all-time low? https://palexander.substack.com/p/sasha-latypova-raises-a-very-troubling
  21. I've only just picked up on this article from John Ward's excellent blog "The Slog", but the opening paragraph does raise some serious questions about what might be going on if the claims turn out to be true... Is King Charles a victim of Turbo-Cancer? Although I am now hopelessly old, the one remaining source I have on an outer ring of the Planet Windsor confirmed to me yesterday morning that both Charles III and and his daughter-in-law Kate really did have ''vaccine'' jabs plus boosters in the Spring and Winter of 2021. Three years on, the former has cancer, and the latter has undergone mysterious [but ''serious''] abdominal surgery. But the obvious potential connection (in the light of Unexplained Death Syndrome among the jabbed and boosted) appears to be of no interest whatsoever to the MSM and online search engines in the West. Rather, they've preferred to cover in detail the latest examples of leftist insanity and irrelevance. While concerned about the health of our Monarch C3PO, if he succumbs, the Labour Party was last week able to reassure the King that once dead, he will be free to change his gender should he so desire. We await policy guidance from the Labour Executive in general and their highly execrated leader Queer Starkers as to how Charles might be asked whether he would prefer to have Charlene I or Boadicea II on the burial plaque in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle once he is, as it were, a stiff. https://therealslog.com/2024/02/07/the-progressively-insane-evil-cowardice-of-the-minorities/
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