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  1. As soon as I heard about this, I thought there was something very odd, not just about the deaths, but the circumstances and the way it was reported. There is definitely more to this than meets the eye, I've no doubt Richard D Hall would have done some great investigative work on this, but will most certainly not be the case now after that horrid Spring lady did her dirty work on him late last year...
  2. ... and that is all the proof I need, overpriced useless contraptions that aren't even climate friendly. I'll stick to my petrol car thanks!
  3. This man speaks doublespeak and newspeak, truth and bollocks... Especially at the end where he starts talking about the "initial efficacy" of the vaccines. They were never effective and the government's own data proves that.
  4. The tech companies in Silicon Valley will be going into absolute overdrive to suppress this and erase it from anything that exists. Things could be about to start getting very interesting... :-/
  5. Listening to this now.... spot on. What he says is absolutely correct, you basically don't "own" your PC or your software anymore... The Great Reset - "You will own nothing and be happy"
  6. Windows 11 and 10 are a complete crock of shit anyway, take me back to the days of Windows NT4.0!!! Yeah, Linux is cool.
  7. You'd laugh if this wasn't so bloody ridiculous, we need get these people out of office and positions, there will come a point where NOTHING will be "allowed" in case it offends someone... but only if we let it. I hope everyone is bellowing this out at the top of their voices for the whole of the game, and if they aren't singing that they should be singing "F**k the RFU" We are really are living in clown world, this has got to stop.
  8. Comments aren't enabled I notice... Wonder Why? :-/
  9. Just goes to show, despite introducing a raft of draconian measures on behalf of his masters, Drakeford and his wife's place on The Ark was not assured.
  10. Jabbed? Very sad to come across this post at the weekend from Gary Numan about his wife.. Given that Numan and his family live in Los Angeles now I'd say that the likelihood is "yes". The symptoms described look very similar to the ones my friend had after receiving his Moderna booster. He's been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilation and now needs 2 operations to have a chance of being cured.
  11. The simple answer is: They stopped giving them the jabs. It was obvious that the collapsing of Premier League footballers was drawing too much public attention to the possible effects of the jab so they quietly withdrew the insistence that players had to be jabbed. I saw an interview recently with Matt Le Tissier that confirmed this. (Will see if I can find the link) In it, he said that he had played golf recently with 2 players currently playing in the Premier League and they both confirmed that clubs were no longer making it a requirement for players to take the jabs. They also told him that players who remained unvaccinated were also not asked to attend pre-season tours to the Far East etc with the excuse from the club being that the players were “nursing niggling injuries picked up in training.” They then of course “miraculously recovered” in time for the start of the Premier League season. There’s no doubt in my mind that there was a government directive relayed to the PL chairmen on this, given the directives that were similarly issued on masks, crowds, track & trace, negative covid tests to attend gamers etc while the plandemic was in full swing. This has definitely been an exercise in damage limitation.
  12. Great idea. These attempts at coercion and indue influence need recording for posterity.
  13. Interesting use of wording there. A similar thing happened to me recently when I received my bowel cancer testing kit from the NHS, with an appropriately worded letter implying that I needed to make the test and send the results off, to prove I didn't have bowel cancer. Nice try NHS, I'm not that gullible, it went straight in the bin.
  14. Looks like another take on my earlier post... Jabs "retired" for under 50's but if you are retired, "Carry on rolling up your sleeve." (repeat until death)
  15. What's all this then? Covid vaccines to be "withdrawn" for under 50's? Needs some verification / clarification but could be a "quiet withdrawal" with nothing to see here... Hmmmm. https://www.bitchute.com/video/GE07nLZ5Xbh3/
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