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  1. YES. As stated, I was watching the same players in the flesh walking up the fairway as it was being shown on the big screen. about an hour... YES. NO.
  2. It seems Ms Spring might have a bit of explaining to do... hmmm. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12493713/BBCs-disinformation-correspondent-chief-fact-checker-Marianna-Spring-accused-lying-CV-falsely-claiming-worked-Beeb-journalist-applying-job-Moscow.html
  3. So here’s a little food for thought with this post… In July I was lucky enough to get a day at The Open Golf Championship on the UK Wirral peninsula and spent the whole day there (Friday 21st) watching all the top players battle it out for the claret jug. The weather on the day wasn’t brilliant, a bit of sunshine in the morning with a stiff coastal breeze which intensified in the afternoon as the tide came in. Around late afternoon something very strange happened which most people would not have noticed but being acutely observant it certainly piqued my interest… After wandering round all day I decided to give my legs a bit of a rest and have a sit down and watch the play on the big screen in the hospitality area before heading back out to watch a couple of groups finish their round. The breeze was till around but the sky took on a really silvery grey composition which made things really eery, and although the sun was trying to make an appearance that looked silver too. If anyone has ever experienced an eclipse, when you get that eery silence just before it takes place, and all the birds stop singing, it was exactly like this… but the wind was still there and everything inn the sky seemed to take on a silver hue… even the sun. I took a picture with my phone but the result didn’t come close to replicating what I was seeing so I looked up at the big screen… at this moment the cameras were on a group walking up the adjoining fairway and the image showed BLUE SKY. I did a double take, I could actually see the two players in the flesh no more than 20 yards away and everything was SILVER, yet on that screen (high definition, excellent picture quality, Sky Sports broadcast) the sky was BLUE. The whole thing was really very strange, and these conditions persisted for a good 45 minutes until the evening sunshine broke through properly as the day came to an end… So, here’s the question, what actually went on there and are the TV companies actively involved in filtering their output to alter audience perception of what they are broadcasting? What I witnessed in reality bore no relation to the output on the TV screen and if I hadn’t witnessed that with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. Anyone experienced anything similar?
  4. Recommend everyone watches this for another perspective on what has just happened in Maui... the videos from the locals at the end are mind-blowing stuff - this WAS NOT a natural disaster! https://reinettesenumsfoghornexpress.substack.com/p/lahaina-a-modern-day-pearl-harbor
  5. First proper post in a while from me as I’ve been “out and about in the real world” which has included on occasion being able to watch a little TV and in particular the BBC to see what nonsense they are purveying to those daft enough to pay the licence fee these days. This post refers to Glastonbury at the end of June 2023 and although 2 months late, is still highly relevant. I was on a trip to Edinburgh (great architecture, creepy place) over the Glastonbury weekend and got to tune in at various points for short periods of time. What was blatantly obvious from EVERY TIME I tuned in was that the BBC seemed hell-bent on pushing the LGBTQ / Transgender agenda at every opportunity, be it what was happening on the stage or off the stage. So, every crowd shot seemed to focus in on an obviously gay or lesbian couple in an intimate embrace or looking lovingly into each other’s eyes as they mouthed the words to the songs. They even did it in the Guns ‘n’ Roses set, who in my mind are the most un-gay band around, but still the BBC managed to find the only gay couple in the audience holding hands and singing along. It didn’t end there. Flicking on 6Music news on the radio in the morning, there was an item about a young man who was so moved by the music at Glasto that he proposed during his favourite band’s set... his other half just happened to be another fella ... who’d have thought it? More importantly, who cares? And then we had the set from Becky Hill... (see clip below) You only have to take one look at those “backing singers/dancers” (who look like they’ve been air-lifted straight out of Eurovision - or should that be Eurotrash?) to know that the BBC would be all over this and they duly highlighted the clip on their Youtube channel to hammer home their “diverse and inclusive” agenda. Having not seen Glastonbury for a few years now it struck me how the whole thing has plummeted from being a must-see event to becoming a boring mainstream globo-corporate-popfest and if this is best they can offer on the main stages they might as well pack it in... but what would the BEEB do if that happened? They’d certainly have to find another way of pushing their government-backed underhand agendas....
