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  1. Just watching this now... people need to see this, share it, and most importantly, ACT ON IT. The power is with us NOT THEM.
  2. An important letter. And also worth noting is the fact that the hospital staff generally are not been told to ask any questions about vaccination status on on all these brain and blood clot injuries and so aren't correlating the cause of death. Then we have the rules being changed on the way that deaths are certified and reported which means that there are probably a huge number of vaccine deaths that are going "unreported". How very convenient. And no doubt they'll go to every length possible to keep a lid on this until they've got all the kids vaccinated (sterilised) next autumn
  3. Time to get digging on the other news today... are the vaccine deaths becoming a bit too much of a "problem" perhaps?
  4. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I heard the news... "Wonder if he's coming back in the Autumn as 'The Third Wave'?" Put the radio on and it's wall to wall coverage on the BBC - absolute gushing adulation of course - I lasted about 5 minutes to confirm it was him then swiftly hit the off button.
  5. ... Unless we as a people turn that around. If we roll over and let these statute enforcing criminals get their way then we deserve all we get. It's up to us as individuals, and collectively, to make a stand against this shit. RESIST!!!
  6. Massively important edition of the UK Column news program. https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-7th-april-2021 People really need to watch this as it contains more relevant and important information on covid and vaccines than has appeared in ANY mainstream news program for the last 12 months.
  7. A timely reminder of the closing comment from an Andrew Wakefield interview back in December 2020 that I posted elsewhere on the forum at the beginning of the year and it's looking very like he's absolutely nailed it. "I don’t think the vaccines have got more than 6 months to a year on the market before they are withdrawn due to adverse reactions, that’s my personal opinion based upon the movie I’ve just made and the findings that came from that movie, past experience, that’s my feeling – that’s how it’s going to go down, but we will see.” What most people don't realise
  8. Yeah, you can see this being lined up just in time for the summer to get people in to all these large social gatherings, sporting events and music events which they want to take place under these new conditions... In the "meet our testing pods" section you can see what is going to happen - mobile testing pods and no one gets entry to any event unless tested ( rapid testing - immediate results ) and people need to push back against this. I seem to remember former UK Prime Minister and war criminal Tony Blair telling us this is exactly what he wants to see happen at least
  9. This is a tough post for me to write on here but it needs saying. Most of the regulars on here will know me a as a fairly frequent poster but usually only post when I’ve got something important or relevant to say. This is both important and relevant so I’ll be blunt and straight to the point. My missus took the vaccine a couple of weeks ago and collapsed and died of a cerebral haemorrhage within 24 hours. This has absolutely devastated myself and everyone in the family. I warned her not to take it as I had serious concerns given what I’ve researc
  10. Out of likes, but that's important information there... cheers. :-)
  11. Gold will always be real money. As I said previously it will never devalue to nothing. The banks can (and will) wipe off your digital assets at the flick of a switch. Silver is a smaller value denomination and better suited to smaller exchanges, could be used for purchasing stuff as a valid exchange unit. At this point we have to start thinking were we expect and where we'd like our lives to go in the future. Gold and silver are part of that strategy for me.
  12. I hear you mate, BUT you have to look at the bigger picture and plan your exit strategy, whatever that may be to suit your life. When I get to your age (I'm not too far behind) I'll be expecting to execute the plan, depending on the economic conditions. If you've been buying gold over a number of years then it's probably fair to suggest your first coins were the cheapest and your latest ones the most expensive. If you think of it in those terms and aren't planning to cash everything in at once then I'd say there's damned good chance you'll make a decent return on your investment.
  13. A fair point Ziggy but it’s only fallen to a little higher than where it was at the beginning of the pandemic, and that’s because market sentiment falsely believes we are “going back to normal.” We aren’t. I’m comfortable with that. I’ve just checked prices and it’s trading about £20/oz higher than this time last year. Still better than any bank rate. If hyper inflation kicks in, the current metals prices are going to look like the bargain of the century. My point is this, and it refers back to my earlier comment on the Cyprus situation. If I ha
  14. People have absolutely no idea what's coming... I've got first hand experience of what went on in Cyprus and believe me, it's not pretty. :-( The advice here is whatever you do, don't have too much money in the bank. Draw it out and invest in gold and silver. There will be people wandering round when all this shit takes place saying "How did they let this happen?" The answer is they didn't let it happen... they made it happen. Also ask yourself, why are all the governments spending money hand over fist with money created out of thin air?
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