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  1. Notice the vid has been pulled form here, but if you copy the URL by right clicking you can still access it direct... First thought, those beds being wheeled on - Nightingale hospitals?
  2. One minute and 5 seconds into this video (1.05) should tell you everything you need to know about where all this is going...
  3. Quite unbelievable some of the statements in that video. I did notice the woman checking in at the airline desk at the front end of the video was wearing a paper mask (useless - why? especially if proven infection free) that didn't even cover her nose.# Corporate / government surveillance exercise with VAT (Carbon Tax) - nothing more - nothing less.
  4. Be great to see this gather some momentum...
  5. Never trusted Sturgeon, (I don't trust any of them) and she becomes increasingly dictatorial with every passing day. She'd have been well at home in the Third Reich, some would argue she's cementing her place in the Fourth Reich.
  6. ^^^^ This. Or contains information which is contrary to their agenda.
  7. I'd agree with you on this... I've noticed for a number of years now that the hottest part of the day, particularly when chemtrailing has taken place, is around 4 or 5pm in the afternoon. All the trails laid in the morning act as an insulator for the heat from the sun's rays and we get a greenhouse effect with intense stifling heat in the afternoon. It also stays really hot and muggy through the night too.
  8. Absolutely spot on this, "we are many they are few, " ... Look what happened in Bournemouth on the beach... totally powerless to do anything about it as the numbers were so large.
  9. Or is "she" actually working for 77th Brigade?
  10. I think I've seen the first series of this on Youtube... the 7up program... thanks for reminding me.
  11. Right there, from someone "who knows"... really sorry to hear about your friend's child, I'm sure no one really understands the pain of seeing this until they've experienced it themselves. Watching the "Vaxxed" movie was bad enough for me...
  12. Possibly because the high streets are absolutely deserted in most places? A cunning ploy....
  13. I'm using it as a "method of last resort" in case anyone gets stroppy with me... I'm going about my business with the lanyard / card on, but hidden. If anyone questions me I'm politely replying "I'm exempt" but if any jobsworth or public STASI start pushing the issue I will simply shove this in their face... No one has challenged me further yet but we'll see and I'll update when that happens...
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