  6. Three other things I noticed about that video... 1. The Fire extinguisher shop was shut (as of the day before) - very similar to the circumstances in Maui as the DEW was deployed. 2. The men in the LASER eye clinic were cured - deliberate CLUE? 3. The "We will rebuild!" slogan chanted towards the end could easily be translated as "Build Back Better" ... NLP in full flow. But don't worry folks, it's "all for the greater good."
  7. And let’s be clear folks, a mandate only takes effect when the recipient of the mandate agrees to the conditions stipulated by the issuer of the mandate. If you don’t consent, the mandate is null & void – there is no contract. No consent – no contract – no joinder. Anyone subject to this utter nonsense should go tell Uncle Joe to shove his rubber neck down the toilet. And articles like the one referenced should be pointing this out too. It's time to get real folks - everyone needs to be taking active measures to tell these idiots in "power" where they can shove their useless diktats.
  8. So, following on from current topic of discussion here’s something interesting at add...while the press seem wilfully intent on focusing on Boris Johnson only at the moment (limited hangout) any real journalist worth his salt would be poring over the rest of the details available in the covid enquiry and asking some serious questions about this redacted evidence which proves at was all a scam. Total pantomime. There were 100+ people at all these No. 10 parties and not one of them has been asked to provide information as far as I now. They all had all the data to hand, they were in daily contact with all the "scientists." THEY KNEW. As stated earlier, IT WAS A ALL A BIG LIE.
  9. Here’s an interesting photograph which seems to suggest that the BBC’s Marianna Spring, the “Disinformation Reporter” didn’t just appear from nowhere, she was groomed for the role. Educated at Sutton School for Girls where she was Head Girl, she was also nominated as a ball girl for the Wimbledon tennis tournament where by another stroke of “sheer coincidence” she got to meet The Queen and present her with a bouquet of flowers. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-queen-elizabeth-ii-receives-a-bouquet-of-flowers-from-ball-girl-marianna-111033285.html
  10. Good grief, did they not learn from the Balenciaga nonsense???
  11. JABBED? The Smiths’ bassist Andy Rourke has died aged 59, and although he had a long battle with pancreatic cancer I can’t help wondering if he took the jab (probably – to get continuing cancer treatment) and if that played a part in accelerating his demise. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-65644596 RIP Andy – that bassline on “Barberism Begins At Home” was one of THE finest.
  12. I've just watched the whole interview, the interviewer from GB news is nothing short of excruciating, everything Andrew said was followed by a statement, "That is your opinion, that I'm sure is disputed information, blah, blah..." to which, to Andrew's credit, he always answered that what he had just said was proven fact and backed it up with cited evidence. I think this interview highlights how bad the media narrative has become and how they can be made to look like fools by presenting simple facts. Well, done Andrew Bridgen, a great response to all the questions and points made, and I hope he bounces back from this which I'm sure he will do. ***EDIT*** Just had a look at the GB News Interview clip via YouTube and the support for Andrew Bridgen is universal. Heartening to see and further evidence that the public are waking up to what is really going on.
  13. Nothwithstanding all the other comments (and I think Mac has summed up the situation in a nutshell) I just want to refer back to the original graphic which I believe comes from Sky News. The truth is, Andrew Bridgen did NOT compare the covid jabs to the holocuast, he retweeted a statement from a Jewish Doctor who made the original statement and has therefore been expelled for being seen to agree with the statement. As Mac says, he touched on 2 pillars and "something had to be done." I hope there's a real backlash from this and I'll certainly be taking this up with any MP or councillor from a major party who comes knocking on my door in the future begging for votes.
  14. Link to the recently released "Perseus Report" which asks serious questions about the MHRA and the vaccine rollout. I suggest everyone downloads and reads this, even if it's pretty much information we already know. https://perseus.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Perseus_MHRA_Main-Report-1-1.pdf ... And here's a link to an article providing review and comment on this report in The Conservative Woman - worth having a look at the comments under here too... https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/shocking-report-details-mhra-failings-over-covid-vaccines/
  15. Interesting that this article is being pushed on all the radio news bulletins this morning about people buying more frozen food... why now? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-64421268
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