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  1. Well I work for a small business and the boss made the decision back in May that he either stays open or goes out of business. Everyone is on board so that's our two fingers to this corrupt government and their overlords. Once this furlough period ends how many other people are going to find themselves in the same position? I said many months ago that it will be economics that decides the way this whole situation ends and not health... I'm sticking to that.
  2. I hope you've sent that to Marianna Spring!!!
  3. Absolutely spot on this. But we need a few people with balls to get this sorted. Unfortunately I don't think it will come from the pubs because most of the tenants are "tied" to the breweries. Needs to come from restaurants and shops like in Italy... come on people... FREEDOM!!!
  4. BTW... EVERYONE should share the f**k out of the OP... The only way out of this is CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. WE ARE MANY, THEY ARE FEW. Do not forget this! If this happened in the UK the government would shit themselves. Wouldn't that be great to see? Whitty, Valance, Ferguson, the BBC all running round like headless chickens trying keep all the moles from emerging...
  5. Ditto here. Not a sniffle. And neither have all the people I regularly come into contact with on a daily basis.
  6. Breaking News this morning... I heard this as the leading headline on the radio news bulletin this morning – focussing on the $1400 stimulus check proposed to US citizens... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55670801 This immediately got me pondering a number of things including... · There’s no such thing as “free money” · Where is the money coming from? (No, don’t answer that one, the US equivalent of Rishi Sunak’s magic money tree) · Will there be caveats or conditions attached to this proposed payout?
  7. Exactly, same here, and neither have the group of people who I interact with on a regular basis - no one has had as much as a sniffle...
  8. OK folks, I ran a search to look for Access Media (who produced this video) via DDG and found NOTHING... Suppressed / cancelled, what? Either way, THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS CONTENT. I managed to get to the You tube channel and found this info which details how you can find them which I've copied below... Get these URL's bookmarked folks! "Thanks for watching the video. If you'd like to show your support - please like and share, and feel free to leave your comments. Subscribe for more content, uploaded regularly - and hit the no
  9. Just read this article myself... heartening to know that there's still a few decent coppers out there, but this piece perfectly highlights what has really happened to our police force in recent years... ruined by Common Purpose infiltration.
  10. Absolutely spot on with that analysis, it's all about turning the screw on people financially to achieve their goals. They also know that construction is a massive sector in the UK workforce which, if they can push this through, helps to achieve their vaccine agenda goals.
  11. That claim is absolute rubbish and proven by the official figures from PHE and NHS. All cause mortality is hardly above where it was in previous years and that fact alone demolishes the argument that it is “3 times more deadly than flu.” It isn’t. Fake news from fake politicians who are fake intellectuals. I suggest you go and do some research.
  12. Here we go... In other news... Construction workers “allowed” to go to work, “as long as they get tested”... https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/health-safety-news/construction-covid-testing/87158/ Driving the narrative to bump up “case numbers” by testing “asymptomatic” people to prove Cretin Hancock’s logic that if there’s nothing wrong with you, then need to go for a test that doesn’t test for a virus which has never been proven to exist to prove that you don’t have it... The only thing that is wrong here is people choosing to comply with this ab
  14. Slightly digressing but here’s something I came across over Christmas while watching an old episode of the X-Files from 1994... A number of people have already said that not only is the PCR test being used to drive the narrative, but is also doubling up as a DNA collection exercise... well I’d say this clip is a pretty interesting reference point given it was made some 26 years ago! X-FILES Clip.mp4
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